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Last night's edition of Impact Wrestling was jam packed as we saw The Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament continue, Jordynne Grace revealed her tag partner, and Johnny Swinger. 

Now let's dive into the ocean of results:

Keira Hogan and Tasha Steelz defeated The Sea Stars; Are Tenille and Alisha a REAL team?

Results (via IMPACT) - The Sea Stars make their IMPACT Wrestling debut as the Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament continues! Delmi has Kiera on the retreat, attempting numerous pins in the early going. Delmi hits Kiera with a neckbreaker for two. Kiera dropkicks Ashley in the corner. The Sea Stars build momentum as Delmi uses her height advantage to deliver a series of strikes. Delmi sends Kiera crashing into her own partner for a near fall! Tasha attacks Ashley on the outside before taking out Delmi with a running bulldog. Kiera scores the victory with a swinging neckbreaker to Delmi, securing their spot in the next round of the tournament!

Jordynne Grace reveals that her partner in the Knockouts Tag Title Tournament is none other than pro wrestling veteran, Jazz!

Alisha wants to continue teaming with Tenille Dashwood, despite them losing in the Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament last week. After Alisha’s persistence, Tenille agrees seemingly to in an attempt for her to leave.

This was a good opener for the show. I don't know anything about this team as they made their debut but I kinda want to know more. While this was a 20 minute classic it did serve it's purpose. This was a showcase match to bring more eyes to The Sea Stars while also Hogan/Steelz maintained the role of the odds-on favorites in the tournament. I don't know much about Jazz but happy to make her IMPACT debut as a favor for Grace.

Wrestlers' Court: The Boys vs Johnny Swinger:

Results (via IMPACT) - Madison Rayne represents Johnny Swinger after he was accused of murdering John E Bravo. Detective Dreamer made him suspect #1 when The Deaners discovered a gun in his fanny pack at Turning Point. D’Lo Brown is the judge and court is in session. Madison claims that this crime was committed by a mastermind, something that Swinger is not. Fallah Bahh, Cody Deaner and Acey Romero all give their testimonies. Acey notes that after doing a fingerprint analysis, he did in fact find Swinger’s fingerprints on the gun. The problem is that he also found countless other fingerprints, including those of Tommy Dreamer himself. Wrestler’s Court continues!

Johnny Swinger continues to deny the allegations that he shot John E Bravo.

Detective Dreamer calls on Father James Mitchell and Rosemary for questioning. Dreamer asks Rosemary an important question – did she ever love John E Bravo? Rosemary admits that she never did. In fact, she agreed to marry him just so she could get her hands on his virgin blood which would make her all-powerful in the Undead Realm. In a shocking turn of events, Bravo returns and confronts both Rosemary and Dreamer. Bravo says as much as he hates Rosemary, she wasn’t the one who shot him.

Bravo says he could smell the person who shot him that night – Larry D! Dreamer hooks up Larry to the lie detector but senses no deception. Instead, Dreamer sprays him with ring rust cologne that causes him to transform into his alter ego, Lawrence D! The truth comes out when Lawrence admits that he was the one who shot Bravo after he was going to marry the woman of his dreams, Rosemary. Judge D’Lo Brown declares that Johnny Swinger is not guilty!

Tonight Wrestler's Court was full of surprises, twist and turns. Dreamer stepping down as the judge, Rosemary NOT in love with Bravo, Bravo waking up to Lawrence D being the one who shot him. I really enjoyed this a lot and went from laughter to shocked multiple times over. 

Defeat Rohit Challenge:

Results (via IMPACT) - Suicide answers the Defeat Rohit Challenge for a shot at the X-Division Championship but Rohit claims that someone undeserving of a title shot is underneath his mask. Rohit makes it a non-title match which Suicide agrees to. Rohit takes control by sending his opponent over the top rope to the floor. Rohit wears him down as he obsesses over removing the mask. On commentary, Matt Striker suggests that TJP may be under Suicide’s mask considering that he’s ineligible for an X-Division Title shot. Rohit finally rips off the mask but as he does, TJP appears on the ramp! Crazzy Steve reveals himself as the man behind Suicide’s mask and rolls up Rohit for three!

Rohit Raju the man rose his career from the ashes winning the X-Division Championship at Emergence Night One hosted another edition of the Defeat Rohit Challenge. Suicide would answer the call and Rohit was not gonna fall for this old trick so this was a non-title match. This match proved once again why the X-Division has been the foundation of this company as they put on another great match. Rohit focus on the mask while "Suicide" pulled out of TJP'S tricks. In the end TJP revealed he isn't Suicide and it was revealed to be Crazzy Steve as he got the win. What does this mean for Rohit and the X-Division Championship??? Will TJP use Steve to get the title off of Rohit???

