Kylie Rae made a big splash when she signed with AEW. She had one match with the promotion before ultimately asking for her release. Kylie made another big splash in the wrestling industry when she appeared at IMPACT's Bound For Glory PPV.  A few weeks ago it was announced that Kylie Rae had signed a log term deal with the promotion. I would now like to take a look at my top 5 feuds for "Smiley" Kylie Rae.

5. Su Yung/Susie:

The Undead Bride seems to be the prefect foil for the overly happy and energetic Kylie Rae. Su Yung could play mind games with Kylie as she looks to wipe the smile off Kylie on her route to ruling of the divison with her undead army. IMPACT could have fun with this feud and have Susie pop up and help Kylie if she is being attacked and be her tag team partner from time to time while Su tries to destroy her and take her to the undead realm. This feud could be used to bring out a new and agressive side of Kylie isn't of the happy go lucky character we are so used to.

4. Madison Rayne:

Madison's Rayne's new gimmick is similar to that of her Queen Bee charactet from back in 2010 when she was Knockouts Champion. Now she is the self proclaim Locker Room Leader. This could turn into a good feud in which Madison is looking to take the new comer under her wing and show her the ropes. Rayne could also not like that she is happy all the time and look to bring her down a peg. End the end Rae could come out earning the respect of the Locker Room Leader.

3. Emma:

While both ladies are babyfaces they could battle out for the #1 contendership of the Knockouts Championship and end up costing each other the opportunity and lead to a best of five or seven series for the right to challenge for the title.

2. Taya Valykire:

When Taya comes back to IMPACT she could interrupt a backstage interview with Kylie and look down on her and don't see her as a threat as she bullies her. Rae could overcome the bully and earn a title opportunity leading to Taya wanting revenge and cost her the match. In the end Kylie would prevail and vanquish the bully.

1. Jordynne Grace:

Big Momma Pump vs Smiley Kylie could be a great feud for the Knockouts Championship. Jordynne Grace defeated Taya Valykire for the title earlier this year and is looking for challengers. One way Kylie could earn a title shot is by eaither doing another tournament or have Kylie beat the champion. This championship feud could be a one off or Kylie could surprise us and take the belt off of Grace and continue the feud. 

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