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Since December 2nd, 2020 when Kenny Omega won the AEW World Title from then champion Jon Moxley borders in professional wrestling began to open. This kicked off the partnership between AEW and IMPACT. We then saw Kenny make his debut on IMPACT and even teamed up with The Good Brothers to defeat Chris Sabin, Moose, and Impact World Champion Rich Swann in the main event of Hard to Kill on January 12th. 

Kenny Omega wasn't the only talent to make their way to the IMPACT Zone as stars such as Hardy Party(Matt Hardy and Private Party), Tony Khan, and Jerry Lynn have all shown up. Most recently though we have seen quarrels between AEW and NJPW talent as KENTA and Mox have reignited their feud for the IWGP US Title. 

Your probably wondering where I am going with all of this right well this all stems from a comment that Mr. Tony Khan, the AEW GM said during a paid ad on IMPACT TV. Khan would state that he is the Forbidden Door of professional wrestling after letting Mox go to NJPW. By Mox going to NJPW this opened the door for them to show up on american wrestling TV.

I would kindly have to disagree with him calling himself the Forbidden Door as the TRUE door would be none other than Impact Wrestling. Most people do not know that during the hey day of the promotion when they were known as TNA they had a partnership with NJPW. If you followed by two hidden gems articles with the third article and finale pending you would have learn that top NJPW star Okada made his IMPACT debut in a match against one half of the Motor City Machine Guns Alex Shelly. The match took place on June 21st, 2011 on Xplosion with Alex Shelly picking up the win. Tanahashi, another top star in NJPW also made his debut in IMPACT but back in 2006 against Roderick Strong with Tanahasi picking up the win. 

The partnership between the two promotions began in 2008 and lasted until 2011. During the first run of the partnership then TNA sent wrestlers to participate in annual Wrestle Kingdom events for years. The reasoning for the partnership dissolving is due to the fact that TNA preferred that then IWGP Tag Team champions Team 3D to appear on their event instead of working a tour in Japan. Plus Okada, who was sent to TNA for a training excursion was given a Green Hornet gimmick. 

Now that we got the history lesson out of the way time for the real reason why you click my article. Impact Wrestling is the TRUE Forbidden Door of professional wrestling because the entire partnership between AEW and now NJPW is thanks to the signing of The Good Brothers to IMPACT. New Japan began airing episodes of their product on AXS TV in January 2015. This could lead to the company starting to gain a major foothold in American television. 

Unfortunately due to the parent company of IMPACT, Anthem Sports and Entertainment who bought the television network in October of 2019 and became a majority shareholder in the promotion and eventually forced NJPW off the network in November of the same year. 

This is where the Good Brothers come in as they were top stars in New Japan and were apart of the Bullet Club before coming to America. IMPACT is using them to not only bring more eyes onto the product but also to mend fences with NJPW. Since making their IMPACT debuts back at Slammiversary in July of last year they have gone on to beat The North at Turning Point to win the Impact Tag Titles and have been on multiple AEW shows. 

This past Saturday at the end of the No Surrender IMPACT Plus show we found out that NJPW team FinJuice will be making their IMPACT debuts tonight. What does this mean for the three way partnership and the IMPACT tag division as The Good Brothers just successfully defended their titles against Beer Guns and AEW's Private Party?

New Japan is going to benefit from this new partnership with IMPACT as they can step through the forbidden door and try again at gaining a foothold in the American Wrestling scene. What I'm thinking is going to happen is that this will lead to NJPW getting back on AXS TV. 

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