Kimber Lee vs Killer Kelly; Susie and Su Yung are friends???; Deonna and Kimber makes a deal with the devil

Results (via IMPACT) - Killer Kelly and Renee Michelle prepare to compete in the Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament but first, Kelly faces IMPACT mainstay Kimber Lee. Meanwhile, Lee seems preoccupied after Su Yung sent her a terrifying message last week. Kelly traps the arms of Lee before delivering a double underhook slam. Kelly follows up with a running dropkick in the corner for two. Lee fights off her opponent, then connects with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Lee hits the top rope Swanton to win.

After the match, Susie makes a chilling return before introducing her friend, the Undead Bride Su Yung! The former Knockouts Champion charges the ring and attacks both Lee and Purrazzo! As Su is about to lock in the Mandible Claw on Purrazzo, Lee pulls her to safety.

Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee enlist the help of Father James Mitchell to turn their Su problem into more of a Susie problem. Mitchell agrees to help – for a price.

This match was a tune-up and showcase match. Renee Michelle and Killer Kelly who are best known for their time in WWE made their IMPACT debuts tonight and they will be competing in the tag title tournament. The ladies reallu DOMINATED the show last night as they were in almost every segment in some way shape or form. This match was a short one but Kelly was able to show us just a bit of what she possess like an appetizer. I'm curious to see to how Kelly and Michelle will fare as a team. While the match did happen and Lee got the win the headline coming out of all of this is that Susie and Su Yung were in the same place at the same time and they are friends. 

AJ Swoggle defeated Ethan Page:

Results (via IMPACT) - If Page can pick up the victory, he will earn a future Tag Team Championship opportunity for The North. Alexander distracts Swoggle from the outside, allowing Page to take control with a big boot. Page continues the assault with a cocky elbow drop. It looks as though Page has the match won but instead of going for the pin, he decides to add insult to injury. Anderson takes out Alexander at ringside. Page turns his back to Swoggle and pays for it as he rolls him up for three!

The Good Brothers are known to joke around and comedy in wrestling can be a good thing but the time for fun and games NEEDS to be over. We all know that time is running out on Page's contract so could all of this be leading to the end of The North? This did nothing for all the guys involved but these was also a typical Swoggle match. The big LG is on the shelf for two months so where does this leave the tag title picture???

Fallah Bahh vs Daivari ends in No Contest:

Results (via IMPACT) - The match is quickly thrown out after Eric Young and Joe Doering hit the ring and go on the attack!

Doering eliminates Fallah with a modified Chokeslam while EY does the same to Daivari with a Piledriver. Rhino, who was taken out by Doering and EY last week, rushes the ring and tries to take them on but ultimately falls victim to the numbers game. This world doesn’t belong to us, it belongs to them.​

I just want to know what the point of all these attacks are. Are Young and Doering gonna go for the tag titles? Is Doering gonna be the hired muscle for Young? 

Rich Swann retains against Ken Shamrock:

 Results (via IMPACT) - Callihan hooks the leg of Swann in the early going and the referee ejects him for his actions! Shamrock begins to pick Swann apart, laying in strikes with pinpoint accuracy. Shamrock stalks his opponent and locks in a series of submissions. Swann breaks the grip of Shamrock but the World’s Most Dangerous Man shuts down his momentum with a big boot. Swann finally gets the big man off his feet with multiple spinning wheel kicks. Swann follows up with Rolling Thunder for two. Swann soars through the air with huge top rope Frog Splash for another near fall. Shamrock locks in a choke but the champ reverses into a pin to score the victory!

After the match, Shamrock is furious and punches the referee. Callihan rejoins him in the ring and takes out Swann with a package piledriver. Callihan is looking to end Swann’s career with the Callihan Slugger when Eddie Edwards makes the save! Callihan and Shamrock turn their attention to Mr. AIP, and Callihan lays him out instead with a baseball bat shot. IMPACT Official D’Lo Brown confronts them but Shamrock knocks him out with a straight right. Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore comes out with security in an attempt to stop to madness. It’s total chaos at ringside as IMPACT! goes off the air.

This was a great main event. I felt that this match could've headline any IMPACT PPV. Swann may have won the first two battles but the war seems to have just begun. In the process Sami and Eddie have reignited their blood feud. Looks like next week we have us a tag match on our hands. Great way to end the show.

IMPACT Next Week:

XXXL vs Motor City Machine Guns 

Rohit Raju defends against Crazzy Steve 

Killer Kelly and Renee Michelle vs Jordynne Grace and Jazz

Willie Mack vs Chris Bey 

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