As we are approaching the summer and the back half of the year let's take a look at 5 IMPACT male competitors that could be a breakout star before the clock strikes midnight on the year.

5. Joseph P. Ryan

Before becoming a member of the faction known as Cancel Culture he was known as "The King of Sleazy". Ryan has competed for IMPACT before back when they were still TNA from 2012-2013. Fast forward to now Ryan is back with IMPACT and is no longer "The King of Sleazy" and is now Joseph P. Ryan a member of Cancel Culture along with RVD and Katie Forbes. Looking at the landscape of the current pandemic I see Ryan as being a midcard wrestler for now. Ryan's current gimmick reminds fans of The Right To Censor from the early 2000s but a little bit different. RVD, Katie Forbes, and Joseph P. Ryan are sick and tired of being judged, shamed, and not taking seriously. Their mission is to cancel anyone who doesn't fit their ideals. Ryan is someone to look out for in the 2nd half of 2020 as he could become a key player in the X-Division. He could become the X-Division champion and look to cancel the entire division as he believes that they don't fit his ideals and he could try to rebuild it in his image.

4. Rohit Raju 

Rohit Raju would make his IMPACT debut on the March 11th, 2017 episode of IMPACT. He would float around from different tag team and singles matches until 2018 when he would return as part of The Desi Hit Squad tag team. The team looked to have some kind of potential but could never seem to reach it. Now Rohit is on his own and has replaced Moose in the #1 Contender's Tournament. This tournament could be the launching pad that Rohit desperately needs to get his career off the ground floor. He is now calling himself The Desi Hitman which I love. I could see him being the Cinderella story of this tournament and make it really far. I don't think he will win the tournament but could use this momentum to make him a breakout star. I would invest stock in Rohit Raju ASAP. 

3. Chris Bey

Chris Brey is known as "The Ultimate Finesser" and is a recent signing to IMPACT. As of now he is a part of the X-Division and is looking to put his finesse on the X-Division Championship. Since his debut he has been on an undefeated streak and being build up to challenge for the X-Division Championship very soon. He recently got two big wins in recent weeks. Before Rebellion he got a win over Daga and just recently at Rebellion he got a HUGE win in a four-way match. I feel that Bey is on the track to superstardom and should be next in line to challenge for the X-Division Championship.

2. Michael Elgin

Michael made his IMPACT debut at last year's Rebellion PPV and since then his main goal and focus has been to become the world champion. Over the past year Elgin has challenged for the world title and failed to capture the gold. Since then he has put on great matches with the likes of Marufuji and Eddie Edwards. Now he has put his focus back on becoming world champion again. Elgin has always floated around the top of the card but can never seem to breakout but thanks to the addition of the TNA belt Elgin now has a chance to actually win the gold. Before 2020 ends I predict that Elgin will be standing tall holding the gold.

1. Madman Fulton

Before coming to IMPACT Madman Fulton was Sawyer Fulton in NXT but was released and signed with IMPACT in 2019. Since coming to IMPACT he has been booked as Sami Callihan's monster for oVe. On night one of Rebellion Sami turned on oVe and now they are a group without a leader. I believe this is the perfect time for Fulton to step up and become the new leader of the group since he had been sitting under the learning tree of Sami. If I was IMPACT I would now have Fulton lead the group while at the same time being booked as an unstoppable monster which could move him up the card and eventually challenge for the world title before the year ends.

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