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Impact Wrestling Live Coverage 4/7/20

Impact Wrestling is set for tonight with a major tag title match featuring Tessa Blanchard the Impact Wrestling Champion. Also tonight is Chris Bey vs. Daga, Madison Rayne vs. Havok, and OVE vs. Dreamer and Rhyno. Stay here for all of the live results as it happens. 

We open up the show with a recap of what happened last week on IMPACT and the set up for this week's IMPACT World Tag Team Championship 

Earlier today Ken Shamrock was shown entering the arena. Josh Mathews says that we are going to be getting a sit down interview with Ken Shamrock.

Willie Mack makes an unscheduled appearance tonight to kick off the show. Mack calls Ace Austin and Reno Scum cowards for attacking an injured Rich Swann last week and calls Ace out to the ring.

Reno Scum comes out instead and says he will take them both on tonight. Reno Scum jump Willie and the bell rings and the match is official. Willie comes back and hits an enzurgi on Lester the Legend. Adam Thornstow distracts Willie and he trys to clothesline him but gets hung up on the ropes. Adam covers for a two count. Reno Scum remains in control as they beat on Willie in the corner. Lester tags back in and continues the assault on Willie. Lester then shoves Willie into the pits of Adam who then tags in as Lester hits a headbutt on Willie then gets out of the ring. Adam remains incontrol and uses a working hold on Willie. Mack fights free and looks to hit a big move off the ropes but eats a dropkick from Adam. Bkth guys are down but Thornstow was able to make the tag to Lester but Willie was able to recover and take down Lester and hits a standing monnsault for a two count. Reno Scum are able to double team on Willie then as Thornstow is climbing to the top Willie kicks Lester into Adam leading to the stunner then the six star frogsplash for the win. After the match the X-Division champion Ace Austin hits the ring and attacks Willie from behind. Reno Scum then holds Willie up as Ace Austin hits The Fold on Willie.

Winner: Willie Mack 

Josh Mathews runs down the rest of the card for the night.

We come back to the show and we see Kylie Rae coming backstage and she meets Jimmy Jacobs, Gail Kim, and introduces herself to Suize. Kiera Hogan makes her presence known and makes fun of Kylie for making new friends and calls everyone fake. Kiera then announces that Rae aill be facing her at Rebellion. Suize then stands up for Kylie then winds up in a match with Kiera Hogan later tonight.

The next match of the night is Chris Bey vs Daga. The bell rings and we are at a standstill as both guys trash talk each other. We begin with both guys locking up with Bey getting the advantage taking down Daga. The match then picks up very quickly as we get two near falls from both guys. Daga then gains control of the match as he hits Bey with a hurricanrana then a dropkick sending him out of the ring. Bey then slides back in and eats a chop from Daga. Bey then gains control and hangs Daga up on the ropes then hits him with a pump kick sending him out of the ring. Bey then follows him to the outside and hots Daga with a punch. Daga slides back into the ring and eats a punch from Bey then followed up by a suplex for a two count. Daga then begins to fight back with multiple chops but is taken down shortly after by a clothesline from Bey. Chris then taunts the crowd and hits a big back bodydrop.

We come back and Bey has Daga in a side headlock which Daga escapes but gets his legs swepped out from under him leading to a step up senton for a nearfall. Bey then puts Daga in the abdominal stretch which Daga then escapes but is immediately put into a body scissors grounding Daga. Daga fights back to his feet trying to break up the submission but Bey holds on. Daga finally is able to throw Bey over his head and hits Bey with a couple of clotheslines then a dragonscrew leading into a powerbomb for a two count. Bey goes to the outside but Saga follows him. Bey is able to escape by shoving Daga's back j to the ramp. Daga gains control and then goes back up the ramp and gets a running start leading to a dive on Bey. Daga sends Bey back in the ring and heads to the top rope for a crossbody leading to a two count. Daga goes for a move but is countered by Bey with a rollup for a two count. Daga then goes to the apron looking for a springboard but counters into a rollup using the ropes for leverage to get the win.

