Impact Wrestling Results (9/5/13) - Aces & 8s' Slow Decline In Power


Impact Wrestling Results - 9/5/2013
From Cleveland, Ohio
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package showing Bully Ray patching Tito Ortiz into the Aces & 8s. The other members aren't liking this and Anderson expressed his thoughts. Ray cares less. The video switches to AJ Styles and his great promo he cut last week. It then shows Hulk Hogan announcing the 12 man gauntlet match this week. He also announces Bully Ray defending his title at No Surrender against an Aces & 8s member.

The camera shows the arena with the audience standing on their feet cheering. The camera shows Kazarian backstage and says Kaz-mania will run wild tonight as he wins the gauntlet match. Austin Aries says he is going to win it and then it switches to Bobby Roode. He will go on and get the World Title for the second time. Ken Anderson says he is all about gold. AJ Styles is going to get 20 points as that is what he is made to do. Joe wants it and so does Hernandez. Jay Bradley likes money and can get a lot of it if he ruins someone's evening. He says it will be fun. Park will make us proud while Daniels says he is going on for Bound for Glory. Jeff Hardy has his creatures behind him as he gains 20 points. Magnus is in a good position but he is going to do what he has done and keep his place as number one.

Music hits and it's Aces & 8s! However, it's Bully Ray with the TNA World Title, Brooke Tessmacher and Tito Ortiz. They are far ahead of the other members (Wes Brisco, Ken Anderson, Garett Bischoff, Knux). Ray kisses Tessmacher and they continue down the ramp. She opens the rope for him. He raises the title as the other members get in the ring. Ray wants his music shut off and he gets it. He wants to tell everyone something. The Aces & 8s are in total control. He turns to them and says they are the best brothers a leader can have. Without them, Ray would be nothing. They watch his back. They hang and bang. They do it all. He may have been harsh last week, but that's all behind them. He goes over and hugs Garett and Wes. He moves to Knux and hugs and then pounds the fist of Tito. The crowd says, "Tito sucks." Ray says the crowd is jealous of him. Every women who wants to be with Ray would like to be with Tito second. Ray turns to Ken and says he is the best VP someone can ask for. Ken is more of a brother than Devon was. Ray and Ken hug. Ray talks about business. Knux will destroy Chris Sabin. Garett and Wes will beat the TNA Tag Team Champions. Ken will win the gauntlet and get the 20 points. Hogan doesn't have Ray where he wants him. Ray has Hogan in checkmate. He will beat Sting and beat him bad just like he did at Slammiversary. He says the members can leave except for Knux as he has his match while Ray will stick with Taz and his booty lady. The members leave while Ray pumps Knux up.

Chris Sabin's music plays and he comes out. Chris walks down the ramp and gets in the ring.


Knux vs. Chris Sabin

Both move around the ring. Chris keeps a close eye on Ray as he is at ringside. Knux goes after him but Chris ducks. He does it again but Chris applies a headlock. Knux sends him in the ropes and hits him with a shoulder block. Chris gets up and goes to the corner. Chris raises his arms for a test of strength, but when Knux goes to grab his hand, Chris kicks him in the knee. He continues to work on the leg. Knux goes in the corner and wraps his leg around the rope. He hits it with a dropkick. Knux falls. Chris grabs it and locks in a half boston crab! Chris breaks it up. Both get up and Chris continues to attack with knife edge chops and punches. Chris goes in the ropes but Knux jumps in the air and lands right on Chris. Knux gets him up and takes Sabin down again. Knux slowly gets him up and hits a closeline. He covers but Chris kicks out. Chris punches back in the gut of Knux. He runs in the ropes but Knux hits a big boot. He taunts and the fans boo. Knux lifts Chris up on his shoulders and takes him down throat first on the top rope.

