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Impact Wrestling Results (9/3/14) - A Roode Awakening For Lashley

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Impact Wrestling Results - 9/3/2014
From the Manhattan Center in New York City
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package showing Team 3D, The Hardys, and The Wolves! They had their first match in the tag team series last week. It was a hard fought battle, but at the end Team 3D picked up the win. The video then switches to the Six Sides of Steel several weeks ago where Eric Young and Bobby Roode won at the same time. We will now see Roode vs. Young tonight to determine the number one contender for the TNA World Championship.

The show shows Bobby Roode entering the building as it was filmed earlier. We then see Eric Young walk into the building, as it was filmed earlier today as well.

The camera shows the Manhattan Center as the crowd is on their feet! Music hits and here comes MVP, then Kenny King, and then Lashley. King and MVP turn and we see Lashley hold up the TNA World Championship. All three walk down the ramp and get in the ring. MVP grabs a mic. He states he is the TNA World Champion and then will be the Bellator World Champion as well. He says we don't have to like it but we have to accept it. NO one is tougher than Lashley... not in the city, state, or on the planet! Just then, Samoa Joe's music plays and he walks down the ramp. He gets in the ring as the crowd cheers. Joe has a mic. He raises the X-Division Championship above his head as he stares right in the eyes of Lashley. The crowd chants, "Joe is gonna kill you!" Joe turns to MVP and says he is impressed that he can be a hype man. He sings the praises of the champion. Lashley went through a lot of competition. However, MVP is trying to pass Lashley off as the toughest man in the city. Well, MVP said planet. Joe says he isn't the toughest man on the planet, in the city, or in the ring right now. Joe wants to make this simple. He says they should take the belts and put them to the side and fight him. King gets on the mic and says he shouldn't challenge Lashley because he won't be able to win. Well, Joe hits King right in the face and he falls. MVP goes after Joe and Lashley joins. King gets up and goes after Joe in the corner. Officials come out and pull them off of Joe and then hold Joe in the corner. MVP, King, and Lashley get out of the ring. Lashley says he has the fight tonight! MVP yells, "Prepare to die, Joe!"

A video plays showing "Havok Has Arrived"!

A video package plays showing Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell. The video says this match has been a year in the making. They fought in a Last Knockout Standing match and a Ladder match. It is about respect. It is about being better. It is about Taryn showing that she can be a champion. The series is tied at one and the Knockouts Championship is on the line... it starts now! Music plays and here comes Taryn Terrell! Taryn walks down the ramp and gets in the ring.


Gail Kim's music plays and she walks down the ramp holding the Knockouts Championship.

Taryn Terrell vs. Gail Kim (c) for the Knockouts Championship

Both move around the ring. They lock-up in the center and both push back. They walk around again and then lock-up. Gail goes behind Taryn and does a roll-up. She kicks out. Both get up and Taryn does a monkey flip to Gail. She then goes to her for a suplex but Gail turns it into a small package. Taryn kicks out. Both get up and Gail attacks Taryn and then runs into the ropes for a dropkick but Taryn catches her and goes for a cover. Gail kicks out. Both stand and Taryn goes for a roll-up but Gail turns it but Taryn kicks out. Both stand and Gail punches Taryn but Taryn comes back and closelines Gail and then hits a swinging neck breaker.

She climbs the corner and does a flying closeline. She covers but Gail kicks out. Taryn climbs the corner again but Gail gets up and punches her. Gail climbs the corner and continues to punch. She then hits the hurricanrona. Gail stands and waits in the corner. Taryn stands and Gail hits her with a closeline. Gail then hits a arm breaker. Gail stands and waits. Taryn gets up in the corner. Gail runs to her but Taryn moves and Gail goes through the ropes and lands on the outside. Taryn gets out of the ring and brings Gail back in. Gail gets on the apron and Taryn joins her. Gail punches her. Taryn goes for a closeline but Gail ducks, goes behind Taryn and hits a neck breaker on the steel steps!!! Taryn slides off of the steps while Gail is flat on top of the steel steps. The referee counts. Gail slowly rolls in while Taryn climbs in.

