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Impact Wrestling Results (9/17/14) - No Surrender Special

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Impact Wrestling Results - 9/17/2014
From Manhattan Center in New York City
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package of the three tag teams: The Wolves, Team 3D, and The Hardys. We are going to answer which tag team is the greatest as they all compete in a series of matches! The video shows each team talking about each other. The Hardys put The Wolves over tremendously while The Wolves state they want to prove they are better than The Hardys. The Hardys won last week and picked a Ladder match for their next gimmick match.

The camera shows the Manhattan Center as the crowd is standing on their feet. They are cheering as the show starts.

Taryn Terrell comes out first and makes her way to the ring. Madison Rayne comes out next and walks down the ramp. Velvet Sky and Angelina Love both come out at the same time and get in the ring together. Rebel comes out next and gets right in the ring. Brittany comes out next and slowly walks down the ramp. She has a strange look in her eyes as she gets in the ring. Havok comes out last with a cape and gas mask on.

Taryn Terrell vs. Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky vs. Angelina Love vs. Rebel vs. Brittany vs. Havok in a Battle Royal to determine the #1 Contender for the Knockouts Championship

Havok goes right after Madison Rayne. Rayne tries to fight back but Havok lifts her up by the throat and chokes her. Brittany and Taryn are fighting back and forth while The Beautiful People are going after Rebel. Havok tosses Madison down in the corner. She turns and goes after The Beautiful People and Rebel and then punches Taryn down and then hits a huge body slam on Brittany. Just then, all of the Knockouts get up and go after Havok at the same time. Havok falls to her knees but gets up and pushes all of them away one by one. She kicks Madison in the gut. Madison goes in the corner. Havok lifts her up and she stands on the apron. Havok hits her with a shoulder block and she falls. Elimination: Madison Rayne

Taryn goes on the back of Havok, but Havok flips Taryn over the ropes and she falls down to the floor. Elimination: Taryn Terrell

Brittany goes after Havok but Havok kicks her as Brittany runs to her. Havok chokes her with her boot and then puts her in the corner. Havok runs to her but Brittany kicks her. She flips over to the apron but Havok punches her and she falls. Elimination: Brittany

The Beautiful People are going after Rebel. Love goes after Rebel with a running start but Rebel pulls down the ropes and Love goes overboard. Elimination: Angelina Love

Havok turns and sees Velvet Sky. Sky goes after her but Havok drops her like a bad habit. She now goes after Rebel and Rebel puts up a fight. She goes to the top rope but Havok pushes her off and Rebel falls on the steel steps and rolls to the floor. Elimination: Rebel

Havok turns and Sky goes after her. She tries with all her might to take Havok down with a series of kicks. She runs in the ropes but Havok stops her and puts her on the top rope. Havok grabs her from behind to drop her down on the mat but Sky slides out of the hold and applies a choke hold. Havok grabs Sky, bends foreword, and hits a snapmare on SKy. Havok goes for a leg drop but Sky rolls out of the way. Sky goes for a cross body as she runs in the ropes but Havok grabs her and dumps her over the ropes. Winner: Havok

Havok stands in the middle of the ring as she raises her arms. She screams and is ready for the next challenge.


Bobby Roode is walking backstage as he gets ready for his match tonight.

Mike Tenay does a cheap promotion of Bellator for this Friday as we see video of the crowd cheering.

Gunner and Samuel Shaw are backstage. Gunner tells Shaw that he should see a therapist again just to help him. Shaw says he isn't going to see another one. Gunner goes on to tell Shaw that he should see Brittany as she is all over him. Shaw says he can't go through with that right now as his mind is fixed on someone else. Shaw walks away.

Music hits and here comes MVP and Kenny King. They make their way to the ring. MVP grabs a mic. He states that the TNA World Champion Lashley will face Bobby Roode later tonight. As MVP talks, the crowd chants "What" at every pause. MVP goes on to talk about how Lashley will destroy Roode. MVP then says that Chris Melendez is another guy who is quite the destructive force. MVP introduces him. Chris' music comes out and he makes his way to the ring. He enters and shakes the hands of Kenny and MVP. Chris grabs a mic as the crowd chants, "USA, USA, USA."