Knux puts him on the bottom rope and chokes him. Knux grabs his legs and does a huge catapult as it sends Chris throat first into the ropes. Knux covers but Sabin kicks out. Knux now applies a headlock. Chris gets up and punches Knux in the gut. He goes to run, but Knux grabs his hair, pulls him back, and hits a back suplex. Knux goes to the second rope, jumps, and hits a leg drop. He covers but Sabin kicks out. He chokes Sabin on the second rope. Ray goes right in his face as Knux runs in the opposite way. He moves as Knux goes for a kick. Sabin stands and works on the leg while on the apron. He climbs the corner and does a missile dropkick. Just then, Ray runs over and gives Knux a hammer. He turns and Knux swings, but Chris hits him in the knee. He falls. The hammer goes across the ring. Both try to get it, but Sabin gets it and hits Knux right in the back of it. Winner by DQ: Knux

Ray helps Knux out of the ring while Sabin is furious.

Mickie James is walking backstage with the Knockout Title. She is heading to the ring.


The camera man is backstage. He throws something against the wall. Velvet Sky meets up with him and tries to calm him down. She says he doesn't need that hammer. Sabin says he should be the face of this company. He should still have the title. Ray brought the hammer in. It's crap. He says sorry to Sky but he's beyond furious. Sky doesn't know what is happening.

Mickie James' music plays. She walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. She grabs a mic. She yells, "Cleveland!!!" She says she s excited to be in the city as it is one of the last Impact's for the summer and the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame is in this city. She will be in there one day. She starts talking about little people and dancing and then mentions the VMAs. She wasn't invited and it's sad, but she has her own award. She shows it off and puts it in the corner. Mickie goes on to talk about Miley Cyrus and says she just wants to break out of her shell and be larger than life. I guess people don't like that. Mickie goes on to talk about twerking. Music hits and ODB comes out. She gets in the ring and asks Mickie if she is really talking about Miley in this city. ODB says Mickie has to worry about having that title taken away by her. Mickie turns and grabs her award and says she doesn't have to worry. She walks past ODB, but turns and knocks her down. Mickie shoves the title in her face, but ODB gets up and closelines Mickie. She grabs the title and raises it up. Mickie, from behind, grabs the title back. She gets in the face of ODB. ODB kicks her and then rips off her shirt. Mickie falls and covers herself up. She runs up the ramp while ODB says she will be the next champion, "BAM!"

Jeremy Borash is backstage. He shows the Bound for Glory leadership board. He introduces Hernandez and Jay Bradley. He asks them what they have to gain to the match. Jay says they can add value. A business corporation offered him a deal and he will get the job done. Bradley tells Hernandez to think about it as well. Jay walks away.


Aces are backstage. Wes asks Knux how he liked his win against Sabin. Knux likes it as now he is eating a sandwich. He has something in his beard and he says that is desert. He says you can't eat without having desert at the end.


A video plays from earlier today as Sting enters the building. He is here and getting ready for his match tonight.

Christy Hemme is shown as she introduces the next match. Hernandez's music plays and he comes to the ring. Jay Bradley comes down the ramp and gets in the ring.

12 Man Gauntlet Match in a Bound For Glory Series Worth 20 Points

Jay Bradley grabs a mic. He tells Hernandez to listen. He asks him about the situation. Jay says there's a lot of money involving in this situation where he has to eliminate a certain person at a certain time. If Hernandez agrees, he can get a real fat wallet. Hernandez looks around but punches Jay. He sends him in the corner and smashes him. He throws him in the ropes and does a back body drop. Hernandez goes to lift him up over the ropes. Joseph Park comes out with Eric Young. Park gets in the ring. Jay attacks Hernandez and goes after Park. He puts him in the corner and kicks him in the gut. He whips Park in the opposing corner but Park comes out and closelines him. He does it again. He runs in the ropes but Jay elbows him in the face. Park goes in the corner. Jay lifts him up and Park lands on the apron. Jay continues the attack with punches and kicks. Jay turns and Hernandez runs to him and hits him with a battering ram. Hernandez gets him up and tries to lift him over the ropes. Hernandez can't do so. He tells Park to come in. Mr. Anderson comes out and gets in the ring. He goes right after Hernandez and knocks him down. He turns to Park on the apron and punches him. Park still holds on. Ken tries to kick him off.


