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Impact Wrestling's Knockouts Division has been praised as one of the best women's divisions in the world. Back in their hay-day the division had two championships one of them being the Knockouts Tag Team Championship. The titles were established on September 20th, 2009 and had a total of nine teams hold the belts until they became deactivated on June 27th, 2013.

The first ever Knockouts Tag Team Champions were determined during an eight team tournament. In the finals it would be the team of Sarita and Taylor Wilde vs The Beautiful People where Sarita and Taylor Wilde would emerge victorious to win the titles. The duo would go on to hold the titles for 106 days. Some of the greatest storylines in the Knockouts Division involved the tag team titles such as the WInter and Angelina Love Storyline. In this storyline Winter was the newest Knockout and had an obsession with Angelina which lead to her being in the right place at the right time when Velvet Sky was attacked before the match took place and they would go on to win the titles. 

Another reason why the titles were beneficial to the Knockouts Division is because they were a division with only one title and the incorporation of the titles allowed for the other Knockouts to have more opportunities to be get TV time and become a champion. Since the titles became deactivated it seemed like the company were slowly moving away from tag team wrestling in the Knockouts Division over the years to come. We wouldn't get a glimpse of tag team wrestling in the Knockouts Division again until 2020. 

In the last few months Impact Wrestling has made headlines by signing or resigning female wrestlers to their Knockouts Division. This is great as Impact is known for taking care of their women's division and putting them on equal footing as their male counterparts. WIth the new additions to the Knockouts Division, this could lead to the rebirth of women's tag team wrestling in Impact. On some of the more recent episodes, three new tag teams were formed. One of the new teams consists of newcomer Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan who came together as Kiera Hogan seems to have learned from her mistakes and has taken Steelz under her wing, looking to guide her. Another team comes from the heelish tactics of Steelz and Hogan - Kylie Rae has been on the receiving end of some bullying from Kiera Hogan over the weeks leading to Rebellion and even though Rae got the win Hogan is still not done with her yet. She has now recruited Steelz to help her take care of Rae. Kylie has managed to find an unlikely ally in Susie, the alternate form of Su Yung to take on the team as they were both on the receiving end of a beatdown.l recently. Another team comes in the form of Havok finding aid in her one of her old friends Nevaeh as they teamed up to take out Kimber Lee after she attempted to use brass knuckles again in a rematch with Havok. 

Now that Impact has established these three teams... could we be seeing a rebirth of women's tag team wrestling? Tag team wrestling is very crucial to the wrestling business and can be used to get more people over and opportunities. Personally I have always been a fan and huge supporter of the Knockouts Tag Team Championship and was disappointed when they were retired. It now seems as though Impact is back on the road to the much needed rebirth of both women's tag team wrestling and the coveted womens tag team titles. 

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