MVP tells him that he just wanted to say that he is an American hero and wanted to thank Chris for everything he has done for this country. MVP says if he rolls with the right people in this company, he can make an impact. Kenny grabs a mic. He says Chris has been doing some good promotion for TNA in New York City, but that hasn't got anyone anywhere. King says they like him and want him to join he and MVP. Chris declines the offer. King asks Chris if he is too good for carrying Lashley's bags or if Chris is too good for King and MVP. King then calls Chris a peg leg and tells him he wants a referee as he needs to be taken back to boot camp. The referee comes out and MVP grabs the mic and wishes him good luck as the bell sounds - King then takes a cheap shot and Chris falls to the mat.

Chris Melendez vs. Kenny King


Kenny has Chris in the corner and he does a huge knife edge chop. He then does another and then chokes Chris on the top rope. King does some salutes to mock Chris. King turns to Chris and Chris fights back with punches to the gut. Chris stands but King does a reverse atomic drop and then a kick to the back of the head. He punches him in the face and covers. Chris kicks out. King then chokes him until the referee count stops him. King gets him up and he hits a snap suplex. He punches Melendez in the face several more times and then applies a headlock. Chris stands and punches Kenny in the gut. He tries to get out of the headlock but King whips him down to the mat. Kenny grabs him but Chris punches him in the face. He stands and goes to Kenny in the corner but King kicks him in the face and then in the back of the head. He drops a leg drop and covers but Chris kicks out at two. King gets him up, lifts him on his shoulders and goes for a torture rack but Chris slides behind him for a roll-up and gets the 1-2-3! Winner: Chris Melendez

Chris stands and the referee raises his hand but King attacks him from behind. He then lifts him up on his shoulders, spins him around, and plants him down to the mat. Kenny grabs a mic from the outside and gets back in. King says he is the true king here. He is the true hero. King says Chris can't even protect himself let alone his country. King goes and grabs the prosthetic leg and goes to rip it off but Mr. Anderson's music plays and he runs down to the ring. Kenny King exits and then does a salute with a crazed smile on his face. Anderson checks on Chris.

A video package plays showing The Destroyer Lashley and what he is all about. He is such a destructive force! The video then changes to Bobby Roode and it shows him training hard and the confrontation he had with Lashley. He was the longest reigning TNA World Champion in company history. He can win it again tonight!


Chris Melendez is in the back. Mr. Anderson walks up to him and tells him that not everyone is going to respect him. He asks if he is hurt or injured but Chris isn't. Ken and Chris shake hands. All is good.

Music plays and here comes Homicide! He makes his way down the ramp and gets in the ring. Samoa Joe walks out next with the X-Division Championship over his shoulder. He gets in the ring.

Homicide vs. Samoa Joe (c) for the X-Division Championship

Both walk around the ring. They look around at the fans and then walk around some more. They lock-up and Joe works on the arm quickly. Homicide turns it around and works on Joe's arm. Joe turns it around and works on Homicide's arm. Homicide pushes Joe away. They stare at each other face to face. They exchange some words. Joe punches Homicide in the face but Homicide punches back. They go back and forth till Joe does multiple punches in a row and then knocks Homicide down. He whips Homicide in the corner. Joe runs to him and hits him with a pele kick. He does a snapmare and then does a chop to the back and then a kick to the head. He drops a knee to Homicide and covers. Homicide kicks out.

Joe continues to work on the arm as he twists it. He drops Homicide down to the mat. Homicide gets up and punches Joe in the faec. He does a knife edge chop several times. Joe headbutts Homicide. He runs in the ropes. He goes after Homicide but Homicide pulls the ropes down and Joe falls to the outside. Homicide runs and does a suicide senton bomb on Joe. He grabs him and brings Joe in the ring. He covers but Joe kicks out. Homicide continues the attack on Joe as he goes to the corner and drops his knee on the back of Joe's head. He covers but Joe kicks out.