Samoa Joe comes out. He runs in the ring and knocks Park and Hernandez down. He closelines Jay.


Ken is attacking on Joe in the corner. Music hits and here comes AJ Styles. He enters and elimination: Joseph Park. He goes right after Hernandez and then Jay Bradley. Joe tosses Mr. Anderson over the ropes. He lands on the apron and punches Joe back. He gets back in and works on Joe while Hernandez whips AJ in the ropes and does a back body drop. Ken rips at the eyes of JOe while Hernandez is tries to lift AJ over the ropes. AJ fights back and kicks Hernandez. He gets him up. AJ turns and goes to Ken. He punches Ken in the face multiple times. Kazarian comes out and gets in the ring. He goes after AJ to help Ken. Kaz takes AJ over the ropes but he comes back in. Kaz chokes him with his foot while Joe does multiple knife edge chops to Ken in the corner. Jay is attacking Hernandez in the corner. Joe lifts Ken up on the top rope, but Ken is fighting back. Joe does a huge kick to the face and Ken falls to the outside. Elimination: Mr. Anderson. Joe goes after Hernandez now while Kaz does a suplex on AJ. Kaz runs and does a splash to Hernandez. AJ grabs Kaz and does a back suplex. Joe works on Jay in the corner. Christopher Daniels comes down the ramp and gets in the ramp. He stomps on Joe and then goes after Hernandez but then goes to help Kaz against AJ. Daniels turns and chokes Joe with his foot. Kaz gets AJ up and holds his arms behnd him. Daniels punches AJ in the face. They both go to Samoa Joe now and choke him and rake his eyes. They get Joe up and Daniels holds his arms while Kaz punches him. Hernandez has AJ on the ropes to eliminate him, but AJ gets out and kicks Hernandez.

They whip Joe in the ropes but he does a double closeline to Daniels and Kaz. He whips Daniels over the ropes but he holds on. Kaz helps Daniels and they go after Joe again. Daniels and Kaz turn and elimination: Hernandez. Jeff Hardy's music plays and he gets in the ring. He fights Daniels and Kaz.


Bobby Roode comes out and gets in the ring. Jeff has Daniels over the ropes but Roode goes after Jeff. He whips him in the corner and then stomps on him. Jay Bradley goes after AJ. He tosses him over the ropes, but AJ holds on. Jay goes for the elbow shot, but AJ ducks, grabs Jay and takes him over. Elimination: Jay Bradley. Roode has AJ in the corner and applies shoulder blocks while Kaz attacks Jeff in the corner. Roode tries to eliminate AJ but Aj fights back. He goes after Kaz. Kaz punches back. He runs in the ropes but AJ does a dropkick. Joe puts Daniels in the corner. Austin Aries runs out, jumps over the ropes and closelines Daniels and Kaz. He takes off his cape and goes right after Daniels. He tries to eliminate him, but Roode and Kaz attack him. They try to lift him over the ropes. Daniels comes in to join them. Aries goes upside down and is free so far. Daniels goes to AJ now and tries for a suplex. Joe is resting in the corner while Jeff is lifting Roode up in another corner. Roode is on the apron he grabs Jeff. Jeff goes to the apron. Kaz helps but Aries joins and attacks Kaz. Samoa Joe is after Daniels but Kaz joins in and then AJ attacks Kaz.

