Tonight marks the beginning of the #1 Contender's Tournament to crown a challenger for Tessa Blanchard's World Title. In first round action we have Rohit Raju vs Trey and Madman Fulton vs Hernandez. Also on tap we have Havok vs Kimber Lee, Kylie Rae vs Tasha Steelz, The North defending their tag team titles, Moose vs Suicide and Locker Room Talk. Stay locked in here for live coverage of tonight's show.

Cold Open:

Madman Fulton vs Hernandez:

We kick the show off with first round action in the #1 Contender's Tournament. It's Madman Fulton vs Hernandez. The bell rings and the two big guys lock up with Fulton gaining control and pushing Hernandez into the corner. The referee separates them but they lock up again with Fulton putting Hernandez into a sideheadlock then takes him down. Fulton then continues the attack and goes for a kick but Hernandez blocks and counters into a sideheadlock of his own. Hernandez comes off the ropes and tries to hit a shoulder tackle on Fulton but he doesn't go down. Hernandez tries again but gets caught by Fulton and slammed down to the mat. Fulton then continues the attack and sends Hernandez into the corner but Hernandez counters and goes to the apron. Fulton recovers and brings Hernandez back into the ring via a suplex which leads to a town count. Fulton continues the onslaught leading to another two count. Fulton stays in control and puts on a working hold but Hernandez tries to fight out of it but Fultons brings him back down to the mat and punches him straight in the face. Jake Crist distracts the referee which allows for both Dave and Fulton to attsck Hernandez. Fulton brings him back into the ring leading to a two count. Fulton locks on another working hold. Hernandez tries to fight back but Fulton puts a stop to that and hits a sidewalk slam. 

Fulton then goes forba diving headbutt but comes up short. Fulton tries to recover but Hernandez counters and starts a comeback. He hits a chokeslam leading to a two count as Jake Crist puts Fulton's foot on the ropes. The Crist Brothers drag Fulton out of the ring to recover. Hernandez looks to go for a dive but the Crist Brothers stand up on the apron to stop him. Hernandez takes out the Crist Brothers leading to Fulton sliding back in and taking out Hernandez. Fulton sits Hernandez up on the top rope looking a superplex but Hernandez counters and hits a splash for the three count.

Winner and advancing to the second round: Hernandez 

After the match we hear from Michael Elgin who says that he is the true #1 cont3but yet he is still in this tournament. He goes on to say that he has proven himself for the past 16 years. He then says what happens next is on IMPACT as he says he might go back to sending people to the hospital.

We come back and Fulton is mad that he is out of the tournament already. Jake makes a joke saying that he might not be championship material. Crazzy Steve then shows up and calls out OVE by calling them sheep. Dave Crist sets up a match for next week between Steve and Jake. Joeseph P. Ryan seems to be offended by people calling others crazy.

Kylie Rae vs Tasha Steelz:

This is the IMPACT debut of Tasha Steelz. The bell rings as Kylie wants to introduce herself and shake hands with Tasha. They lock up and Rae goes behind but Tasha grabs the wrist and gains control. Rae spins out and grabs the wrist of Tasha but Tasha counters and takes down Rae with a sideheadlock. Kylie fights out and locks in a headscissors lock. Tasha fights out and they lock up again but Kylie still hands the upperhand for only a second until Tasha locks in a headscissors of her own only for Rae to bridge out leading to a deep armdrag and a dropkick. The referee backs her up leading to Kylie charging her in the corner but Tasha counters and sends her face first into the turnbuckle. Tasha is now in control and hits multiple short arm clotheslines for a two count. Tasha then locks in a headlock leading to get getting control of Rae's back. Kylie counters but sending Tasha into the corner multiple times. Rae breaks free but Tasha charges her but Rae counters by getting the boot up. Kylie ends up on the apron but rolls back end hitting the Kylie Special for a two count. Rae locks in a submission but Tasha makes it to the bottom rope. Tasha regains control by hitting a back elbow then a step up enziguri in the corner then comes off the top rope but gets caught by Kylie leading to the Smile to the Finish submission for the tap out victory.

Winner: Kylie Rae 

After the match we hear from Rohit Raju who says that change is gonna come. He then says that he has been hear for three years and has been treated like a joke. He says thanks to this tournament that all the disrespect goes away. 

We come back and see Susie introducing herself to Kylie. Susie says she liked her match and it was nice to see her again. Kylie says she likes her.

Kimber Lee vs Havok:

The bell rings and they go right at it with Lee hitting multiple forearms but eventually gets caught by Havok who hits multiple throws on Lee. Havok tries to squash Lee in the corner but Lee counters and hits multiple leg kicks but Havok puts a stop to that and tosses Lee into the corner. Havok then hits a huge slam leading to a two count. Lee comes back and hits a big step up kick which sends Havok to leaning on the ropes. Lee follows up by choking her on the ropes. We come back and Lee is in control with Havok in the corner. Lee is choking her in the corner with her boot multiple times leading to multiple forearm shots. Lee atrempts to irish whips Havok but Havok buts a stop to it but Lee counters leading to the tarantula. Lee then hits a Swanton from the top rope for a two count. 

Nevaeh has appeared for the second Havok match in two weeks.

 Lee comes off the top rope but gets caught by Havok leading to a swinging slam for a two count. Havok gets distracted by Nevaeh allowing for Lee to grab the brass knuckles. Havok sets her up on the top rope and attacks her. Havok scares off the referee allowing for Lee to hit Havok with the brass knuckles for the win.

Winner: Kimber Lee 

After the match we get a video package about Kiera Hogan. 