The crowd cheers for both of them. Both stands. Gail grabs Taryn and quickly hits Eat Defeat! Gail covers but Taryn kicks out!!! Gail can't believe it! Gail goes to Taryn and punches her in the face. She goes for Eat Defeat again but Taryn blocks it and then hits The Cutter! She covers but Gail kicks out! Taryn can't believe it! Taryn slowly stands. She goes and climbs the corner. Gail gets up. Taryn flies and hits the flying cross body but Gail rolls through and has Taryn for the cover and wins! Winner and Still Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

Both stand up and Taryn and Gail hug each other. All of a sudden, music plays. Here comes Havok! She walks down the ramp, pulls off her cape and the gas mask she has on. She gets in the ring and looks at both Gail and Taryn. She then closelines both of them down. She laughs. She grabs Taryn and plans her down neck and back first. Gail goes and tries to fight Havok, but Havok grabs her by the throat and hits the Chokeslam! She laughs. She then grabs Gail and plants her down like she did to Taryn. Havok stands and puts Taryn over Gail and then stands on top of them. Her music plays again.

MVP is backstage. Eric Young walks around the corner and goes up to MVP. MVP talks about EY's match tonight and how Bobby Roode treated him horribly long time ago from carrying his bags to almost getting him fired. EY doesn't want to listen to MVP's mind games. EY walks away.

We see Ethan Carter III walking backstage as he will speak next.


Robbie E, Jessie Godderz, and DJ Z are around a dinner table in New York City. Jessie and Robbie are on their phones. DJ Z hypes up this dinner and then wants to reveal which Knockout they got paired up with. Jessie says it is Miss America. Jessie then says she just text him. Robbie looks at his phone and says he doesn't have reception and tries everything in his power to get some. DJ Z says he is embarrassing while Jessie is smiling away.

Music plays and here comes Ethan Carter III. Rockstar Spud comes out with him. Spud claps for Ethan and then opens the ropes for him. Ethan gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. Ethan says he is sick of everyone from the people in the Manhattan Center to every man, woman, and child in the back who got excited about Dixie Carter going through a table. They are cheering for someone who got their back broken from a lunatic. Ethan says the Carter Charity ends. The first person is Rhino. He gave him a beating, a beating, beating, beating, and more for what he couldn't accomplish. He then states he has demands. He asks for Spud for the paper but Spud doesn't have it. Ethan says he wants Bully Ray terminated. He then says "hardcore" and "extreme" can't be used in TNA as we shouldn't live in the past anymore. He then demands respect and says he doesn't want to hear "You can't wrestle" anymore. The fans chant it but Ethan counters. Ethan says he is the greatest professional wrestler in the world. The crowd chants, "CM Punk" and Ethan says he would love to beat him too. All of a sudden, Rhino comes through the crowd and attacks Spud as he gets in the ring. He tosses him out and then goes after Ethan. He throws Ethan in the ropes but Ethan puts on the tracks and Spud pulls him out. Ethan and Spud go on the ramp. Rhino gets on the mic and says he wants Ethan so he can beat him up. Ethan says he will have his match... against Rockstar Spud! I think Spud just died!

Samuel Shaw is standing in the back. Brittany is twirling her hair staring at Shaw. Shaw doesn't see her. Gunner walks in the picture and sees Brittany and then talks to Shaw. He brings up last week but says he wants to forget about it. It's from the past. They are teaming up tonight. They shake hands and both walk away together.


Gunner and Samuel Shaw comes through the curtain and walk down the ramp together. The fans cheer as they get in the ring. Music hits and here comes Bram and Magnus. They make their way down the ramp.

Gunner and Samuel Shaw vs. Bram and Magnus

Magnus and Shaw start the match. Magnus goes after the arm but Shaw rolls through and takes Magnus down. Magnus gets up and goes after Shaw with a headlock. Shaw pushes Magnus in the ropes and hits him with a dropkick. Magnus gets up and hits a body slam on Magnus. Shaw gets up and comes back as he works on the arm. He tags Gunner. They both work on Magnus. Magnus goes down and Shaw hits a leg drop. Bram covers but Magnus kicks out. Magnus gets up and tags Bram. He enters. Bram goes after Gunner as he smashes his face in the turnbuckle but it doesn't hurt Gunner. Gunner hits his head into the turnbuckle himself and then goes after Bram with full force. He smashes Bram's head into the top turnbuckle now multiples times. Gunner backs up and then goes back but Bram attacks him. Shaw tags himself in. Gunner isn't happy.