Both stand and Joe fights back with multiple punches. Homicide hits him back and walks away. He turns and runs but Joe does a huge belly to belly suplex and Homicide goes into the corner. Joe grabs Homicide and continues the attack. He then puts him on the corner and goes for the Muscle Buster but Homicide fights him and hits a tornado DDT. He covers but Samoa kicks out. Joe gets up and Homicide hits him with a closeline from behind but Joe doesn't move. Homicide continues to fight and then hits the cutter. He covers but Samoa kicks out. Homicide gets Joe on his feet and goes for the Gringo Killer but Joe fights out. Homicide goes for the cutter again but Joe reverses it into the Rear Naked Choke and Homicide taps out! Winner and Still X-Divison Champion: Samoa Joe

Homicide holds his mouth as he is in pain. He slowly gets up. Joe extends his hand and Homicide slowly shakes it. Just then, James Storm and The Great Sanada come out and attack Joe from behind and then go after Homicide. James has a rope with a cowbell attached. he wraps it around the throat of Homicide and then Sanada does a huge super kick to his head. Manik suddenly walks out onto the stage. He lifts up a hood from his head and reveals a new mask. It's Manik under a new leadership. He comes to the ring, climbs the corner, jumps and does a hug splash on Homicide. He, and Sanada go around James Storm as he smiles.

The Wolves are backstage with Jeremy Borash. They talk about winning their match tonight. They have to. They are reaching for the stars. They need to reach for the titles and they will get them.


Eric Young and Bobby Roode are backstage in a room. Eric wishes him luck tonight in his match. Roode wants to rethink about this past year. He says he could have been part-owner of this company at the beginning of the year. Now he is going for the TNA World Championship. He says it is crazy. Eric Young says he (Eric) is crazy. They shake hands as Eric wants to see Roode win.

The Hardys come out to the ring fist. As they do, video plays showing their recent matches and who won. Team 3D comes out next and make their way to the ring. The Wolves come out next and run right to the ring.

The Hardys vs. Team 3D vs. The Wolves (c) in a Triple Team Ladder match in a Tag Team Series to determine the TNA Tag Team Champions

Bully is going after Jeff and takes him to the outside while The Wolves are in the ring with Devon and Matt. They take Matt and Devon to the outside. The Wolves turn, run and hit a suicide dive on Jeff and Ray and then get back in the ring and do a suicide dive on Devon and Matt. They grab a ladder and get in the ring. Eddie climbs the ladder but Matt enters and pushes the ladder off. Eddie falls but kicks Matt to the back of the head. Davey goes after Jeff and then Devon. Bully Ray enters and Eddie kicks him in the face. The Wolves grab the ladder on opposite sides. They hit Devon and then Bully but Bully tries to grab it but they ram him into the corner. They turn and Jeff does a Whisper in the Wind onto the ladder and The Wolves fall.

The Hardys grab the ladder and go after The Wolves. They hit Davey and then go after Eddie but Eddie jumps over it and kicks the ladder. Team 3D comes into the picture as Ray grabs the ladder and turns around with it on his head and its his opponents. He sets up the ladder and Devon climbs. Ray grabs Davey and does a body slam. He opens his legs and Devon jumps doing the "What's Up"! Matt comes into the picture and fights off Team 3D. Eddie gets in the ring and climbs the ladder as well as Matt as Matt brought a new ladder in the ring. Team 3D pushes the ladder over and they both fall on the top rope throat first. Jeff enters the ring.


The Hardys put a ladder down on the mat but open it up. They then put another ladder on top of it like a seesaw. Bully Ray grabs Jeff and does a powerbomb and the other side hits Eddie and Matt. Ray moves the ladders out of the way and then sets one up. Ray climbs and reaches for the ladder but Davey grabs him and then Eddie comes out and hit a double powerbomb! The Wolves set up another ladder as two ladders are in the middle of the ring. They climb and Devon climbs the other ladder. Matt Hardy climbs on the other side of Devon. They are all punching but Davey hits Devon with a headbutt while Matt hits the Twist of Fate on Eddie. Matt pulls Eddie to the middle of the ring. Jeff climbs the ladder in the corner. Ray comes and knocks Matt down and then elbows Eddie. Ray climbs the corner and attacks Jeff and then does a huge superplex!!!! Jeff's legs hit the belts hanging and they are swaying back and forth.

