Impact Wrestling had announced a show that they were supposed to run during Wrestlemania weekend and it was to be held on April 3rd, 2020. Due to the global pandemic, IMPACT had to cancel the show. The main storyline heading into this show was Moose vs TNA.

On March 31st after a brand new episode of IMPACT aired on AXS TV IMPACT aired a special TNA episode where we got to see some of the TNA Originals come back and have a match. What was really special about this was that they brought back the old TNA World Title and placed it on the commentary desk for the night.

Fast forward to Night Two of Rebellion and Moose is interrupting Micheal Elgin and is wearing the TNA World Title calling himself the world champion. I know what your thinking we have seen this storyline from TNA and WWE before and what does it mean now that Moose has brought the TNA title back? I, Ja' Von tackle this burning question looking at how this would benefit IMPACT and Moose. I also look at how this could lead to possible brand warfare.

Since the IMPACT World Champion Tessa Blanchard is stuck in Mexico due to the pandemic and travel restrictions this leaves IMPACT without a world champion on TV every week. This is where you insert Moose and the TNA world title.

The TNA Word Championship has a great legacy as many TNA Legends have held the same title such as Sting, Eric Young, AJ Styles, and Jeff Hardy. Now that Moose is going around claiming himself to be champion he felt that he didn't need to take part in the #1 Contender's Tournament.

Many people on the roster don't recognize Moose as their Champion and see the title only as a prop that he stole and others like Madison Rayne this week claim that Moose is her Champion. Her reasoning behind this claim is because he looks, walks, and carries himself like a champion. If I was IMPACT I would run with this and allow for Moose to defend the title until Tessa comes back. Now that Moose is holding the TNA World Title this could lead to some intriguing matchups like the one with got this week when Moose defended the title against TNA Original Suicide. IMPACT could bring back wrestlers from TNA's glory days to challenge Moose. Another route IMPACT could go is to go all out and bring back TNA as a one hour show replacing Xplosion, their secondary show leading to brand warfare. Lastly, this could do wonders for Moose who has been calling himself "Mr. IMPACT Wrestling" and "The Franchise Player". If I was IMPACT I would run with this and have Moose be a dominant champion. Moose is a big guy who has a football background, is great in the ring, and looks like a champion. So why not just let him use the belt and be the world champion plus he looks like a million bucks with the belt anyway. This could also lead to the TNA Champion vs The IMPACT Champion, Tessa Blanchard somewhere down the road to determine an Undisputed Champion.

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