Shaw turns and Bram runs and takes him down. He covers Shaw but he kicks out. Bram tags Magnus. Magnus enters and goes after Shaw with a suplex. He covers but Shaw kicks out. Magnus covers again but Shaw says no. Magnus goes for a body slam but Shaw slides out and goes for a roll-up but Magnus blocks it. Both turn to each other, run, and closeline each other. Both are down. Magnus tags Bram while Shaw tags Bram. Both enter and Gunner goes after Bram with a headbutt and then a smash in the corner. He does a suplex and hits Magnus on the apron. Gunner climbs the corner, jumps, but Bram moves out of the way. He does a chop block to Gunner's leg. Bram does a quick roll-up and wins. Winners: Bram and Magnus

Shaw gets in the ring and checks on Gunner. Shaw stands, turns to Magnus and Bram and starts yelling. He checks on Gunner but Gunner backs up. Shaw starts yelling again and this time pulls the referee in the ring. Gunner stops him.

MVP is walking backstage as he walks up to Bobby Roode who is doing some stretches. Roode asks if he wants to fight. MVP doesn't but asks if Roode thinks he has this... if he things EY will play by the rules. Roode has no idea what he is talking about. MVP says he made EY carry his bags. Roode states it was a long time ago but MVP doesn't think that matters. MVP walks away.


Jessie, Robbie, and DJ Z are sitting around the dinner table. They are saying that tonight is over... and then state they copied their outfits. They take off their BroMans tank tops. Just then, Velvet Sky walks in the shot and goes to Robbie while Angelina Love walks to Jessie. Love says they are The Beautiful People so just make them happy. Robbie tells DJ Z to hook them up with every club around! DJ Z goes to the camera and says to give them privacy. He covers the screen with his hand.

Eric Young comes out as the crowd cheers. He gets in the ring. Bobby Roode comes out next and gets in the ring as the crowd cheers.

Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode in a Number One Contender Match for the TNA World Championship

Both move around the ring. They stare at each other and then lock-up. Roode works on the arm of Young but Young gets out of the armlock and hits a fireman's carry. Roode stands. They move around the ring again. EY applies a headlock. Roode shoots him off in the ring but EY hits him with a shoulder block. EY runs in the ropes as Roode stands. Roode hits a hip toss. Roode goes in the ropes and hits EY with a shoulder block. He continues in the ropes as EY stands and he hits Roode with an arm drag takedown. EY switches it to a headlock. Roode turns and gets to his feet. He goes to shoot EY in the ropes but EY continues to have the headlock applied. Roode gets to his feet again. Roode punches Ey in the gut and then shoots him in the corner. EY pops up and goes behind Roode. He tries for a dropkick but Roode moves out of the way. Roode tries to go after him but EY gets away. He goes to the apron through the middle rope but Roode kicks him in the chest. He gets him on his feet and works on the arm. He applies an armlock on EY as he is down on the mat. EY gets to his feet. He whips Roode in the ropes and hits him with a flying forearm and then a closeline. Roode stands and whips EY in the corner. EY flips over it and lands on the apron. He hits Roode and then climbs the corner for a missile dropkick.

He covers Roode but Roode kicks out at two. Roode rolls to the apron. EY grabs him but Roode grabs his arm and hangs it over the top rope. Roode gets in and hits a knee lift to Eric and then a huge closeline. Roode climbs the corner. He jumps and hits a neck breaker. He covers but Eric kicks out. Roode gets him to his feet and goes for a suplex but EY blocks. He runs in the ropes but Roode hits him with a spine buster. Roode covers but Young kicks out at two. Both are on their feet. Roode kicks him in the gut and lifts him up on his shoulders. EY gets out and hits Roode with a Wheelbarrow. He covers but Roode kicks out. EY climbs the corner and hits a moonsault. He covers but Bobby kicks out. Eric goes for a piledriver but Roode gets out and turns it into a Cross Face. EY leans back to cover Roode but Roode kicks out and then does a cover to EY but EY kicks out. Both stand and Eric hits a huge DDT! Young covers but Roode kicks out.

Eric Young climbs the corner. Roode stands and runs up the corner. Young punches him and Roode falls. Young hits an Elbow Drop. He covers: Roode kicks out! EY stands and waits. He then grabs Roode and sets up the piledriver. Roode hits a back body drop but EY tries to roll him up but Roode sits on him for a cover. EY then rolls him up but Roode stops him and goes for a cover but EY turns it around for a cover. They then lift each other up with a bridge. Roode grabs EY and quickly hits the Roode Bomb! He covers: 1-2-3! Winner: Bobby Roode

Eric Young stands and walks around the ring. He is quite upset. Roode stares at him and then extends his hand. EY goes to shake it but Roode goes in and hugs him. They both hug, EY points to Roode and then exits the ring.