Davey enters the ring as Devon is in the corner. Davey runs and does a splash and then punches him around 10 times in the face. Bully grabs Davey on his shoulders. Devon climbs the corner and does the Doomsday Device! The Hardys grab a ladder from both ends and hit Devon and Ray multiple times in the gut. They then hit both with the Twist of Fate at the same time. They climb the different corners. Matt hits Ray with the moonsault while Jeff hits Devon with the Swanton Bomb!

Matt and Jeff grab two different ladders. They set them up in the middle of the ring. They climb them. The Wolves come and bring both Hardys down. Matt goes after Eddie while Jeff hits Davey. Hardys grab Eddie and whip him into the ladder that is leaning in the corner. They then whip Davey in the corner. Matt gets on his hands and knees and Jeff jumps on him and flies into Davey who is leaning against the ladder. Matt does a body slam on Davey onto a ladder that has one side on the middle rope. Matt grabs the other side of the ladder. Jeff jumps and lands on Davey. Team 3D grab a table on the outside. The Hardys do a baseball slide but Team 3D lift the table. They then hit The Hardys in the head with the table. Team 3D get in the ring but Wolves bring in chairs and smash it to Team 3D. They hit Devon in the back and then do a double foot stomp on Devon with the chair on his back. Davey climbs the corner and jumps to the outside as Matt is on the table and hits a double foot stomp. Matt goes through the table. Eddie sets up a ladder. He climbs but Jeff sets up another ladder and he climbs. They are both fighting back and forth. Davey grabs the ladder that Jeff is on and pushes it over. Jeff lands gut/rib first onto the leg of the ladder. Team 3D enter but Eddie gets to the top and grabs the belts! Eddie joins him on the ladder. Winner: The Wolves


Bram's music plays and here he comes! He makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring. Gunner comes out next and walks down the ramp.

Gram vs. Gunner

They lock-up quickly and push back and forth. Gunner suddenly pushes Bram down face first into the mat. Bram gets up and stares at him and then punches him. Gunner punches back. Bram goes into the ropes but holds on. Gunner runs to him and they both go over the top. Both stand on the outside and Gunner attacks Bram with punches and knife edge chops. He brings him back in the ring. Gunner drops a headbutt and covers but Bram kicks out. Gunner continues the assault with punches and then whips him in the ropes. Gunner goes for a back body drop but Bram stops and kicks Gunner in the chest. Gunner takes Bram down and covers him but Bram kicks out. He gets in the corner and Gunner continues the attack. He climbs the corner and jumps on him. He gets up but starts limping. Bram exits the ring. He the pulls Gunner outside and smashes Gunner's leg on the steel steps. Gunner is in pain. Gunner rolls in the ring. Bram goes after him but Samuel Shaw comes out and asks Gunner, "Are you okay?" Shaw is now at ringside. Bram continues to work on the leg as he puts it on the bottom rope and jumps on it. Gunner, quickly, does a school boy but Bram kicks out. Gunner tosses Bram out of the ring as he tries to regroup. Bram enters but Gunner fights back with closelines and elbows and then punches. He lifts Bram up for a powerbomb but Gunner falls as his knee buckles. Bram gets up and Gunner slowly does. Samuel Shaw slides in the ring and goes after Bram but he moves and he hits Gunner. Bram tosses him out and covers Gunner for the win. Winner: Bram

Bram exits the ring. Shaw checks on Gunner but Gunner doesn't want any piece of him as he cost him the match. He tells him to get away. Gunner exits the ring while Shaw just wanted to help.

We see Lashley walking backstage. We then see Roode walking in the back. The match is next.


Gail Kim is backstage. She says she has no issues of Havok being Number One Contender. She doesn't have a problem with anyone wanting the title... it is how Havok went about it... attacking her and Taryn. If Havok wants a match, come get it as she isn't afraid of anyone.

