We are now approaching the 2nd half of 2020 and there is still time to become a breakout star in the IMPACT Knockouts Division. Let's take a look at five Knockouts who could become a breakout star before the clock strikes midnight on 2020.

5. Kimber Lee:

Kimber Lee recently made her IMPACT debut on May 5th, 2020 episode during Locker Room Talk. She was introduced as an old friend of Havok's which set up a match between the two for the following. Many people watching might not recognize her but she is a well-traveled wrestler. She has competed in CZW, WSU, and Shine just to name a few. Lee would then go on to compete in the first-ever Mae Young Classic in 2017 under the name of Abby Laith she would even use Mae Young's finisher to win her matches. During the classic, she would make it to the Quarterfinals beating both Jazzy Gabbert and Rachel Evers. Lee brings something fresh and new to the already well-touted and stacked Knockouts Division. Last week she made her in-ring debut against her former friend in Havok and it seems that she will do whatever it takes to get the win and become Knockouts Champion. I got to see her during her time in WWE and she seems to have tons of potential to become a breakout star in the division.

4. Nevaeh :

Nevaeh recently made her IMPACT debut on night two of Rebellion as she watched Havok's match against Rosemary from a distance. Nevaeh does seem to have her eyes on Havok as she apparently knows Havok very well and was the inaugural Shimmer Tag Team Champions with Madison Rayne. Nevaeh who is the real-life wife of OVE member Jake Crist could become a breakout star in the Knockouts Division before the year is out. As of now, her focus seems to be set on Havok but she could become a member of OVE down the road.

3. Havok:

Havok first made her IMPACT debut on the September 3rd, 2014 episode where she was placed into a feud with Gail Kim who was the Knockouts Champion at the time. Havok would then win the title from her on the October 1st, 2014 episode of IMPACT. Havok would then lose the title to Taryn Terrell in a triple threat match on the November 19th, 2014 episode of IMPACT. Havok would then wrap up her run with IMPACT on February 6th, 2015 after losing to Awesome Kong at Lockdown. Havok would then return last year thanks to Father James Mitchell but now that he has "died" Havok is on her own. While Havok has been champion before her first reign just seems to be a blip on the radar. Now I think it's time for her to get back on track become the monster that she is known to be. IMPACT is missing that right now and Havok could fill that void.

2. Kylie Rae:

Kylie Rae made news as being one of the first women signed to AEW. She would compete in a fatal four-way match at Double or Nothing in a losing effort. For some personal reasons, Rae requested her release from AEW. Rae made her IMPACT debut late last year at Bound For Glory she took part in the Call Your Shot Battle Royal entering at #17 in a losing effort. Rae is now officially apart of the Knockouts Division and is someone who is touted to have all the tools and potential in the world to become champion. Just recently she beat Kiera Hogan at night one of Rebellion. The sky is the limit for Kylie Rae and so many fresh match-ups so buy stocks in her ASAP.

1. Kiera Hogan:

Kiera Hogan makes number one on this list because she is someone who was looked at as the next big thing when she came to IMPACT but has really amounted to much since coming to IMPACT. She made her debut on the February 1st, 2018 episode of IMPACT defeating then Knockouts Champion Laurel Van Ness aka Chelsea Green. She would then go on to challenge for the title the following week in a losing effort. Hogan would then go on to feud with some of the top stars of the division such as Taya Valkyrie and Tessa Blanchard. Hogan who has now been wrestling for five years just can't seem to break out of the pack until now. After losing to Kylie Rae on night one of Rebellion we saw a video package that seemed to be the start of multiple video packages to come talking about who Kiera Hogan really is and how she is tired of taking a backseat. This is something she needed when she first made her debut. I think as of right now Kiera is on the road to finding her true self and hopefully, this leads to championship contention before the year is out.

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