Bobby Roode is backstage. The camera man says he finally has what he wants - A Number One Contender match. He asks how he feels. Roode says he is exhausted but after 7 months he is getting what he wants and that is the TNA World Championship. He needs some water! He goes to walk away but Lashley comes right up to him and stares him in the eye. Both don't move.

Jeremy Borash is backstage with Team 3D. They won their match last week. What match will they pick next for the tag team series? Bully Ray gets on the mic and says there is no other match they will pick other than the Tables match. He says the tag team division is back on the map. Between them, The Hardys, and The Wolves... they are going to set it on fire! They only need one more win to become TNA World Tag Team Champions. They will be champions when they go into the TNA Hall of Fame.

Some X-Division stars are already in the ring. Homicide's music plays and he joins them. Low Ki comes out next.

Crazzy Steve vs. Tigre Uno vs. DJ Z vs. Homicide vs. Manik vs. Low Ki in a Number One Contender Match for the X-Divison Championship

Uno and Ki start the match. The other stars around at the different corner posts. Ki goes right to Uno and kicks him in the gut and then does a huge chop to the chest. He whips him in the corner. Low runs to him but Uno moves and kicks him in the face. He goes to work on Low's arm but Low fights back as he whips Uno in the ropes and then plants him down on the mat. He does a bridge suplex but the other stars come in to break the count. Uno tags Manik. Manik enters and he moves around the ring with Low. DJ Z tags himself in. Low is mad but leaves to the apron. Manik flips DJ in and then does a springboard cross body. He covers but DJ kicks out. DJ whips Manik in the ropes but Manik holds onto the ropes and Homicide tags himself in.

He enters and goes right after DJ Z with a belly to belly suplex. He covers but Steve tags himself in. The count stops. Homicide goes to the apron. Steve enters and goes to cover DJ but he kicks out. Steve and DJ fight back and forth but DJ and Steve switch to Manik and Low Ki. Homicide tags himself in from Low. He goes after Manik but DJ gets in as well as Steve. Uno enters but they attack him. Steve and DJ fly to the outside. Low and Uno are sent flying over the ropes onto DJ and Steve. Homicide and Manik are in the ring. They fight back and forth but Homicide flips Manik around and plants him with the Gringo Killer. He covers and wins. Winner: Homicide

James Storm comes out with The Great Sanada by his side. Sanada has a blue outfit on with a hood that covers his face. He gets in the ring and takes it off revealing his face paint. He puts Manik on his knees and then kicks him right in the face. Sanada rolls Manik outside to Storm. Storm nodes. They grab Manik by each leg and drag him up the ramp to the back.


Austin Aries is in the ring with a microphone. The crowd chants, "Austin Aries," and Aries thanks them. Aries states that he is sorry if he looks green, but that is not because he is vegan and ate too much Kale. It is because Sanada spit mist in his face. He then brings up James Storm and how it is one sided. He is fine with that though. He wants them out here. James Storm's music plays. He comes out and The Great Sanada is beside him. James says this is not just Sanada... it is The Great Sanada now. He brought him to the light. He brought him the vision. He will do the same to Manik. He will bring them championships. Storm and Sanada get in the ring. Storm says he will accomplish what he wants. Sanada will be the greatest man who will ever come out of Japan. It won't be Muta but The Great Sanada. Aries tells him to stop as he uses great a lot. When people think of great... they think of one man. They think of the Common Denominator of Greatness... Austin Aries. Aries tells Sanada he was a great X-Division Champion but he threw that away. He then says Storm made everyone mad in this company since day one while Sanada made everyone in Japan mad. Aries then states he made this man mad... Tajiri. He comes out, down the ramp, and into the ring. Aries and Storm fight while Tajiri fights Sanada. They go back and forth. Storm gets Sanada out of the ring and tells him to stop. They look in the ring at Aries and Tajiri.

Rockstar Spud is backstage. He walks up to Ethan Carter III in a hallway. He wants Ethan to explain why he is doing this. Ethan says he gave Rhino a beating. He did his part. Now it is Spud's turn. If he doesn't, then he can leave. But, if he wants his job, head to the ring. Ethan walks away. Spud follows him.


