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Last night’s edition of IMPACT saw many matches announced for No Surrender plus we learned just a bit about why Trey Miguel came back to IMPACT and a tag team main event.

Buckle up as I give you the results and recap of the show:

Havok defeated Knockouts Tag Team Champion Tasha Steelz:

This was the opening match of the night and these two teams met at Hard to Kill in the finals of the tournament to crown new Knockouts Tag Team Champions. While Tasha and Kiera were the winners that night it seems like they haven’t seen the last of Havok and Nevaeh. Stemming off the Fire N Flava Fest last week Tasha met the monsterous Havok in singles competition. This was a quick match but Tasha was able to use her speed to dominate the first half until she got caught by Havok and tombstone piledriven into the mat. I don’t think I would have your newly crowned Knockouts Tag Team Champion take a lost in her first match as champion.

 Results (via IMPACT) - After Havok and Nevaeh crashed Fire ‘N Flava Fest last week, Tasha Steelz looks to exact some revenge in singles action! Tasha charges at Havok from the opening bell in this battle of speed vs size. Tasha chops down Havok with a series of kicks. Tasha targets the knee of Havok as she continues to keep her grounded. Havok counters a running bulldog to build momentum. Havok connects with her signature running boot in the corner. Havok catches Tasha in mid-air and plants her to the mat with a swinging slam! Kiera grabs Havok’s foot from ringside but two can play at that game as Nevaeh does the same to Tasha! Havok hits the Tombstone Piledriver to score the victory on one half of the Knockouts Tag Team Champions!

After the match we saw the attack on the referee from Ken Shamrock that happen as the show went off the air last week. We then saw a meeting between Sami Callihan and Scott D’Amore and Scott has had enough of Shamrock and has now suspended him INDEFINITELY.

Ahead of their tag team main event last night IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann wanted Tommy Dreamer to take it easy and be 100% for their title match at No Surrender and that he would take the lion’s share of the load.

The IMPACT World Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers were preps for their HUGE six man main event match tonight at Beach Break last night until they were confronted by The Beer Guns:

Josh Alexander defeated Madman Fulton:

Last week Matt Cardona teamed up with The Walking Weapon to defeat Ace Austin and Madman Fulton but it looks like the problems between Alexander and Ace/Fulton aren’t quite over. This was a great match between two big hoss. From what I’m seeing from Alexander and on Twitter it seems that Josh is excelling as a singles competitor. I wouldn’t mind they strap the rocket to him in the VERY near future.

Results (via IMPACT) - Last week, Josh Alexander and Matt Cardona teamed up for one night only to defeat Ace Austin and Madman Fulton! Tonight, Alexander takes to the ring on his own to battle Fulton in a huge singles collision. Alexander shows off his incredible strength as he hits the big man with a German suplex! Fulton quickly regains control with back-to-back chokeslams, one of them on the hardest part of the ring. Alexander slips out of the corner and connects with a powerbomb, followed by a double underhook piledriver to win!

Brian Myers then came to the ring looking like Jean-Pierre LaFitte with his eye patch. He would talk about he isn’t medically cleared to face Eddie but a match was still match for No Surrender 

We then return to Swinger’s Palace where John E Bravo is the dealer but can’t even make minimum wage.

Larry D defeated Crazzy Steve:

Are you just as happy as I am that Larry D is a free man? This was Larry D’s first match back since being released and he was out to play games with Decay. Larry made quick work of Steve popping him in the mouth after Steve bite him. 

Results (via IMPACT) - Acey hooks Steve’s leg from ringside. Larry distracts the referee while Acey drives Steve into the steel guardrail. Back in the ring, Larry connects with a belly-to-belly suplex for two. Larry continues the wear-down process as Steve tries to bite his way free! Steve attempts a crossbody to Acey but the big man catches him in mid-air. On his way back into the ring, Larry hits Steve with a knockout right to score the victory.

