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ImpactWrestling is set for tonight with a Bound For Glory rematch featuring the return of Tenille Dashwood. Also tonight is Rascalz vs TJP & Fallah Bahh vs XXXL vs Reno Scum, Hernandez vs Rohit Raju, and Johnny Swinger vs M. Jackson. Stay here for all the live results as it happens.

The show opens up with a recap of what happend last week on IMPACT.

The opening contest of the night is Johnny Swinger vs M. Jackson. Swinger makes his way to the ring first and says that everyone is talking about the Young Bucks and says that he's got one of the Jackson. Swinger introduces M. Jackson who's real name is Mike Jackson and is a old man. He cuts a promo on Swinger about how he is very disrespectful to the guys in the back and says he is gonna give him an old fashion butt kicking. The match begins wkth Swinger getting a cheap shot on him as the bell rings. Jackson gains control of the match and takes Swinger to the floor and hits a suicide dive. 

Jackson then brings him in the ring for a two count. Jackson then gets a few more shots in before hitting a single leg dropkick. Jackson then hits the old school on Swinger going all the way around the ring. 

Swinger fights back and hits the atomic drop then a Side Russian Leg Sweep leading to a two count. The crowd is fully behind Jackson. Swinger sends Jackson into the corner and racks his eyes then knocks him down for a two count. Swinger was looking for a sledgehammer fist from the corner but eats a punch to the gut from Jackson. Jackson then puts Swinger in the corner and punches him in the face ten times but Swinger gains the upperhand and stacks him up for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Johnny Swinger

After the match we get a backstage promo from Ace Austin talking about his X-Division Championship match with Willie Mack at Rebellion. He says that he should be focusing on making sure Rich Swann is ok then coming after his title. Trey Miguel shows up and says Ace has some never and is using the same tactics that he used on Trey and his mom which leads to a brawl.

During the break the IMPACT roster congratulated Mike Jackson after his match.

Ken Shamrock arrives to the building and Scott D'Amore reminds him that if he lays his hands on Sami before the contract signing that the Rebellion match will be called off.

The next match is a four way tag team match. It's The Rascalz vs XXXL vs Reno Scum vs TJP & Fallah Bahh. 

Acey and Adam start off the march with a lockup but Acey is too powerful for Adam and takes him down and then hits him with a shoulderblock before tagging in his partner Larry Dean. Larry knocks down Adam  with aright hand for a two count. Wentz tags himself into the match and goes for a roll up for the two count. Wentz then pushes Thronstow to The Rascalz's corner and Dez tags himself into the match. Adam is able to escape and tag in Luster the Legend who hits a suplex and a headbutt as we go to break. We come back from break and Reno Scum is in control as Luster hits Wentz's head against the turnbuckle then tags in Thornstow who takes down Wentz for a two count. Thornstow then tags back in Luster who takes down Wentz then shoves his face into Thornstow's armpit then locks him up in the master lock which leads to a tag from Thornstow. Wentz is able to escape and tag in Dez who gets some offense in leading to double team offense for a two count. TJP comes into the match but gets taken out by Wentz which leads to Fallah Bahh entering the ring taking out Wentz leading to Bahh eating an Enzguri from Dez. Eventually all men are down as XXXL clears the ring then they both hit a suicide dive on each side of the ring. TJP and Thornstow are the legal men as Reno Scum look for the doomsday machine but TJP counters. Fallah Bahh takes out Luster leading to the Kobe Splash from TJP for the win.

After the match we get a staredown from TJP & Fallah Bahh and The North.

Winners: TJP & Fallah Bahh 

The IMPACT Plus moment of the week is Tessa Blanchard vs Gail Kim from last year's Rebellion 

Backstage we see Rohit and Gama arguing as Rohit says he doesn't need to be fighting Hernandez and needs to be focusing on his four way X-Division match at Rebellion. The segment ends with a slap from Gama saying he needs to foucus about the team and not himself.

We come back from break and we get a recap of Joseph Ryan losing to Cody Deaner and a promo from Cancel Culture claiming that IMPACT Wrestling is supposed to be a safe space but accoring to Joseph Ryan it's plagued by The Deaners. Joseph Ryan is made about fhe video package that was played and tells the guys in the truck to play the video that they gave them. We then get a promo from RVD and Kaite Forbes trashing The Deaners and the fans leading to a make out session.

The next match of the night is Rohit Raju vs Hernandez. The bell rings and Rohit goes behind Hernandez and pushes him into the corner and gets a few punches in before Hernandez is able to escape and irish whips him into the corner. Hernandez tries to run into Rohit but eats a boot from Rohit. Hernandez is able to recover and hit the pounce on Rohit then the Border Toss for the win.

Winner: Hernandez 

After the match we get Locker Talk from Madison Rayne and Johnny Swinger. They talk about his match from earlier tonight. Madison then introduces her guest for tonight Kylie Rae. Madison congratulates her for joining the Knockouts Division. Kylie says that everyone us so nice and Madison tells her that will go away. They talk about her Rebellion match against Kiera Hogan. Madison is trying to get Kylie to talk bad about Kiera but Rae is only saying nice things about her opponent. Madison continues to get her to say bad things about Kiera by saying she is mean. Kiera Hogan then joins the show and runs down Kylie saying that she can't handle the heat and there are no friends in the Knockouts Division which causes Kylie to snap and she tells Kiera that she is not very nice.

