Tonight the #1 Contender's Tournament rolls on with first round action plus the X-Division Championship is on the line as Willie Mack defends against Johnny Swinger. All this and more on tap for tonight's show stay locked in here for Live Coverage.

Cold Open:

Ace Austin vs Rhino(#1 Contender's Tournament):

We kick things off with more first round action in the #1 Contender's Tournament. Ace Austin vs Rhino. The bell rings and bith guys lock up but Rhino shows off his powrr and shives Ace to the mat. Ace comes vack and goes behind Rhino but Rhino counters and gets control of rhe wrist. Rhino holds onto the wrist as Ace gets between the ropes. The referee breaks them up allowing Ace to move to the outside. Ace comes back into the ring and Ace controls the wrist of Rhino but Rhino fights back and gets control of Ace and sends him to the mat and ducks a clothesline and takes down Ace. Ace goes back to the outside and looking frustrated. Ace slides back in and doubles over Rhino and lays in more hits but Rhino fights back irish whipping him into the corner leading to a big back bodydrop. Rhino is looking for a gore but Ace dives to the outside. Rhino follows him to the outside leading to a suplex by Rhino. Rhino recovers and grabs a chair but the referee takes it from him. Rhino puts Ace on the apron but Ace counters and knocks him down with a kick. They continue to brawl on the outside with Rhino eating a kick then going face first into the post. Ace slides back in the ring looking for a count out victory. Rhino makes it back in the ring but is met by Ace Austin with multiple stomps. Rhino fights back and looks to be in control for a second but Ace counters by coming out of the corner with a kick leading to a two count. Ace immediately locks in a working hold but Rhino fights out with multiple punches to the gut. Rhino ends up in the corner and both guys hit each other with a double clothesline and both guys are down. Both guys get back to their feet and Ace looks for a kick but Rhino blocks and throws Ace into the corner. Rhino then hits a mini gore leading to a clothesline but Ace ducks it and hits Rhino with another kick leading to a two count. Ace goes up top but Rhino meets him there. Rhino hits a superplex leading to a two count.

 Both guys are down in the center of the ring. Rhino gets up first but Ace counters with a kick then goes for the chair but Rhino stops him with a punch to the gut. Rhino grabs the chair but the referee takes it away leading to Ace hitting The Fold for the win.

Winner and advancing to the second round of the #1 Contender's Tournament: Ace Austin.

After the match we see another sit down interview between Josh Matthews and Moose. Josh says that Moose has been carrying around a big heavy prop for three weeks now. Josh asks him when this is gonna end. Moose says this is never gonna end. Moose then makes vaild points for why his match last week was a title match. Josh then talks about Suicide having Moose down for the count but the referee was down. Moose says that Suicide didn't beat him and gives Suicide a rematch for the title.

We come back and see Kiera with Tasha. Hogan says she is impressed with her match with Kylie last week. She also says she is a real one. Kiera tells her that she was everyone's friend when she came to IMPACT. Kiera wants to take Tasha under her wing and ride the heatwave together. Keira says if I like you I snatch a bitch for you and if I don't like you I'll let the bitch sntach you instead. Tasha says lets go snatch some bitches together.

Dave Crist vs Crazzy Steve:

The bell rings and Dave Crist tries to get the jumo on him but Steve counters with a drop toehold. Steve has Dave reeling and he goes to the outside. Steve goes for a dive and hits Dave Crist. Crist slides back in the ring and takes down Steve for a two count. Crist stays in control with a kick to the back. Dave puts Steve into the corner and continues the onslaught and stomping the chest of Steve leading to a two count. Dave Crist is staying on top of Steve punching the chest of Steve. Crist is firmly in control of Steve still as Dave is rakinh the back of Crazzy Steve leading to Dave choking Steve in the corner with his foot. Dave distracts the referee and allows Fulton and Jake to get involved. Dave turns his back for a second and allows Steve to hit a diving ddt for the win.

 Meanwhile Joseph P. Ryan was watching the entire match from the ramp.

Winner: Crazzy Steve

After the match Madman Fulton is pissed at the Crist for always losing their matches and says he is better than them. Fulton says he is done and quits OVE.