Joe has Daniels up on his shoulders. He gets out and Daniels hits him with a dropkick. Magnus comes out and gets in the ring. Kaz attacks him but Magnus takes him down and then whips Daniels in the ropes. Daniels jumps but Magnus catches him and does a huge suplex. He goes after Daniels but Kaz comes in and they double team. Aries has Roode in the corner while AJ goes after Jeff Hardy. Joe pushes Magnus back and fights Daniels and Kaz at the same time. He goes for a closeline, but Daniels drops the ropes and Joe goes over. Kaz helps and elimination: Samoa Joe. Jeff fights Kaz now while AJ goes over the ropes by Roode but he lands on the apron. Jeff almost took Kaz out but Roode comes from behind and takes Jeff out. Elimination: Jeff Hardy. Magnus goes after Roode while Daniels has Aries and Kaz stomps on Kaz. AJ gets up and does a back body drop over the ropes. Elimination: Kazarian. Magnus goes to the ropes, but Daniels lifts him up and takes him over. Elimination: Magnus. Roode and Daniels double whip AJ in the ropes and double closeline. Roode holds Aries from behind and Daniels goes to punch him but he moves and Daniels takes Roode down. Aries takes Daniels down. Roode goes in the corner. Aries runs but Roode runs to him but he lifts him up. He drops him on the apron. AJ runs to him and Aries falls to the outside. Elimination: Austin Aries. Roode goes after AJ but he lifts him over the ropes. Elimination: Bobby Roode.

AJ and Daniels look at each other. They go all out. They attack each other but AJ gets the upperhand. He punches and kicks Daniels. He lifts him up and hits a backbreaker. He continues the assault. AJ hits Daniels with the pele. Daniels leans against the ropes and AJ closelines him over. Winner w/ 20 points

The Bound for Glory leaderboard is shown. AJ Styles is number one, Magnus second, Austin Aries third and Bobby Roode is fourth.

Bully Ray is backstage with Mr. Anderson. He says he can't even look at Anderson. Disappointment in the dictionary has Mr. Anderson's face beside it. He only had to win this match. Knux won and he sure knows Garett and Wes will win. What has Ken done in this group? Ken takes the towel off his head and says he has busted his @ss off for this group. Ray says he is the President. He can care less about Devon and he can do the same thing to Anderson. He can rip his colors off and bash his head in with a beer bottle. "Do not disappoint me again." Ray walks away.


Video plays showing the final moments of the gauntlet match.

AJ Styles is backstage. He says 20 points later and he is leading the series. He is a leader. He is going to win the Bound for Glory Series. He will face Bully Ray and he will take everything he has.

A video plays showing the confrontation between Hulk Hogan and Bully Ray from last week.

Sting and Rampage Jackson are sitting backstage. Rampage asks if he really can't fight for the World Title again. Sting says he can't but he accomplished everything else that titles don't mean anything to him anymore. That night opened his eyes that he needed backup. He can thank Bully Ray for that. He has Rampage Jackson to back him up. Sting says he has been on a rampage for years, so let them both go on it together. Sting stands and puts his gloves on as he walks out.

Christy Hemme is shown as she introduces the next match. Gunner and James Storm, the TNA Tag Team Champions, come out. As they walk down the ramp, Wes and Garett attack them from behind. Wes goes after Gunner as they go around the ring while Garett fights Storm in the ring. Storm turns it around and tosses Garett in the ring. He kicks him and Garett leaves the ring. The bell sounds.

James Storm and Gunner vs. Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco

