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Heading into last night's PPV Impact had been hyping up the show by teasing debuts/returns of some of the hottest free agents but I feel that the show fell flat on their promises. The show saw the crowing of three new champions, crowned a #1 contender and a title match for next week's show.

The Rascalz Open Challenge:

It was announced this week on twitter that The Rascalz would be holding an open challenge to any tag team to show up. The challenge was answered by the returning Motor City Machine Guns who didn't seem to lose a step as they proved that they still got it and can hang with The Rascalz. Motor City Machine Guns were able to pick up the win in a great opening contest. 

Moose vs Tommy Dreamer(TNA World Heavyweight Championship):

This match was contested under old school rules. The match was ok for what it was but didn't do much to move the needle. The only good thing to come out of this match was the new and improve TNA World Heavyweight Championship. The belt looks great with the white strap. Moose was able to pick up the win to retain. 

#1 Contender's Knockouts Gauntlet Match:

When it comes to Gauntlet match Impsct does it differently than other promotions or your standard Gauntlet Match. They start off as a battle royal then end as a standard match for the final two. This match further storylines and had a bit of comedy and I found it to be fine. The final two would come down to Taya Valkyrie and Kylie Rae which would see Rae pick up the win.

After the match we would see Heath Slater show up and be interrupted by Rohit Raju and lead to a brawl with Slater standing tall and tired to enter the world title main event. 

Scott D'More would tell him to leave but Rhino told him to show up on Tuesday and he will have it handled.

Willie Mack vs Chris Bey(X-Division Championship):

I knew that this was gonna be a great match when it was first announced a few weeks back. Bey proved that he didn't need Swinger's help as we went out there and put on a classic. This match was fast paced and had all the high spots. In the end Bey hit his new finisher The Art of Finesse to win the X-Division Championship.

The North vs Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock(Impact World Tag Team Championship):

This match in my opinion was very fast paced and hard hitting but sloppy at times. I think Shamrock is way past his prime and should've hung up the boots a long time ago. Some spots in the match I did enjoy as Shamrock and Alexander did dual ankle locks on their opponent's partners. In the end The North would pick up the win and then be informed that they will be defending the titles on Tuesday against MCMG.

Jordynne Grace vs Deonna Purrazzo(Knockouts Championship):

This was my match of the night as these two Knockouts killed each other in the ring. In Grace's past matches leading to Slammiversary she has found this new sense of intensity and a growl that I'm liking about her. This match had everything from intensity, emotion, submission, and some technical prowess. Both knockouts pulled out submissions and Grace focused on the back while Deonna focused on the shoulder and arm area. In the end Purrazzo locked in a double armbar and forced Grace to verbally submit to win the Knockouts Championship. 

Trey vs Ace Austin vs Eddie Edwards vs???(Impact World Championship):

This match was an elimination match and was originally supposed to be a fatal five way but turned into a fatal four way. There was so much hype surrounding this match as everyone was wondering who the fourth mystery person could be. In the end the mystery person was none other than Rich Swann. I have to admit I didn't see this coming as Swann has been out with a leg injury for 8 months. Before the match could get underway. Eric Young would make his return and look to regain the world title and enter the match. So we got our originally planned fatal five way match. The match itself was good but the surprise entrants were kind of a punch in the gut and that's not a knock on EY or Swann as I'm fans of theirs but I was expecting EC3 or Bully. The order of elimination was Trey after he broke up the pin between Ace and Eddie and got caught in a piledriver from EY, Rich Swann rolled up EY, Ace hit The Fold to eliminate Swann, Eddie would then hot Diehard Flowsion to win the Impact World Championship. After the match we saw a post match beatdown from Fulton and Ace leading to the save from The Good Brothers. It seems like Eddie and The Good Brothers are a stable now. 

Before signing off the air we saw a glimpse of EC3.

My Grade: C. Great in-ring work but the debuts/returns or lack thereof really killed the show. 

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