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Last night on IMPACT was the fallout from this past Saturday's Bound for Glory PPV. We saw Knockouts Tag Team Action, The announcement of a 8 team tourney to determine the new Knockouts Tag Team Champions, and a wedding that ended in a possible murder.

Here are the results from last night's episode:

IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann defeated Eric Young to retain his World Title:

Results (via IMPACT) - Swann is not dressed to compete as he competes in dress slacks and no shoes. Young attempts a top rope elbow drop but Swann avoids it to create gain his breath. Young sends him flying across the ring with a big powerbomb for two. Swann connects with his signature handspring cutter, followed by the Phoenix splash to defeat EY once again.

Results (via IMPACT) - After the huge announcement that the Knockouts Tag Team Titles are returning to IMPACT Wrestling, Tenille Dashwood and Alisha are looking for a partner to enter the tournament. Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz make fun of Alisha for not having anyone to tag with – until Jordynne Grace stands up for her. Later tonight, they two duos will clash in tag team action.

Tommy Dreamer defeated Brian Myers in a Hardcore Halloween Match:

Results (via IMPACT) - Hardcore Halloween means no disqualifications, no countouts and anything goes! They don’t call Dreamer the innovator of violence for nothing as he uses everything at his disposal as a weapon. Dreamer launches himself off the apron but Myers cuts him off with a wet floor sign. Myers turns the tide, laying in a vicious beatdown on his opponent. Myers takes a bite of an apple and spits it in Dreamer’s face. Dreamer fights back with a series of strikes, followed by a cutter for two. Dreamer lays out a pile of thumbtacks and candy corn on the mat. Dreamer bites The Most Professional Wrestler and sends him flying into the thumbtacks and candy corn from the top. Myers is about to end Dreamer when Swoggle crawls out a garbage can and delivers a low blow to Myers with a pair of tongs! Dreamer hits the Death Valley Driver through a table to win.

Rhino is calling his shot at the IMPACT World Tag Team Championships with Heath:

Results (via IMPACT) - Gia Miller congratulates Rhino on winning the Call Your Shot Gauntlet at Bound For Glory, awarding him a title shot of his choosing, as well as securing an IMPACT Wrestling contract for Heath. Rhino plans on challenging for the Tag Team Championships alongside his friend. There are rumors that Heath sustained an injury during the gauntlet and he doesn’t want that to effect his big money deal that Scott D’amore has agreed to sign, as per the stipulations of the match.

XXXL defeated The Rascalz:

Results (via IMPACT) - The Rascalz jumpstart the match by attacking XXXL before the opening bell. Acey quickly turns it around with a Samoan Drop to Wentz. Acey continues to wear him down, preventing him from making the tag to Dez. Wentz creates separation with a flying knee, allowing him to finally tag in his partner. The action is fast and furious as Dez hits a handspring Pele kick on Acey! Larry clotheslines Dez for a near fall. Larry soars off the top with a thunderous splash on Dez to win.

Deonna Purrazzo vs Su Yung(Knockouts Championship) Next Week:

Results (via IMPACT) - Barrister RD Evans is representing Deonna Purrazzo as she threatens legal action against IMPACT Wrestling after Su Yung answered her open challenge and defeated her for the Knockouts Championship at Bound For Glory. Purrazzo demands that the Knockouts Title be returned to her – or else. Scott D’amore heads to the ring to make a statement. Scott D’amore is in the ring and despite the legal action being threatened by Deonna Purrazzo, he reinstated that Su Yung is the rightful Knockouts Champion. Purrazzo’s music hits and she comes to the ring alongside Kimber Lee and Barrister RD Evans. Purrazzo’s representative states that the only reason that Purrazzo laid out the open challenge was because something happened to her scheduled opponent, Kylie Rae. Evans suggests that it was at the hands of Su Yung herself. D’amore reminds Purrazzo that she has a contractually obligated rematch and if she agrees not to take legal action, she can have it next week on IMPACT! Purrazzo accepts the offer when Su Yung’s music hits! The Undead Bride comes to the ring and takes out Evans and Lee with the Mandible Claw. The carnage conitnues when Su sprays red mist in the face of the Executive Vice President before locking in the Mandible Claw on Purrazzo.

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz defeated Jordynne Grace and Alisha Edwards:

Results (via IMPACT) - The Knockouts Tag Title Tournament begins in three weeks on IMPACT! as these two teams look to build momentum here tonight. Alisha charges at Kiera and hits a flurry of strikes. Kiera attempts a kick but Alisha catches it and sends her face-first into the mat. Jordynne hits Kiera with a powerslam. Alisha launches herself of the shoulders of her partner, crashing into Kiera below. Alisha makes the tag to Jordynne but the referee doesn’t see it because of a distraction from Tasha. Kiera gains control with a superkick to Alisha. After tagging into the match, Tasha establishes her dominance with a big spinebuster. Alisha creates separation with a bulldog, allowing her to make the tag to Jordynne who’s on fire. Jordynne hits her signature splash out of the corner for two. Alisha charges into the corner but Tasha sidesteps, causing her to collide with Jordynne. Tasha rolls up Alisha to win.

Results (via IMPACT) - The cast of Wrestle House and other IMPACT Wrestling stars surround the ring for the wedding of John E Bravo and Rosemary. Havok sticks to her word and reincarnates Father James Mitchell to officiate the ceremony. Everyone looks on in disbelief that the wedding is actually going according to plan. The ceremony progresses until Mitchell pronounces them husband and wife. But when Bravo goes in for a kiss, the lights go out and there’s a loud bang! When they come back on, it appears as though John E Bravo has been shot. IMPACT Wrestling goes off the air.

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