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This is something I would love to happen one day down the road. A PPV event between WWE and IMPACT. Both companies have STACKED rosters right and this could do wonders for both companies but more for IMPACT as this would give them TONS of exposure. When building this card I'm only going to have 10 matches on the card with two of them on the preshow. 

To set this PPV up I would go back and do something similar to what NXT and WWE did. I would have a small portion of the IMPACT rostet lead an invasion on the Performance Center. Just imagine the camera panning out to show the NXT superstars in the crowd from time to time during a show and seeing Suicide pop up in different spots. Now let's build this card. With this card I will be using past and present stars from both companies.


Rohit Raju vs Zack Ryder:

Right now in IMPACT Rohit is the last remaining member of the Desi Hit Squad and is now known as "The Desi Hitman" he is tired of being overlooked and not give the opportunities to prove himself. Ryder on thr other hand while yes he is looking to prove himself to be is just grateful for the opportunity to represent WWE here. If this match was to happen I could see this being a good match and possible sleeper on the card. I have Raju getting the win here after underhanded tactics. Rohit Raju wins.

IMPACT: 1 | WWE: 0

Wentz vs Drake Maverick vs Tony Nese vs Johnny Swinger vs Kid Kash vs Jack Gallagher(Winner moves on to the X-Division Championship Ultimate X Match): 

This match has it all fast pace, high octane, ground and pound, and submission. I have Drake Maverick picking up the win here to advance and claim the final spot in the Ultimate X match.


Main Card:

Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish(NXT Tag Team Champions) vs Street Profits(RAW Tag Team Champions) vs The New Day(Smackdown Tag Team Champions) vs Beer Money(IMPACT Tag Team Champions):

I know that many people aren't fans of fatal four way tag team matches but this match has potential and gets all the tag champions on the card since WWE has three brands. The rules for this match would be that two men will start the match and they can tag anyone they want. This match is interesting as the three brands are not only fighting off the invasion of IMPACT but all looking to prove who is the dominant brand within WWE. I have Fish & O'Reilly going over here. Undisputed Era wins.

IMPACT: 1 | WWE: 2

Abyss vs Aleister Black vs Killer Kross vs The Fiend(Monster's Ball):

This will be the first of three cinematic matches on the card. Monster's Ball matches are known to be hardcore and career altering. I have assembled some of the darkness charcters in IMPACT and WWE history in what should be a spectacular affair. I could even see The Fiend work will all three of his competitors at one point to gain the advantage. In the end I see The Fiend putting down the creator of this match Abyss for the count. The Fiend wins.

IMPACT: 1 | WWE: 3

EC3 vs Chris Bey vs 1-2-3 Kid vs Hernandez vs King Kong Bundy vs Tatanka vs Owen Hart vs Eric Young(Feasted or Fired):

This match is sort of like Money in the Bank expect their are cases on every corner of the ring. In each case their is either a championship opportunity or a pink slip. Since the ring is the original TNA six sided ring there will be six cases. Five of them will hold a championship opportunity while the other one holds the pink slip. During this match Bundy and Tatanka will be working together as apart of The Million Dollar Corporation. EC3, Tatanka, Eric Young, 1-2-3 Kid, Hernandez, and Owen Hart all win cases. The cases will be revealed later in the show.

IMPACT: 2 | WWE: 4

The Beautiful People vs Laycool:

This is a dream match of mine that I've always wanted to see. Both teams have similarities as they play the mean girl and I'm better than you roles well. I would have The Beautiful People win here. BP wins.

IMPACT: 3 | WWE: 4

Boss N Hug Connection vs Demon Bunny(WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship):

This is the second of three cinematic matches tonight. This match takes place in the Demon Realm. Boss N Hug would be the babyfaces here while Rosemary has been trying to turn Allie to the dark side for weeks. During the match everything is going Boss N Hug as Rosemary is attempting to instructe Allie to use underhanded tactics and cheat to win. In the end Allie has finally had enough and snaps and takes out Bayley leading to the mist from Rosemary to Sasha for the win. Demon Bunny win the titles.

IMPACT: 4 | WWE: 4

Drake Maverick vs Kushida vs Chris Sabin vs Suicide vs Ricochet vs Willie Mack(Ultimate X Match for X-Division Championship):

The Ultimate X is a structure that is placed surrounding the ring and the competitors have to climb the trust then scale across the cables and take down the X-Division Championship to win the match. Ultimate X matches have always been fun and have been a stable of the X-Division. The last time we saw an Ultimate X match was at Homecoming 2019. This would be a crazy match and would no doubt expect Ricochet to jump off the trust. Winner and new X-Division Champion Ricochet.

IMPACT: 4 | WWE: 5

Asuka vs Io Shirai vs Kairi Sane:

Asuka will be the RAW Women's Champion while Io is the NXT and Kairi is the Smackdown Champion. This is the match that the world has wanted to see since all three women have been signed to WWE. All three women were at thr top of their game before leaving Japan and they will be now heading into this match. Io will pick up the win here.

IMPACT: 4 | WWE: 6

Feast or Fired Cases Revealed:

Now it's time to reveal the contents of each Feast or Fired Cases. EC3 opens his case to reveal that he has earned himself an Intercontinental Championship opportunity. Tatanka opens his case to reveal his has won a RAW Tag Team Championship opportunity. Eric Young reveals that he has won himself a United States Championship opportunity. Hernandez earned a Universal Championship opportunity. 1-2-3 Kid won an IMPACT World Championship opportunity. Which means that Owen Hart receives a pink slip and is gone from WWE. 

Charlotte Flair vs Taya Valykire(Knockouts Championship):

Time for the co-main event. Charlotte Flair is looking to gain her 13th championship and dethrone the longest reginning Knockouts Champion of all time in Taya Valykire. After putting on a 30 minute classic the Queen comes out on top and now sits on her throne on top of the Knockouts Division.

IMPACT: 4 | WWE: 7

Moose vs Michael Elgin vs Drew McIntyre vs Adam Cole

This is the thrid and final cinematic match of the night between the four world champions. This match will take place at the original IMPACT Zone and is a falls count anywhere match. This match is hard hitting with some high spots such as Cole hitting a Panama Sunrise on Elgin backstage. Towards the end of the match Moose and Elgin end up back in the ring and we see the return of Tessa Blanchard who turns on Elgin and helps Moose pick up the win officially aligning with Moose. HHH comes out with his trademark and Stephanie McMahon in tow to close the PPV.

IMPACT: 5 | WWE: 7

What are your thoughts on this fantasy booking? Let me know on twitter.

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