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Last night edition of IMPACT witnessed the fallout from No Surrender that tooled place this past Saturday on Impact Plus and Fite TV.

We saw the debut of FinJuice from NJPW and a championship match. So if you missed any of the action from last night’s show then loan me $10 and watch me lose it at Swinger’s Palace at the Blackjack table.

Here are the full results:

TJP defeated Josh Alexander to retain the X-Division Championship:

This match kicked off the show and it was a wrestling clinic. TJP who is the current X-Division Champion was pushed to the limit by the Walking Weapon Josh Alexander. Since going solo after the death of Ethan Page at Hard to Kill Josh Alexander has been nothing short of amazing. I predict that sooner rather than later Alexander will become X-Division. 

Results (via IMPACT) - Josh Alexander earned this X-Division Title opportunity by winning the first ever Triple Threat Revolver this past Saturday at No Surrender. It’s a stalemate in the early going as both men match each other’s pace. Alexander catches TJP in mid-air with a backbreaker. TJP locks in a submission but Alexander slingshots him into the turnbuckle to break it up! TJP hits a springboard dropkick to the outside. Back in the ring, he follows up with a crossbody attempt but Alexander rolls through. TJP drops Alexander on his head with a tornado DDT for two. Alexander hits his signature low crossbody. Alexander locks in the ankle lock but TJP finally breaks free. TJP connects with the Detonation Kick, followed by the Mamba Splash to put Alexander away.

We then saw Tommy Dreamer coming out of management’s office as he was looking for revenge on Moose for his actions at No Surrender. He challenged the TNA World Champion to an Old School Rules match. 

The partnership between Hernandez and Brian Myers was so successful this past Saturday at No Surrender that Myers thought it would be great if it continued as Hernandez would take on Matt Cardona later thy night. 

Trey Miguel defeated Daivari, Suicide, and Willie Mack:

This match comprised of some of the runner ups in the Triple Revolver match from No Surrender. These guys picked up right where they left off at from this past Saturday and Trey Miguel once again continued to showcase why he should be taken more seriously. After the match Sami continued to play mind games with Trey.

Results (via IMPACT) - Willie takes out Trey and Suicide with a big double clothesline. Suicide is about to fly but Daivari sends him crashing to the mat. Willie hits Daivari with a sitout powerbomb. Willie hits a double standing Moonsault to Suicide and Trey! Suicide gets blindsided by a Meteora from Trey for the finish.

Sami Callihan confronts Trey on his way to the back. Callihan reminds Trey that he didn’t win the high-stakes Triple Threat Revolver at No Surrender, but was able to score the victory tonight – all because he doesn’t have any passion.

Ace Austin still finds it baffling that since winning the Super X Cup that he hasn’t gotten a shot at the X-Division Championship so he took it up with Scott D’Amore.

Matt Cardona defeated Brian Myers:

It seems that as of last night the issues between Myers and Cardona is that Myers is sick of having his career compared to Cardona.

Results (via IMPACT) - Matt Cardona looks to even the score after he and Eddie Edwards came up short against Hernandez and Brian Myers at No Surrender. Cardona is in control early as he flips over the top rope and collides with Hernandez on the floor. Myers distracts the referee, allowing Hernandez to counter Radio Silence with a low blow. Moments later, Cardona avoids the Border Toss and successfully connects with Radio Silence to win!

After the match, Brian Myers interrupts Gia Miller’s in-ring interview with Cardona. The former friends argue about their differences as of late. Myers says that IMPACT Wrestling is his as Hernandez attacks Cardona from behind. Myers and Hernandez beat him down until Eddie Edwards makes the save!

Impact Wrestling presents: “The Tonys”

This past Saturday at No Surrender after coming up short in their Knockouts Tag Title match we saw the teasing of the break up Havok and Nevaeh. Last night on IMPACT the teasing continued as Nevaeh asked to go the ring by herself in her impromptu match against Tenille Dashwood.

FinJuice defeated Reno Scum:

We founded out during the show that not only FinJuice will be in the IMPACT Zone but they would be in action against a returning Reno Scum. I have no idea who FinJuice are as I don’t keep up with NJPW but I enjoyed what I saw from them last night. After the match we saw a war of words between The Good Brothers and FinJuice which ended in them going out for drinks. 

Results (via IMPACT) - After the huge announcement as No Surrender went off the air, New Japan Pro Wrestling’s David Finlay and Juice Robinson are set for action here on IMPACT! FinJuice hit a double running bulldog to Luster. Moments later, Luster turns the tide with a massive spinebuster on Finlay. Reno Scum begins to wear Finlay down. Finlay kicks Thornstowe into his own partner to create separation and make the tag. The pace quickens as Juice goes on the attack. Juice hits Thornstowe with a cannonball in the corner for two. FinJuice pay homage to great tag teams of the past as they hit a Superplex splash combo to win!

After the match, reigning IMPACT World Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers confront FinJuice. The Good Brothers reminisce about their time in New Japan Pro Wrestling when FinJuice were just Young Boys carrying their bags. Juice gets on the mic and tells them that they’re not Young Boys anymore. Juice tells an embarrassing story about Karl Anderson to give FinJuice the upperhand in the exchange.

We then saw Rohit sulking over his lost at No Surrender at the bar which lead to a bar fight between Rohit and the Cowboy James Storm

Introducing MC Cowboy Storm

Tenille Dashwood defeated Nevaeh:

Results (via IMPACT) - Nevaeh drives Tenille into the ring post, sending her all the way to the floor! Kaleb gets involved as he usually does, allowing to Tenille to gain control. Tenille continues the beatdown with a flurry of kicks in the corner. Nevaeh hits a sidewalk slam to start building momentum. Tenille connects with Taste of Tenille, followed by the Spotlight Kick to score the victory.

Deaner blamed the sickness for his lost at No Surrender then challenged Jake Something to a Tables Match for next week

The two time Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo thinks it time for Kimber and Susan to wear gold. Last night she approached Scott D’Amore with the idea and here is what he had to say

Moose defeated Tommy Dreamer in an Old School Rules Match

Results (via IMPACT) - A vengeful Tommy Dreamer battles Moose in his signature match type. Old School Rules means there are no disqualifications, no countouts and anything goes! Moose rakes the eyes of Dreamer at ringside. Moose drops Dreamer onto the steel guardrail. Back in the ring, Moose connects with a strong Irish whip into a garbage can. Dreamer fights free and connects with a cutter but Moose astonishingly kicks out at one! Dreamer hits Moose repeatedly with a steel chair. Moose drives the back of Dreamer’s head into the chair with an STO. Moose sets up a table in the corner but it backfires as Dreamer spears him straight through! Dreamer cracks Moose with repeated kendo stick shots but it’s not enough to keep the big man down. Moose comes back with a Uranagi, followed by the No Jackhammer Needed Spear to win.

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