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Impact Wrestling Taping Spoilers (3/4/17)

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Below are complete Impact Wrestling taping results from Saturday night (3/4):


- Reno Scum def. Bram & Kingston

- Laurel Van Ness def. MJ Jenkins

Impact Wrestling

- Karen Jarrett cuts a promo in the ring. Maria is mentioned, as well as Sienna. Sienna comes out, followed by Kevin Mathews, who claims to be Sienna's cousin. Braxton Sutter & Allie make the save, leading to Karen booking Sutter vs. Mathews for later.

- Andrew Everett def. DJ Z. Shane Helms & X-Division Champion Trevor Lee came out afterwards for a promo.

- Jeremy Borash interviews Knockouts Champion Rosemary about who her next challenger will be. ODB interrupts and then the ring fills with several other Knockouts. A #1 contender's gauntlet match is made for the following week.

- EC3 and James Storm cut promos in the ring about going after the World Title.

- Kevin Mathews def. Braxton Sutter. A drunk Laurel Van Ness came out to yell at Allie & Sutter.

- LAX def. Decay, Reno Scum, Garza Jr. & Laredo Kid to become the new Impact Tag Team Champions

- Eli Drake def. Caleb Konley

- Bruce Prichard announces Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews will pick four guys to represent themselves in an upcoming 8-man tag team match.

- ODB last eliminated Madison Rayne in a gauntlet match to become #1 contender to the Knockouts Title

- James Storm came out as The Cowboy to cut a promo on chasing the World Title again. Bram and Kingston confront him, leading to a brawl.

- Andrew Everett def. Marshe Rockett and Suicide

- Davey Richards def. Eddie Edwards in a Last Man Standing match

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