Bobby Roode's music hits and he comes out first with his robe. He makes his way to the ring as the crowd cheers. Music plays and here comes Lashley! He has the TNA World Championship around his waist. MVP and Kenny King are at his side. They stop on the stage. Lashley then moves forward as he comes to the ring. He gets in while MVP and King stay along ringside.

Bobby Roode vs. Lashley (c) for the TNA World Championship

Roode and Lashley walk up to each other and are face to face. They exchange words between each other. They then back up and move around the ring. They lock-up and Roode quickly works on the arm of Lashley. He twists and turns it. Lashley whips Roode in the ropes and hit a shoulder block. Roode crawls to the corner and waits. He gets to his feet. They walk around the ring. Lashley kicks Roode in the gut and pounds on his back. He punches Roode in the face and then whips him in the ropes. Lashley jumps over Roode via a leapfrog and then hits a shoulder block/closeline.

Lashley gets Roode to his feet but Roode fights back with punches and a knife edge chop. Lashley whips Roode in the ropes and does another leapfrog. Roode holds onto the ropes. Lashley runs to him but Roode tosses him to the outside. Lashley lands on his feet and then jumps on the apron and gets in the ring. Roode pushes him into the other ropes and closelines to the outside. King and MVP talk to Lashley to make him regroup. Lashley turns and slowly gets on the apron. He gets in the ring as King gets on the apron. Roode turns and goes to King but he drops down and Lashley attacks Roode from behind. Lashley whips Roode in the corner and runs to him but Roode elbows him in the face and then a kick to the face. Roode climbs the corner but MVP grabs Roode's foot. The referee sees it and tosses MVP out. MVP walks to the ramp and turns. Lashley gets out of the ring and tries to stop him.


Lashley grabs Roode and tosses him. Both get up and Roode puts Lashley in the corner. He runs to him and tries for a Fisherman suplex but Lashley fights him off and rams him back first into another corner. Lashley tosses Roode across the ring and then goes for a spear but Roode grabs Lashley and applies the Cross Face. King reaches in and grabs Roode's boot. Roode stops the submission. King hops around the outside but Eric Young comes out of nowhere and closelines King down. He gets him up and fights him to the back. Roode watches the whole thing. He turns and Lashley lifts Roode up but Roode slides out and locks in the Cross Face! Lashley gets up and gets out of the submission as he drops Roode down back first. Lashley waits in the corner. Roode stands and Lashley hits the spear! He covers: 1-2-NO! Roode kicks out!

Lashley goes to the outside and grabs his belt. He gets back in as Roode slowly stands. He turns but Roode ducks. He grabs Lashley and hits the Roode Bomb as the belt is tossed to the outside. Roode covers but Lashley kicks out!!!

Both are trying to get up. They are on their knees as they punch back and forth. Both slowly get to their feet as they continue to punch back and forth. The crowd does "Yay" for Roode while "Boo" for Lashley. Lashley kicks Roode in the gut and bounces off the ropes but Roode picks him up and hits the spine buster. He covers but Lashley kicks out again. Both slowly get up. Lashley whips Roode in the corner but Roode does a float over but Lashley grabs him and hits the running powerslam. He covers but Roode kicks out before 3!!!

Lashley gets up and slowly grabs Roode. He twists his arm and then lifts him up on his shoulders. Roode slides out and then lifts Lashley on his shoulders. Lashley holds onto the top rope. Roode tries to pull him away but Lashley won't let go. Just then, Roode flips him over and Lashley lands back first on the outside... Roode Bomb over the ropes!! Lashley is down and out. He slowly moves but Roode rolls out of the ring. He grabs Lashley and drags him in the ring.

Roode climbs the corner but Lashley grabs him and tosses him over as Roode lands on his back. Lashley waits. Roode slowly gets to his feet. Roode turns and Lashley goes for a spear but Roode does a leapfrog. He hobbles. Lashley runs to him but Roode sidesteps and Lashley goes in the corner. Roode lifts him up for the Roode Bomb but Roode's leg buckles again. Lashley slides out and then hits the SPEAR! He covers and: 1-2-3! Winner and Still TNAWorld Champion: Lashley

The show fades.

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