Winner: Chris Bey 

The IMPACT Plus moment of the week is Matt Jackson formerly known as Max Buck in TNA vs The Brian Kendrick in a steel cage match at Lockdown. Max Buck picked up the win.

We then see a segment where Taya is hitting John E Bravo with a steel chair over and over again. Bravo says that all of this isn't worth it which upsets Taya even more. She then throws down the chair and leaves.

We come back and see Wentz and Dez backstage. Wentz ask if they are gonna watch the tag team title match but Dez says no cause they have guests. Dez invite The Deaners then Wentz says he invite TJP and Fallah Bahh then Trey says he invite XXL. The Deaners show up and offer beer. TJP and Fallah Bahh show up with food and Fallah offers it to everyone who doesn't want to eat it cause it smells bad. XXL show up and eat Fallah's food. Trey and Wentz eventually leave and we are left with The Deaners, Dez, XXL, and Fallah Bahh and TJP.

The next match of the night is Madison Rayne vs Jessica Havok. Madison Rayne come out to the ring first followed by Havok. The bell rings and Havok charges at Rayne who moves out of the way and slaps Havok. She then reminds Havok that she is the locker room leader. Havok tries to attack but Rayne moves out of the way and attempts a school girl but to no avail. Havok then takes control with two big slams leading to a running boot in the corner. Rayne then fights back with multiple forearms and thinks she has Havok right where she wants her and plays to the crowd. Havok gets back up and sits Rayne on the top rip. Rayne kicks Havok away and begins to lay in shots and attempts a nnorthern lights to no avail. Havok then regains control and sits Rayne back on the top rope but Rayne kicks Havok off and goes for a crossbody. Havok counters into a tombstone piledriver for the win.

Winner: Jessica Havok

We then see Tessa approaching Eddie telling him that she didn't need him last week even though they have a title match tonight. Eddie then reminds her that he use to be the stubborn one but is now offering out his hand to help Tessa. He then gives her an ultimatum to accper his help or not.

Up next is the sit down interview with Ken Shamrock.

We come back to the show and Jimmy Jacobs conducts a sit down interview with Ken Shamrock. Shamrock says that the fireball atrack from Sami damaged his retina and he had to go on antibiotics to make sure there was no infection. For the first few weeks Ken didn't know wheather he would get his eyesight back. He goes on to say that Sami has no respect for people in this business and has no remorse for injuring people. Jimmy announces that next week their will be a contract signing for a match at Rebellion against Sami. Ken says that IMPACT management says that they aren't allowed to touch till Rebellion. Sami then hacks the interview leading to Ken running off looking for him.

The next match is OVE vs Rhino and Tommy Dreamer. OVE make their way to the ring with Madman Fulton first. Tommy Dreamer then makes his way to the ring followed by his partner Rhino. Dave and Tommy start off the match. They lockup with Tommy getting the advantage but Dave quickly turns that around and doubles over Dreamer. Dave tags Jake in and gets caught by Dreamer and dragged to the corner as Dreamer tags in Rhino. Rhino hits a sledgehammer on the arm and wears down the arm. Rhino then tags back in Dreamer as Fulton climbs on the ramp. Fulton then attacks Rhino leading to him being ejected. Dreamer then throws Jake back in and lays in the punches. Tommy then hits the ropes and gets kicked in the back by Dave which leads to OVE taking control and a two count. Jake then tags in Dave who hets some offense in before tagging back out. Jake then knocks Rhino off the apron and attacks Dreamer before tagging back in Dave. Dave then takes down Dreamer for a two count. Dreamer fights back but eats a clothesline. Dave heads to the top but Dreamer meets him there and hits a superplex leading to the tag to Rhino. Dave then tags out to Jake as Rhino goes on a tear and hits a mini gore in the corner. Dave then gets back in the ring and tries to attack Rhino leading to a cutter on Dave by Dreamer. Rhino then hits the gore on Jake for the win. Post match Madman Fulton comes back out and lays out Dreamer and Rhino. Dave feeds Dreamer to Fulton for a swinging powerslam.

