After an unprecedented two night Rebellion event over the span of two weeks tonight we get the fallout. On tap for tonight is Locker Room Talk with Madison Rayne and Johnny Swinger and their guest is Havok, Joseph P. Ryan vs Cousin Jack in a Rebellion rematch, we hear from Sami Callihan since passing out to Shamrock, and in the main event The North will be defending their tag team titles against a team from Canada. Stay locked in here for live updates during the show.

Sami Callihan kicks us off tonight. 

Sami is still selling the injury from the ankle lock that Shamrock made him pass out with two weeks ago in the main event. Sami says that he had the fight of his life against Ken Shamrock but says it's gonna take a lot more to put him down. Sami says that he doesn't need help from anyone and that's why he attacked oVe he then proceeds to call out Ken Shamrock. 

Ken comes out and says that he feels like a million bucks after their fight two weeks ago. Shamrock comes in the ring and calls Sami a tough SOB and proceeds to list some of the names of people that he has tapped out including The Rock and The Big Show. 

Shamrock then gives Sami a choice they can finish what they started outside or they can put it all behind them and go for the world title. Michael Elgin then comes out and says that he is still the uncrown world champion.

 Elgin then says that Sami can't even lace up his boots and that he is better than both Shamrock and Callihan. He also says that he is the rightful #1 contender and the line starts behind him. Sami isn't fazed as he says that Elgin will choke like he always does which leads to a brawl between all three men. In the end Shamrock is the last man standing in the ring.

We hear from Chris Bey who says that he is the #1 contender for the X-Division Championship after his win at Rebellion. He then states that he is gonna finesse his way into an X-Division Championship match and become the new X-Division Champion.

We come back and hear from the new X-Division Champion Willie Mack. He didn't expect to get a challenger for his title so soon but accepts the challenge from Chris Bey. Next week its Mack vs Bey for the title.

Jake Crist and Madman Fulton vs XXL:

Fulton and Dean start off the match. Both guys lock up and Dean matches strength with Fulton. We are at a stalemate as Fulton can't seem to take down Dean. 

Larry Dean puts on a sideheadlock but Fulton backs him up to the ropes and breaks free and takes down Dean. Larry Dean is able to regain conteol and looks to go for a slam but instead brings Fulton into his corner and takes in Acey. Fulton is able to make it to his corner and takes in Jake Crist. Acey then takes Jake to school by tossing him all over the ring before tagging back in Larry. Larry then hits Jake then gets a one count. Dean then continues the onslaught for another one count. Dean then hits a leg drop for a two count then transitions into a working hold. Jake tries to fight free but ends up on the wrong side of a back bodydrop. Dean then tags in Acey and they look to go for a tag team move as they bounce Jake off the ropes but Dave makes the save and pulls him out of the ring. 

We come back and Jake Crist is in control hitting the back of Acey. Jake then brings Romero to his corner and tags in Fulton. Fulton then chokes Acey with his boot then stomps on him. Fulton then brings Acey to the top rope and hits a fireman's carry then proceeds to hit Larry Dean on the apron leading to a one count.

 Acey now hanging on the ropes and Fulton hits a running knee to the back of a prone Acey. Romero then tries to fight back but gets pushed into oVe's corner and gets double team by them. Both guys then begin to trade blows in the middle of the ring which leads to a reversal from Acey then a back bodydrop. Both guys are down and tag out leading to Dean using the hot tag and taking it to Jake Crist with a shoulder tackle and a huge suplex. Jake ends up in the corner then Dean charges Crist but eats four kicks for his troubles. Dean is able to regain control and takes down Crist. Fulton enters the ring to make the save. Crist and Fulton hits an assisted top rope cutter for a two count as Acey makes the save.

 Dave Crust tries to get involved but Aceh takes him out. Dean then hits a huge right hand for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: XXL via pinfall

IMPACT Flashback Moment of the Week: 

Kurt Angle vs Mick Foley. Angle tapped out Mick for the win and retained the title

Locker Room Talk:

Madison introduces Havok as her guest tonight for Locker Room Talk. 

Rayne asks her about how things are going since her lost to Rosemary at Rebellion. Havok tries to speak but Madison cuts her off saying that her face says it all. Havok then threatens to hurt Madison. Rayne then asks about the newest Knockout Neveah and Havok says that she is an old friend but doesn't know why she is here. Madison then introduces another old friend of Havok  Kimber Lee. She says she is ready to rise to the top and says that she knows exactly who Havok is and that Havok knows exactly who she is.

We come back and hear from Cody Deaner who says that we the world came to a halt that he pulled over and is living out of his trailer. We get a look into how life is for him in his trailer.

Johnny Swinger vs Suicide:

The bell rings and Swinger begins to jawjack the ref and wanted him to check Suicide for weapons. Johnny takes advantage of this and hita a running knee on Suicide. He continues the beatdown and tries to rack the back and eyes of Suicide. Suicide then regains control and takes down Swinger sending him to the outside. Suicide follows up eith a dive to the outside and brings him back in the ring. Suicide then goes to the top but Swinger knocks him off the apron and goes on the attack and hits a neck breaker for a two count. Swinger then tries to go for a lowblow but Suicide counters and takes down Swinger. Swinger then regains control and lays in some close fists on him. Swinger then tries to hit a suplex but Suicide counters and takes him down then climbs the top rope and hits a Swanton Bomb for the win.