We then went backstage with Gia Miller as she caught up with the returning Trey Miguel on why he is back in IMPACT when they were interrupted by an uninvited guest:

Gia wasn’t done for the night as she interviewed XXXL about their hesitation when confronted by Rosemary post match. This lead to an unlikely partnership but you know what they say. The enemy of my enemy is my friend:

Jordynne Grace defeated Susan:

Deonna may have thought she ran out of challenger her title but she must’ve forgotten about Jordynne Grace and Jazz. This match is a result of a challenge that was laid down by Susan last week. Grace may have picked up the win but it’s what happened AFTER the match that has the fans shouting BAM!!!

Results (via IMPACT) - Susan challenged Jordynne Grace to this match last week and it’s on! Susan wastes time by attempting to take off her jacket, allowing Jordynne to gain the early advantage. Jordynne hits a shoulder tackle for two. Jordynne charges into the corner but Susan uses the referee as a shield. Susan distracts the ref, allowing Kimber to dish out some serious damage on the floor. The match begins to break down as Jazz gets into a physical altercation with Deonna! Jordynne connects with a vicious running elbow in the corner, followed by the Grace Driver to win.

We then saw Big Money Matt consult with Private Party and get their heads on straight and on track to winning BOTH the AEW and IMPACT Tag Team Titles:

Ladies and Gentlemen Impact Wrestling presents The Tonys:

We then saw Jordynne Grace, Jazz, and ODB backstage after taking care of Deonna and crew. Grace would then ask if ODB is back full time and Jazz mentioned that legends are returning to IMPACT nowadays.

Rohit Raju defeated X-Division Champion TJP:

Last week we saw Rohit talking to someone and enlisting their services to help him beat TJP. Tonight their services paid off as Shera made his return to IMPACT helping Rohit pick up the win and earning a title match at No Surrender. This was a great match as Rohit has been stepping up his game since Emergence Night 1 when he became X-Division Champion. 

Results (via IMPACT) - After learning that Manik is indeed TJP’s alter-ego, Rohit looks to earn himself another shot at the X-Division Title tonight. TJP hits a sunset flip into a unique pin attempt for two. Rohit hits running dropkick, sending TJP through the ropes to the floor. Rohit is in total control as he connects with a Flatliner. TJP builds momentum with a tornado DDT but Rohit avoids the follow-up Mamba Splash. Rohit goes for a double foot stomp but this time it’s TJP who counters! TJP retreats under the ring to seemingly reappear as Manik. Moments later, the returning Mahabali Shera emerges with TJP in his grasp! Shera chokeslams him on the ring apron while Rohit has the referee distracted. Rohit follows up with the running boot to score the victory.

We then found out why Doering didn’t take out Cousin Jake last week. Eric wants to baptize Jake but only if Jake wants to change. Will Jake join Violent by Design?

IMPACT Next Week:

ODB v Kimber Lee 

Kiera Hogan v Nevaeh 

The Good Brothers v Beer Guns(IMPACT World Tag Team Championship)

IMPACT World Championship Contract Signing between Rich Swann and Tommy Dreamer

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Moose and Chris Bey defeated IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann and Tommy Dreamer:

This was the main event of the night everyone in this match is coming for Swann and his title which means Swann won’t be 100% come No Surrender. This was a quick match as Dreamer would get overwhelmed with Moose and tagged out to Swann. In the end Bey would put down Swann but Moose had made a blind tag hitting the spear for the pinfall. The show would close with Moose standing tall with BOTH titles.

Results (via IMPACT) - Rich Swann and Tommy Dreamer join forces less than two weeks away from their match for the IMPACT World Title at No Surrender. Moose is in control as he begins to wear Dreamer down. Dreamer makes the tag to Swann who quickens the pace with an explosive dropkick to Bey. Dreamer hits Bey with an elbow drop while Swann connects with a splash for two. Moose knees Swann in the back, allowing Bey to regain control. Moose and Bey work on Swann for several minutes before he’s able to create separation with an Enzuigiri. Dreamer is on fire as he connects with a modified back suplex to Bey. Dreamer spikes Bey with his signature DDT but Moose had made the blind tag just moments before! Moose goes for the spear but Tommy sidesteps, causing him to spear Swann instead! Moose quickly capitalizes for the three count on Swann.

After the match, Moose turns his attention to Dreamer and lays him out with a spear. Moose stands tall with the IMPACT World Title held high as IMPACT! goes off the air.

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