We come back to the show and get an exclusive match between Eddie Edwards and Michael Elgin from Qatar Wrestling. The match starts with Eddie jumping Elgin in the corner as the bell rings. Elgin is able to take control and knocks him down with some stiff clotheslines and then a powerbomb leading to a stalling vertical suplex for a two count. Elgin then sends Eddie into the ropes but Eddie fights back and sends Elgin to the floor. Eddie tries to bring him back in the ring but while on the apron Elgin attempts a chokeslam but Eddie fights free of the grip and knocks Elgin back to the floor. Eddie follows and eats a chop from Elgin. Elign sends him into the steps and they eventually get back in the ring. Eddie attempts a suplex but Elign blocks which leads to a blue thunder bomb from Eddie for a two count. 

Eddie is playing the heel here as the crowd boos him. Elgin gets back up and they begin to trade bombs with each other. Elgin gets the advantage and as he goes for a big hit he eats a chop from Eddie leading to a superkick from Elgin. Elign then attempts a clothesline on Eddie but he moves and Elgin hits the referee instead.  Eddie sends Elgin into the corner and tries to hit him with the belt but Brain Cage comes in to make the save. Elgin then hits the Elgin bomb for the win and wins the Middle Eastern Title.

Winner and new Middle Eastern Champion: Michael Elgin 

The next match of the night is Ace Austin vs Trey Miguel. The bell rings and we have a stand off which leads to drop down and leapfrog. After a few exchanges and chases Trey picks the leg of Ace and sends him to the outside and hits a dive on Ace. They begin fighting on the outside with Ace getting the advantage and sending Trey back first into the apron. Back in the ring Ace gets a spinning slam for a two count. Ace stays on Trey and continues to hit on the back putting him into the corner. He then wears down Trey with his boot to the throat leading to a snapsuplex and a working hold. Trey begins to fight back but Ace puts a stop to that with a knee to the stomach but Trey fights back and hits the neckbreaker on Ace. Trey continues his offense by sending Ace into the corner then slides out while dropping Ace. This leads to a big time Missile Dropkick. Ace regains control and spinning move and looks to hit the fold but Trey counters and hits a chiki nadez kick. Ace is able to counter Trey again and rolls up Trey using the tights to pick up the win.

Winner: Ace Austin 

After the match Willie Mack is talking about his match with Ace Austin at Rebellion saying that he tried to get to Eddie Edwards and failed also trying to get to Trey and succeed. He says at Rebellion it's no longer about the championship and he is just gonna beat the hell out of him and perform a magic trick by taking his title.

It's main event time now. Taya Valykire vs Tenille Dashwood. The bell rings and Tenille comes right at Taya and knocks her down with a Russian Legsweep. Taya gets frustrated and goes to the outside. Tenille follows her to the outside and takes out Taya. Tenille then gets back in the ring and climbs to the top rope leading to John E. Bravo tripping up Tenille allowing for Taya to gain control of the match leading to a superplex for a two count as we go to break. 

We come back from break with Taya in cintrol sending Tenille head first into the turnbuckle. Taya then hangs Tenille on the ropes and wear her down then distracts the referee allowing Bravo to get a cheap shot in. Tenille now in the corner as Taya runs and hits a stinkface then comes back and hit a running meteora for a two count. Taya then transitions into a singke leg boston crab. 

Tenille then rolls through for a two count leading to a clothesline from Taya. Taya lands a knee strike to Tenille and then stomps repeatedly on Tenille. Taya sends Tenille into the corner and tries for a rjnning atrsck but Tenille is able to escape and follows up witha running knee stirke and an emmamite sandwich for a two count. 

Tenille stays on Taya and hits a double underhook suplex for a two count. Tenille sets Taya up for her finsher but Taya counters and locks on a waistlock but Tenille spins out and eats a spear from Taya for a two count as we go to break. We come back from break and Taya is in control stomping down on Tenille. Tenille his able to fight back but gets caught in The Road to Valhalla for a two count. 

Tenille is down and Bravo slides in a steel chair but the referee takes it away from her leading to Taya picking up Tenille who counters with a roll up for the win. 

Winner: Tenille Dashwood 

After the match Taya atracks Tenille with a steel chair and a garbage can. Bravo slides in more chairs as Taya piles them on top of Tenille. Taya continues the onslaught with the weapons. 

Bravo tries to talk down Taya who just knocks him down and out of the ring. Taya then climbs to the top rope but Jordynne Grace makes the save with a kendo stick attacking both Taya and Bravo. 

We then get a promo from Rhino and Tommy Dreamer and they are challenging OVE to a match next week live from New York City. They also promise to find a partner for that match.

Rebellion Night One: Willie Mack vs Ace Austin(X-Division Championship), Kylie Rae vs Kiera Hogan, and the main event for night one will be Ken Shamrock vs Sami Callihan. 

Rebellion Night Two: Suicide vs Chris Bey vs Rohit Raju vs Trey

We get a recap of what lead to Ken Shamrock vs Sami Callihan

Josh Mathews is out in the ring to moderate the contract signing tonight between Ken Shamrock and Sami Callihan. Josh starts by introducing Ken Shamrock as the next inductee  into the IMPACT Hall of Fame. Sami makes his way to the ring and tells Josh to leave the ring.  Sami then rubs Ken's face what he did to him a couple of weeks ago knowing Ken can't touch him. Sami then runs down Ken's accolades and says his match with him will give him more buzz than anything he has every done in his career. Ken then signs the contract and slides it to Sami. Sami then says that he makes stars amd buzz and uses the baseball bat incident with Eddie Edwards as an example. Sami then brings up Ken's family which strikes a nerve in Ken.

 Sami then calls him the world's most dangerous b**** which angers Shamrock into flipping the table but Sami ends up using his hacker skills to escape. It appears someone working with Sami appears on the stage and Ken follows him and gets into a car looking to following Sami's car. Before he could leave he gets a message from Sami telling him to tip his driver. The driver turns out to be a minon of Sami's and we see that the car is surrounded by Sami's minons and the show closes as the car is being shaken by the minons.

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