We come back to the show and see Rosemary in the bar again talking to Mr. Mundo again. John E Bravo comes back to get Mr. Mundo and says he doesn't want to play her games. Rosemary apologies for how she treated him last week. Rosemary then say Bravo likes to be treated mean. Bravo says Taya yells at him cause she loves him.

XXXL vs TJP & Fallah Bahh:

The bell rings and Fallah Bahh and Acey Romero starts off the match. They lock up and shove each other off. They lock up again and shoes each other again. They lock up again and Bahh gets the advantage chopping the chest of Acey multiple times. Bahh follows up with a big splash which is followed up by a tag to TJP. TJP has control of Acey for a bit but he fights free and tags in Larry Dean. Larry Dean takes control of the match but ends up in the corner. TJP hits multiple punches to his head. TJP takes down Dean leading to a low crossbody for a two count. TJP tags in Fallah which leading to a backpack splash for a two count. 

Fallah continues the onslaught leading to other near fall. Bahh tags in TJP and remains in control and grabs the wrist tagging in Fallah. Bahh remains in control and takes down Dean then tags back in TJP which leads to a double team move in the corner. Dean finally fights back but TJP gets the boot up. Acey tags himself in as Dean is coming off the ropes. Acey steps in as TJP didn't notice the tag and trucks over TJP. We come back and XXL is in control of TJP as they crush TJP and leads to a two count. 

Dean is the legal man and has locked in a working hold and TJP tries to fight out but it just leads to a bear hug from Dean. TJP fights free but that only leads to a big time spinebuster for a two count. Dean then locks on another bear hug as TJP hits Dean with multiple punches but to no avail. TJP got really close to make the tag but Acey takes oht Fallah. TJP finally breaks free and makes the hot tag to Fallah who takes out Acey with a shoulder tackle leading to him taking down Larry and looking for a belly to belly but Acey stops him and takes him down. Dean goes for the cover but TJP breaks it up. Fallah takes down both members of XXXL and hits a belly to belly on Dean for a two count. Acey climbs back in the ring and takes out Fallah. TJP tries to make the save but Acey takes him down. Bahh gets back up and takes out Acey leading to TJP making the tag and hitting a top rope splash on Larry Dean for the win. 

Winners: TJP & Fallah Bahh 

Moose vs Suicide(TNA World Heavyweight Championship):

The bell rings and Moosr looks to go for a spear but Suicide jumps over him and takes control of the match and looks for a body scissors but Moose throws him off. The match spills to the outside and Suicide throws Moose face first into the ringpost. Suicide stays in control and throws Moose back in the ring and throws him into the corner leading to the octopus submission. Moose fights free of that but Suicide remains in control and sends Moose to the outside. Suicide looks for a dive but gets caught and Moose slams him into the steel guardrail multiple times then slides back into the ring looking for a countout victory.  

Suicide is able to beat the count but meets Moose and his boot. Moose stays on Suicide and clubs him in the back leading to a HUGE throw into the corner. Moose then irish whips Suicide HARD into the corner. Moose picks him up by the mask and hits a fallaway slam. Moose then hits another throw into another corner leading to multiple puches to the crown of the head of Suicide. Moose is firmly in control and holds him down to the mat with his boot. Moose puts Suicide into the corner then hammer throws Suicide into the corner. Moose then calls Suicide a piece kf garbage. Suicide tries to fight back but has no power hm behind his clotheslines and collapses after each one. Moose then calls himself a wrestling god and slaps him which leads to a fourth clothesline that takes down Moose.

 Both guys are down but rhey each get back up. Moose charges Suicide but Suicide side steps him and Moose tries again but Suicide side steps again leading a runnung dropkick. Suicide then hits a big time fireman's carry leading to the lionsault for a two count. 

Moose then shoves Suicide into the corner leading to multiple shoulder tackles. The referee pulls Moose off of Suicide and they get into leading Suicide taking the advantage with a kick. Suicide hits a codebreaker then four  superkicks finally taking down Moose. Suicide heads to the top and hits a high crossbody but Moose rolls through and grabs the tights for the win.