Locker Room Talk:

Madison Rayne's guest this week is Ken Shamrock. Rayne introduces her guest and Swinger tries to offer him "something" but Ken blows it off and tells him to get him some water. Rayne talks about Ken's issues with the guys in the back. Ken says that is now laser focused on the world title. Michael Elgin interrupts Locker Room Talk and drops Ken Shamrock. Elgin then hits a conchairto on Ken saying the championship is his.

We come back and hear from Sami who says he has known Big Mike for his whole career and that he is always walking in the footsteps of The Draw. Next week it's Sami Callihan vs Michael Elgin. Sami says that he and Big Mike will do whatever it takes to win. He says that he sees everything.

Rohit Raju vs Trey:

This is another first round match in the #1 Contender's Tournament. The bell rings and they lock up with Rohit getting the advantage only for Trey to go behind. Rohit counters again and grabs the wrist of Trey. Back and forth we go and Rohit is in control of Trey's wrist again bringing Trey down to one knee. Trey regains control of Rohit's wrist hitting him in his chest then goes up to the top rope and takes down Rohit. 

The match picks up pace and Rohit is able to catch Trey off the rope and takes him down with a clothesline. Rohit sends Trey into the corner and clubs Trey in the back. Trey is able to escape and flip over Rohit and pick up the pace and takes down Rohit and sends him to the outside. Trey tries to follow up with a dive but gets hit with a big shot leading to a two count. Rohit stays in control and stomps on Trey leading to a slam and a running knee drop for a two count. Both guys back to their feet and Trey hits a big shot. Back and forth we go again but Rohit gets the advantage and takes down Trey for a two count. Rohit then covers Trey again for another two count. Rohit hits a snap suplex for a two count. Rohit looks to contiue the onslaught but Trey fights back on for Rohit to stop the momentum of Trey and leans Trey on the rope leading to a choke. Rohit bounces Trey off the ropes then hits a forearm and a fisherman's suplex for a two count. Trey fights back and hits a huge neckbreaker and both men are down. They both get back up and begin trading bombs. Trey gets the advantage and hits a pele kick for a two count. 

Both guys are spent and use the turnbuckle in the corner to get back up. Trey charges Rohit but gets caught and Rohit hits Trey with a front suplex for a two count. Rohit Irish whips Trey into the corner. Rohit charges him but Trey counters and sets Rohit on the top for a kick. This leads to Rohit countering and looking for a comeback but Trey counters leading to a small package for the win. After the match Rohit has a mental breakdown in the ring.

Winner and advancing to the second round: Trey

We come back and hear from Cody Deaner who is still in quarantine and looking for things to do to avoid mental health problems. 

The North vs The Smos(IMPACT Tag Team Championship):

Last week Josh didn't like the opponents that Ethan picked last week. This week Josh gave the booking power to Josh, the ring announcer. Josh is made again about the pick but Ethan is happy. This is another glorified comedy squash match. The North basically hit their tag finisher to retain their titles. 

Winner and still IMPACT Tag Team Champions: The North

After the match we hear from Rosemary who is talking to stuffed animals. John E. Bravo shows up to take Mr. Mundo back and he admits that he misses Taya. She gets a message leading her in the direction of Bravo.

We come back and Chris Bey confronts Johnny Swinger and says he is a big fan of his. Bey says that Mack has been dissing him and says that Mack thinks he was the star of the Mack N Pack Connection and can't beat him for the X-Division Championship.

We come back and Swinger confronts Mack saying his ego is out of control and challenges Mack to a title match for next week. 

Moose vs Suicide(TNA World Championship):

The bell rings and Suicide rolls up Moose for a two count. Suicide then hits a backslide for a two count. Suicide looks for a deep armdrag but Moose blocks. Suicide fights free and takes down Moose sending him to the outside of the ring. We come back and Suicide is in control with a jab to the face. Moose comes off the ropes but eats a jab from Suicide. Moose is taken down by Suicide and goes to the outside. Suicide follows but Moose counters and sends Suicide into the steel guardrail. They go back into the ring and Moose takes down Moose then stomps on his chest leading to Moose picking him and hitting him with a chop. Suicide tries to fight back but Moose knocks him off and throws him to the apron. Moose then knocks him off the apron into the guardrail. Moose goes to the outside and swings Suicide into the guardrail. Moose comes back into the ring looking for a countout but eventually goes back to the outside and continues the punishment. Moose slides back in and looks for a countout victory but Suicide slides back in at the last second leading to Moose repeatedly stomping on him. Moose throws him to the outside then follows him to the outside and take him down before throwing him back into the ring. Suicide comes back and hits a dive on Moose and send Moose back into the ring. Suicide looks to contiue but Moose puts a stop to it. Suicide gains control and sends Moose to the outside and hits a dive on Moose. He sends him back into the ring. Moose fights back but gets caught coming off the ropes as Suicide rings the ears of Moose leading to a two count. Suicide looks for a hurricanrana but Moose counters and "rakes" the eyes of Suicide. Suicide fights back and hits the hurricanrana leading to a two count. Moose regains control and throws Suicide into the apron. The referee tries to back up Moose who then jaw jacks the referee. Suicide shoves Moose into the referee. The match continues and Moose fights back and hits a pump kick. Suicide regains control and takes down Moose lokking for a pinfall but their is no referee. Moose gets back up looking for a move but Suicide counters and rolls him up for a two count. Moose is able to hit a lowblow and then the No Jackhammer Needed to retain the belt. 

Winner and still TNA World Champion: Moose

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