A video package plays showcasing Chris Melendez and the segment that he was part of last week with Kurt Angle, Team 3D, and Mr. Anderson. It is still a touching story! He makes his in-ring debut next week.

Music hits and here comes Rockstar Spud! Ethan Carter III is behind him. Spud comes down the ramp and then tells Ethan to come with him but Carter tells him to go. Spud gets in the ring but is quite nervous. Rhino's music plays and here comes The War Machine. He slides in the ring.

Rockstar Spud vs. Rhino

Rhino looks at Spud and is closing in on him in the corner. Spud is scared. He tries to get away but Rhino pushes him in the corner. Spud goes to punch him but Rhino blocks him and then tosses him in the corner. He does a shoulder tackle and then whips him in the corner. He hits Spud with a closeline as he comes out of the corner. Rhino picks Spud up and lifts him over his head. He does some presses and then drops him down on the mat face and chest first. Rhino turns and stares at Ethan Carter III, who is at ringside. Spud comes back and attacks Rhino from behind with forearm shots. Rhino turns and Spud continues with shots and chops. Rhino throws Spud in the corner and does several chops and then does a huge hip toss to Spud. Rhino then goes for the Gore! He runs but Spud moves and Rhino goes into the corner. Spud exits the ring and grabs a trashcan from the outside. He brings it in the ring. The crowd chants, "ECW," but Spud chants, "EC3." Spud turns and Rhino runs and hits the GORE!! The trashcan goes flying. He covers: 1-2-3. Winner: Rhino

Ethan Carter III is on the outside. Rhino stares at him. Ethan turns and walks away. He walks up the ramp. He turns around twice to look at Spud in the ring as Rhino stares on but Ethan continues.

Lashley is walking backstage. We then see Samoa Joe walking backstage. Their match is next.


Samoa Joe's music plays and he quickly walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Lashley's music plays next and he walks somewhat down the ramp and then stops. He drops the belt and goes to meet Joe as he comes outside of the ring.

Samoa Joe vs. Lashley

Lashley goes right after Joe and sends him into the steel steps. Lashley continues the attack but Joe fights back with punches. Lashley backs Joe up against the apron. He walks back and then runs to him but Joe lifts him up with one arm and smashes him down to the floor. Joe brings Lashley in the ring. Lashley goes in the corner. Joe runs to him for a smash and then a pele type kick to the face. Lashley falls in the corner. He sits there while Joe shoves his boot in Lashley's face. He then runs into the ropes and kicks Lashley's head off. The fans are really behind Joe!

Lahsley stands. Joe does some soccer type punches to Lashley but Lashley turns it around as he whips Joe in the corner. He runs to him and does several shoulder tackles in the gut but Joe stops him as he applies a front headlock type move. He is trying to choke Lashley out but Lashley backs Joe in the corner and turns it into a neck breaker. Lashley covers but Joe kicks out. Lashley pounds his knee into Joe's back as he is sitting on the mat. Lashley applies an armlock. Lashley then turns it into a headlock/choke hold. Joe stands and elbows his way out. Joe goes in the ropes but Lashley jumps over him. Joe comes back and Lashley knocks him down with a closeline.

Lashley elbows Joe in the chest and covers. Joe kicks out. Lashley works on the top of the shoulder of Joe but Joe gets to his feet and elbows Lashley in the gut. Lashley fights back but Joe continues the hits. He then hits an atomic drop and then a big boot. He drops down with a back drop senton and covers but Lashley kicks out. Both get up. Lashley goes in the ropes but Joe hits a scoop powerslam. Joe goes to the corner as he brings Lashley. Lashley fights back with punches. He then picks Joe up on his shoulders and hits the powerslam. Lashley goes in the corner and waits. Joe is slowly getting up. Lashley goes for a spear but Joe kicks him in the gut and then does a Rear Naked Choke! Just then, Kenny King comes out and climbs the corner. Joe chops him to the chest and King falls off. Lashley grabs Joe and does a Full Nelson Drive to Joe. He covers but Joe kicks out. Lashley stands and waits. Joe stands and Lashley hits the spear and wins! Winner: Lashley

A video package plays hyping next week's show with the Triple Threat Tag Team Table match and Chris Melendez's in-ring debut. The show fades.

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