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Last night’s edition of IMPACT continued to build towards Sacrifice as we got two more title matches confirmed and one teased. 

If you missed the show then I’m here to get you all caught up...BAM!

Ace Austin defeated Chris Bey and Black Taurus (X-Division #1 Contender’s Match)

This match kicked off IMPACT last night. Two of the best to ever do it in the X-Division and a bull. The winner challenges TJP at Sacrifice. Ace and Bey did the smart thing and focused on taking out Black Taurus before focusing on each other. While Taurus brings the power advantage to this match but he is also deceptively quick for a guy his size and stature. In the end it looked like Black Taurus injured his knee after Bey pushed Taurus off Ace to the floor. I really enjoyed this match as the X-Division has been on fire as of late and the finish was just inevitable.

Deonna Purrazzo vs Jordynne Grace had just a little more fire added to it last night:

Tenille Dashwood defeated Havok:

This match was announced BEFORE the show last night on BTI. This match was power vs speed. For weeks Tenille has been taking advantage of the tension and frustration between Havok and Nevaeh since they have come up short against Fire N Flava TWICE. I don’t know what kind of hype or motivation thatKaleb with a K was feeding Tenille but during the first few minutes of this match she tried to attempt a couple of power moves on the much larger and scarier Havok. Tenille put on one of her best showing since coming to IMPACT. Tenille would go on to pick up the win and proceed to beat up Havok more after the match which lead to Nevaeh making the save.

We then saw Sami Callihan pay a visit to Trey’s old stomping grounds:

Fun fact we had time to go to Swinger’s Palace last night:

Deaner lost to Jake Something last week so last night he was punished:

Ladies and Gentlemen...The Tonys:

Will Moose fulfill his destiny at Sacrifice?

The Good Brothers and FinJuice defeated Reno Scum and XXXL 

I was shook that this match wasn’t the main event of the show last night. This was an ok match and the focus was more on the infighting between Good Brothers and FinJuice even though they were able to still pick up the win. I think this is leading to a title match between the teams possibly at Sacrifice or Rebellion. 

We also hear comments from the IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann ahead of his match against Moose at Sacrifice:

Another title match was made for Sacrifice:

Eddie Edwards defeated Brian Myers via Disqualification 

This was an ok match between these two guys and who wrote that finish like really Cardona just stands there and watches Myers cheat to try and win. I mean like at least have Cardona distracted on taking a bump to set up the dirty win. 

We then heard from the Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo ahead of the main event:

Deonna Purrazzo defeated Kiera Hogan and Jordynne Grace:

This was last night’s main event. The last time the Knockouts main evented an episode of IMPACT it was Emergence Night Two when Deonna Purrazzo retained her Knockouts Title in the first ever Knockouts Ironman match. Jordynne and Kiera did the smart thing early on in the match taking out Deonna. During the break the focus of the match had changed to Jordynne Grace. I really enjoyed this match as the Knockouts have upped their game since the addition of Deonna Purrazzo. All three Knockouts killed it and should be allowed to main event more often. Deonna was able to take advantage of the missed Vader bomb to pick up the win. After the match Jordynne fought Tasha to the match and ODB showed up and lairs out Deonna and stuck claim to the Knockouts Title. Looks like we are heading to ODB vs Deonna for the title at Sacrifice. 

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