Wes takes Gunner to the apron and the ramp. He pounds him face first into them while James has Garett against the guard rail. He grabs a beer bottle and sprays Garett with it. He rolls him back in the ring while Gunnder closelines Wes down. Gunner gets in and they double whip Garett in the corner. Wes runs and smashes him while James face plants him in the corner. He covers but Garett kicks out. James does a body slam and drops his knee. He covers but Garett kicks out again. James sets up a suplex, but Wes comes from behind and knocks Storm down. Garett gets up and stomps on him. He puts Storm in the corner and Garett does shoulder blocks. Wes puts his boot up and Bischoff smashes James' face right into it. Wes enters and they double team against him. Wes covers but Storm kicks out. He puts him in the corner. Garett chokes him. Storm fights back as he elbows Bischoff and whips Wes in the corner. Wes jumps up and grabs James' arm and hangs over the ropes with the hold. He unlocks and Garett punches Storm down. Wes gets back in and covers. Storm kicks out. Wes lifts him up, but Storm slides behind and does the double knee backstabber. Storm goes to tag but Wes stops him. Storm pushes Wes back and tags Gunner. Wes tags Bischoff. Both enter and Gunner takes it to Bischoff. He goes in the corner and Gunner smashes him. He lifts him up and drives him down on his knee. Gunner covers but Wes stops the count. James enters and goes after Wes. He puts him in the corner and kicks him in the back of the head. Gunner catapults Bischoff and James does a DDT after it. Gunner covers but Garett kicks out.

Garett gets up. Gunner lifts him up. James runs in the ropes but Wes takes him out as he pulls his legs out from under him. Wes smashes Storm's face first into the post. Garett does a roll-up from behind but Gunner kicks out. Wes comes in with the tag titles. The referee stops him while Gunner attacks Wes. Garett grabs a chain and smashes Gunner with it from behind. He covers and wins. Winners: Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco

AJ Styles is walking backstage. He is coming to the ring next.


Magnus, Austin Aries, and Bobby Roode come out on the stage and walk to the ring.


Jeremey Borash is in the ring with Magnus, Bobby Roode and Austin Aries. Borash introduces them and says one of the four men will go for the title at Bound for Glory. The final person is AJ Styles! AJ's music plays and he comes out. He gets in the ring and looks around. Borash says he is the point leader so he can pick his opponent for next week's match at No Surrender. Who will it be? AJ starts off by saying, "Decisions, decisions, decisions." He then goes to Bobby Roode and then Austin Aries. He says Aries' is his biggest blemish during the series. He lost to Aries, so he wants to get it back. Aries says he doesn't like he promises but he does promise that someone will win during their match next week and that is the fans. Roode grabs the mic from Borash and says that he loves when a plan comes together. There is a reason why he grouped up with Kaz and Daniels. It was to get in the final four. The It Factor is in the final four. He has the weakest link. Magnus may have beat him earlier in the series, but Roode is a different person now. He will beat Magnus and the match after and he will get what is his and that is the TNA World Title. They stare at each other. Magnus grabs the mic. Roode earned his points at Magnus' expense while Magnus' won points at Roode's expense. He didn't need puppets or Appletinis to win matches. Cleveland is Magnus Country. While Roode has new friends, Magnus has a family. There will be no second chances next week. It's No Surrender next week and he will go through all three to win his first TNA World Championship.


Aces & 8s music hit and here comes Bully Ray with the TNA World Championship, Brooke Tessmacher, and Tito Ortiz. Mr. Anderson is behind them. Ray turns and points his finger at Ken and yells at him. Ray, Brooke, and Tito get in the ring. Sting's music hits and here comes The Icon. Sting gets to the ring as the crowd is on fire. Jeremy Borash is in the ring as he introduces the two stars.

Bully Ray grabs a mic. He has something to say. He wants to remind Sting of one thing. This is a non-title match. He beat Sting at Slammiversary. The stipulation in that match is that Sting can no longer fight for the title. Screw Sting and his best friend Hogan. Ray turns and, just then, Hulk Hogan's music plays. Hogan has a mic in hand as he stands on the mic. "Ray, do you know who I am?" Hulk says he runs the show. Ray has taken a lot from his family, so now Hulk will take from Ray's family. Tito Ortiz is no longer allowed at ringside. Security come out and they say Tito has to go. Ray doesn't understand what is going on. Hulk says he is changing this match to a No DQ match!

Bully Ray vs. Sting in a No DQ Match

Ray goes to the corner as he is furious. Sting runs and does a huge Stinger Splash on him. He takes him to the opposing corner. He smashes him in the turnbuckle and then tosses him to the outside. Sting exits the ring and grabs a chair. He smashes it against Ray's back.