Winner: Suicide via pinfall 

After the match we hear from Ace Austin who is mad that Chris Bey is getting a title shot tonight. He then says that Bey hasn't been wrestling for long and doesn't deserve a title shot tonight. He then says that he had only been in IMPACT for eight months and lists all his big wins over TNA/IMPACT Legends. He then announces that tonight's X-Division Championship match is now a three way cause Willie owes him a rematch anyways.

We come back and get a sit down interview with the current TNA World Champion Moose. They talk about what went down last week during the main event. Moose says that he is the TNA World Champion because he has beaten former TNA World Champions such as Shamrock and Rhino. Josh then asks how Moose got hold of the title but Moose says it doesn't matter and all that matters is that he is the real world champion. Josh then announces that next week IMPACT will hold a tournament to determine who will be the next challenger for Tessa's world title. Moose is in the tournament but he announces that he is removimg himself from the tournament because he says that he is already the world champion. 

Joseph P. Ryan vs Cousin Jack:

The bell rings and Joseph is taking his time to get back in the ring. Ryan gets back in the ring but then gets right back out. They look like they were going to lock up but Joseph ducks the clothesline and goes to the outside. Jack then follows but Ryan goes back into the ring and stomps on Jake as he tries to enter the ring. Cousin Jake regains control and shoots Ryan off the ropes and hits him with a huge clothesline and sends Ryan to the floor.

 Ryan then comes back into the ring and Jake continues the onslaught and hits a back bodydrop. As Jake hits the ropes for a running attack he eats a dropkick and Ryan jawjacks the people at home and allows Jake to come back in and attack him from behind regaining control of the match. Ryan heads to the outside but Jake follows him and continues the attack but Ryan counters and sends Jake into the ringpost and sends him back in the ring. Jake tries to fight back and set up for a suplex but Ryan counters and hits him with a Russian Legsweep and tries to go for a cover but Jake kicks out before a one count. Ryan then hits a powerslam for a two count. Jake then regains control an hits a big move and both guys are down. Both guys get back up to his feet and Jake is on the comeback with multiple clotheslines leading to a huge powerbomb for a two count.

 Jake then clotheslines Ryan out of the ring. Jake then brings Ryan back into the ring but Ryan counters and hits a superkick for a two count. Ryan then looks for a suplex but Jake counters and tosses him accross the ring. Jake charges him but Ryan pulls the referee in the way which leads to Ryan poking the eyes of Jake leading to a roll up for the win.

Winner: Joseph P. Ryan via pinfall 

We come back and get a video package about Keira Hogan. This is something we should have gotten when she first debuted on IMPACT.

The North vs The Creeps(IMPACT Tag Team Championship):

The North beat down their opponents and win the match fairly quickly to retain the titles 

Winners: The North via pinfall

After the match we hear from Rosemary who is using Tarot cards and reading her fate. She seems to be at a crossroads in her career.

We come back from and hear that Rohit Raju is trying to take Moose's spot in the tournament. He says that he is on his own right now after being here for three years he is going to be the new #1 contender for the world title.

Chris Bey vs Ace Austin vs Willie Mack(X-Division Championship):

Ace Austin grabs the belt from the referee and tries to use it on Willie Mack to no avail. Chris Bey then gets involved by attacking Willie but Mack is able to regain control and take both men down with a double clothesline.  We come back and Willie Mack is in control hits a chop on Bey in the corner. Ace tries to jump Willie from behind but Willie counters and hits a double fireman's carry into a double standing moonsault. 

Both guys slide to the outside and scheme to work together and as they head back into the ring Ace takes out Chris. Ace eneters the ring and tries to hit Mack with a clothesline but Willie ducks and takes down Ace. Ace then regains control and locks in the abdominal stretch and takes out his playing card and cuts Willie with it. Chris Bey re-enters the ring and takes out Ace. Bey tries to attack Willie who counters and takes him down but Bey fights back and looks to hit a move off the ropes but Ace clips his ankle and drags him out of the ring. Willie then gets back up and hits a dive onto both guys on the outside. We come back and Willie Mack is in control hittingba chop on Ace Austin in the corner. Chris Bey climbs to the top rope and hits a move from the top rope and gains control of the match. He stomps down Ace in the corner but Ace counters and hits a suplex on Bey for a two count. Ace then continues the onslaught for a one count. Bey fighrs back and kicks Ace in the chest and takes him down leading into a high angle sieto suplex for a two count. Willie tries to come back into the march but Bey stops him on the apron Ace takes advantage and attacks Bey from behind and rolls up Bey for a two count. Ace knocks Willie off the apron and turns his attention back to Bey. Ace takes him down then goes up to the secomd rope and hits the leg drop for a two count. Ace brings Bey back up and both guys take each other out with a spinning heel kick. Mack comes back into the ring but Ace remains in control and lays into both guys and hits a big heel kick on Willie. Mack is able to fight back and regain control and with both guys in separate corners Willie hits multiple running splashes on each guy. Willie then hits an exploder suplex on Bey. Mack tries to go to the top but Ace puts a stop to that. Both guys are fighting  on the top but Willie slides through and looks for a powerbomb. Chris Bey hits a hurricanrana on Ace and looks to attack Mack who counters and hits a stunner on Bey. Ace gets back up and takes down both guys leading to The Fold to Mack and goes for the cover but Bey breaks up the pin. Bey continues with multiple kicks then irish whips Ace into the ropes who comes bsck and hits The Fold on Bey but Willie breaks up the pin. Ace sets up Mack on the top rope and Bey comes back in but Ace takes care of him. Ace attempts a hurricanrana but Willie hangs on and hits the six star frogsplash to retain his title.

Winner: Willie Mack via pinfall

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