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Last night’s edition of IMPACT saw matches with title implications as well as a tables match. Now that the dust has settle and all is said and done let’s recap the events of last night’s show.

As the Knockouts Tag Team Champions Fire N Flava said on Before The Impact last night that this a family feud between these two cousins. They also said that they should’ve keep their family drama at the Thanksgiving table and not have brought it to the IMPACT Zone. The match was Cousin v Cousin, Skill v Passion, and Speed v Power. Deaner was in control for majority of the match as he used the emotional state of Jake Something against him. In the end it was Deaner losing his cool that was his downfall as Big Nasty The Bear Jake Something drove Deaner through the table using his own momentum.

Winner: Jake Something 

After the match Moose speared Jake Something through a table and took the show hostage demanding his match. D’Amore came out to say that Swann isn’t cleared or in the building. Jake came out and demanded a piece of Moose. Scott then reinstated the TNA World Title and made Moose vs Jake for the title in the main event. 

These five men and a bull brought it last night. The X-Division NEVERS disappoints and continue to prove time and time again why they are the FOUNDATION of IMPACT. Last night’s match had title implications as the winning team would face off next week in a triple threat #1 Contender’s Match. Some of the face offs we saw in this match that I want to see in a singles match was: Taurus and Alexander and Taurus and Willie Mack. Another note is that Trey was on another level last night bringing the aggression and the fight to his opponents. In the end Chris Bey, Ace Austin, and Black Taurus picks up the win.

Winners: Ace Austin, Chris Bey and Black Taurus 

After the match Sami continued to poke the bear and Trey FINALLY snapped 

We then heard from Decay as they celebrated their five year anniversary and Black Taurus’ win as they are looking for gold. 

We then heard from the Tonys and some of the AEW Talent in a paid ad. Great to see Cage and Rebel back on IMPACT 

We got another teaser of the potential break up between Havok and Nevaeh and it looks like Tenille wants Havok as her partner.

This match was announced on BTI last night before the show. When it was announced I asked myself when was the last time The Good Brothers wrestled on IMPACT? This was a big hoss fight as Gallows squared up with both members of XXXL and give hit a FALLAWAY SLAM ON LARRY D. XXXL put up a good effort and looked good in their lost but The Good Brothers were able to hit a Magic Killer of big Larry D for the win.

Winners: The Good Brothers via Magic Killer

After the match we were invited back to Swinger’s Palace as Beer Guns were at the Blackjack table but interrupted by Rohit leading to them losing their money. Who would’ve thought that Sabin would love Swinger’s Palace? Who would’ve thought Johnny Swinger had the power to make matches? 

The Good Brothers looked to celebrate with FinJuice after their win but FinJuice wasn’t having it last night.

Eddie Edwards vs Hernandez:

Eddie was supposed to face Brian Myers but according to his lawyer he isn’t medically cleared so they named Hernandez as his replacement. This was quick match that saw Eddie overcome the power of Hernandez and cheap shots from Myers to pick up the win. I would like to know what the endgame is for this feud and why can’t Hernandez be booked like he was back in the company’s heyday.

Winner: Eddie Edwards via Boston Knee Party

We found out that Myers is actually medically cleared and will face Eddie Edwards next week with Cardona as the referee 

This match had title implications as the winning team would go on to face Fire N Flava for the Knockouts Tag Team Titles. On BTI Susan said that she had a plan. Did it come to fruition? Both Deonna and ODB got involved in this match only to get ejected immediately. In the beginning of the match Jazz was too much for Susan but Kimber was able to neutralize her all through out the break and coming back from break. Looks like the plan didn’t come to fruition as Grace drilled her with the Grace Driver. 

What is next for Team Deonna? After the match we saw ODB ladies out backstage.

Winners and new #1 Contenders: Jordynne Grace and Jazz via Grace Driver

Moose vs Jake Something(TNA World Heavyweight Championship):

This match came to be after Moose speared Jake through a table after his match and Moose demanding a world title match. This match started off fast and furious as Jake jumped Moose during his entrance. Jake was driven on just pure emotion and revenge which ended up being his downfall. Both guys beat the holy crap out of each other but in the end it was lights out for Jake Something.

Winner AND STILL: Moose via Lights Out Spear

After the match Moose attacked Jake with a chair which lead to Rich Swann making the save and Scott D’Amore announcing that on March 13th at Sacrifice it will be Moose v Rich Swann for the IMPACT World Title.

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