Sting swings for the fences as he smashes Ray right in the back with a chair. He hits him in the gut with the top of the chair and then smashes Ray's back again. Sting brings in the chair to the ring as Ray rolls in. He goes for another shot but Ray hits him with a low blow. Ray gets up, jumps and does a splash on Sting. Bully grabs the chair now and goes to swing for Earl Hebner. He turns and hits Sting in the back. Ray taunts with the chair and the fans boo. Bully lifts Sting up and does a body slam onto the chair. Ray walks around the ring and looks at Ken Anderson. He then goes to Taz and he hands him something. Just then, Ray starts cutting the ring canvas. He gets in and grabs the chair. He drives the chair right in the back of Sting. Ray goes back to the canvas and pulls the padding off. Sting gets up but Ray pounds him down. Ray works the exposedwooden boards. He goes back to Sting, but Sting takes the legs out from under him. He applies the Scorpion Death Lock. Just then, Wes Brisco, Knux, and Garett Bischoff run out and attack Sting. Just then, Samoa Joe, Magnus, and Rampage Jackson run into the ring and attack the Aces. They take them to the outside and up the ramp. Ray is in the corner and Sting hits the Stinger Splash. Ray grabs Sting and goes for the piledriver on the wood, but Sting hits a back body drop. Ray gets up and Sting goes for the Scorpion Death Drop but Ray holds onto the ropes. Sting falls back right head first on the wood. Ray gets Sting up, but Sting takes the legs out from under Ray and applies the Scorpion Death Lock. Ken gets the hammer and tries to give it to Ray but then he throws it across the ring. Ray has to tap. Winner: Sting

Mr. Anderson gets in the ring with the title and mic. He says he couldn't do it on his own. Ken gets in the face of Ray and starts slapping him. Ken asks Ray, "Do you know who I am?" He is the guy who will face Ray next week for the TNA World Title. He will be the next champion from Green Bay! His name is... Mr. Anderson!!!!! Anderson! Ken stands up and holds the title above his head. HIS music plays as Ray leans up and can't believe it. Tessmacher confronts him while Ken walks up the ramp. The show fades.

Alex's Assumptions:

Tonight's episode has really received mixed reviews from the people I talked to and I do have to agree with both sides. This was not the best Impact of the year, but I did like certain things. First off though I want to say what was flat out bad. I really thought the Mickie James segment was horrid. It didn't sit well with me at all. She was all over the place on the mic. ODB came out and made it entertaining, but I would just say to let the Knockouts fight. That is what they are good at. The other thing that I didn't like and wouldn't have done was the 12 man gauntlet match. Why do we need Jay Bradley, Hernandez, Joseph Park in the match if there was no way they could end up in the final four? Imagine if one of them won it? The match would mean nothing. It would have been a waste of time. It was obvious that they wouldn't win, but it's all about being logical and efficient. AJ Styles won and I am not surprised. I called him winning the series and going to BFG since April. It's slowly happening and I am really enjoying it. I also liked the whole angle with Aces & 8s. Lots of people are attacking the story/group because it is going on for too long; however, the story is still developing. It's not like it hit a standstill. Now the group is slowly splitting and Ken is rising up. While Ken lost his match, the other members won their match. Is Ken suitable to rise up, but where do the other members stand? The group that once took over TNA is now taking over each other. We seen the Main Event Mafia, Chris Sabin, and soon to be AJ Styles battle with the group. It has been worth it! I also liked the backstage segment with Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky. I don't know who wanted their relationship to become public on the show, but it makes it more realistic and that's always a great thing. Next week seems like an excellent show with so many great matches. I can't wait for Austin Aries vs. AJ Styles! I'm going to need my coffee for that match, but I am ready. Like my Facebook page for his full wrestling thoughts.

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