Winner and STILL TNA World Champion: Moose

After the match we hear from Michael Elgin and says that we live in a world where people are looking for hand outs. He says that he is the best and people hate when he says that. He then says that when all is said is done the people will love him. Elgin then talks about what he did to Shamrock last week. He then moves on to Sami and says that Sami talks to much and action hurt more than words. Lastly he says thst he will be world champion.

We come back and see Johnny Swinger warming up for his match. Chris Bey shows up and says that he is proud of him. He also tells him there is more than one way to win the match. He goes on to say that even if you don't win the title make sure to teach Willie a lesson. Swinger says he's going to win the title and take Bey to a bar by the landing strip after the match.

Willie Mack vs Johnny Swinger(X-Division Championship):

The bell rings and Mack is taking off his shirt and Swinger takes advantage of that and clubs him in the back. Swinger tosses Mack into the corner and hits him in the back again. Swinger then irish whips him into another corner leading to a take down for a two count. Swinger then chokes out Mack leading to another two count.  Mack fights back and shoves Swinger into a corner leading to him ducking a clothesline and hits a driver leading to a near fall. Swinger is able to regain control and hits a big time neckbreaker for a two count as Mack puts his boot on the bottom rope. 

Swinger thinks he won the title and celebrates with it. The referee tries to take the titlr from him. Swinger then tries to hit Mack with the belt but Mack ducks and takes him down leading to a standing moonsault and the victory.

After the match Swinger won't let go of the title leading to a chopblock and a post match beatdown from Bey and Swinger. Bey and Swinger look to be a thing now. 

We come back and hear from The North. Josh says that he can't do another squash match but Ethan says they are done. A referee shows up and says that he is here for their match which is news to them. Cody Deaner then shows up and challenges The North to a tag team title match with a partner but The North thinks it's going to Chris the referee who doesn't have legs. Chris tells him that he is not a wrestler and Cody tells him that he didn't mean him when he said he said wheels.

Michael Elgin vs Sami Callihan(#1 Contender's Tournament):

The bell rings and Sami side steps Elgin multiple times. Sami is still selling his ankle injury. Collar and elbow tieup between the two and Elgin goes for the ankle but backs off and points out the injury. Elgin catches Sami off the ropes but Sami counters and hits two chops to the chest of Elgin but he is unfazed. Sami stays in contr and rakes the eyes if Elgin. Elgin fights aback and sweeps the legs of Callihan sending him to the outside. Sami slides back in and catches Elgin off guard and hits a DDT and pump kick and sends Elgin to the floor. Sami follows him and sends him into the guardrail followed up with Sami wrapling the elbow and arm between the guardrail. Elgin is able to regain control and attacks the ankle but raming them into the apron then the guardrail. 

Elgin now smells blood in the water as Sami retreats. Eligin stomps the ankle then slides him into the ring . Elgin tries to grab the ankle but Sami counters and pulls him into the ringpost. We come back and Elgin is attacking the ankle of Sami Callihan. Elgin then welcomes a chop from Sami but with no effect. Elgin then takes down Sami and goes off the ropes for a low crossbody but Sami counters it for a two count. Sami regains control as they go back and forth with clotheslines and kicks leading to Sami taking down Elgin with a clothesline and both guys are down. 

They get back up and Sami side steps Elgin and send him to the floor leading to a suicide dive. Sami sends Elgin back into the ring and looks to hit a move but Elgin moves to the ropes and hits him with multiple elbows but Sami holds on and hits a suplex for a two count. Elgin then continues to attack the ankle of Sami leading to multiple running clotheslines in the corner. Elgin then attacks the knee and ankle leading to a suplex followed by a two count. 

Elgin then locks in a single leg Boston crab but Callihan makes it to the ropes for a break. Elgin picks up Sami by his hair and looks for rhe Elgin bomb but Sami blocks with a sprawl leading to multiple clotheslines to the back of Sami's neck. Elgin then drops Sami with a clothesline but Sami is able to fight back and hit a back suplex for a two count. Sami looms to end the match and sets up for the Catcus Special but Elgin counters and hits a buckle bomb leading to Sami hitting a clothesline followed by a backfist from Elgin. Egin then hits the Elgin bomb for the win.

Winner and advancing to the second round: Michael Elgin 

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