Winners: Rhino and Tommy Dreamer 

We come back and see Rosemary in a bar looking to find "friends" and runs into Johnny Swinger. Swinger tries to hit on Rosemary. Swinger says that he is bringing sombody named M Jackson next week. Rosemary then ditches Swinger. 

The next match is Kiera Hogan vs Susie. Kiera comes out first followed by Susie. The bell rings and Kiera shoves and bullies Susie. Susie then fights back and slaps Kiera. Susie then puts Hogan into a side headlock and brings her to the mat then leads to a running bulldog for a two count. Kiera regains control and takes down Susie for a two count. Hogan then puts Susie into the corner and puts her boot under her chin. Hogan then gets a running head start and hits multiple running knees and forearms ito Susie leading to a two count. Kiera then picks her up for a dropkick leading to a two count. Susie then fights back with open palm stirkes and a thez press leading tk multiple hea slams into the mat. Kiera fights free and hits a big superkick for a two count. Kiera then grans Susie and brings her into the corner but Susie fights free. Susie hits Kiera with a plam strike and a hurricanrana for a two count. Susie looks for the bloody glove, which she doesn't have. Kiera Hogan then hits the fisherman suplex for the win.

Winner: Kiera Hogan 

After the match we see The North discussing their match for tonight. Micheal Elgin comes in a ask them which one is gonna step aside so he can be in the match. The North apparently fall for Elgin's mindgames as The North is now angry and Elgin tells them to use that anger in their match tonight.

We comeback to the show and Jimmy Jacobs is interviewing Tenille Dashwood. Tenille says that last week she was trying to bring Taya back to reality. Dashwood also says that she is looking to come after Jordynne Grace's title and that she has a match with Taya next week.

Josh Mathews then runs down next week's card and the Rebellion card.

Main event time:

Tessa Blanchard and Eddie Edwards vs The North for the IMPACT World Tag Team Championships. Eddie Edwards comes out first followed by the IMPACT World Champion Tessa Blanchard. The champions then make their way to the ring. 

We come back and the bell rings. Eddie and Ethan start off the match. They lockup with Ethan getting the advantage then Eddie goes behind and takes Ethan down to the mat. Ethan escapes and tag out to Josh. Eddie then tags out to Tessa. Tessa puts Josh in a headlock but Josh escapes and pushes her to the ropes. Josh backs up and gives Tessa some room to get back on offense and brings down Josh with a hurricanrana sending him into the corner. Tessa then sends Josh to the floor and tries to hit a suicide dive but Ethan steps in her way. This allows Josh to come from behind and take control. Tessa then falls into the corner allowing for Eddie to make the tag. Eddie then begins to light up Josh Alexander with multiple chops in the corner leading to Ethan coming in. Eddie then puts Ethan in the corner in front of Josh and lights up Ethan with chops. Tessa is able to tag herself back in with The North on the floor. She climbs to the top rope and hits a crossbody on The North after Eddie hits a suicide dive on Josh Alexander. We come back to the show and Tessa is in control and tags in Eddie. Eddie takes out both memebers of The North and looks for a hurricanrana but Ethan Page puts a stop to that. Josh Alexander then leaps off thr top rope hitting a dive knee. The North remain in control and illegal double teaming as Tessa is distracting the referee. Josh tags out and hits a running shoulderblock on Eddie then knocks him down again with a punch. Ethan then taunts the crowd and blows a kiss to Tessa. Josh tags in and doubles over Eddie then tagging in Ethan. Eddie takes down both and tags in Tessa. Tessa hits a top rope crossbody on The North. Josh tries to stop her momentum but she counters into a tilt a whirl bodyslam. Tessa then hits a suicide dive on each member of The North leading to a two count. Tessa looks for the body scissors but Josh puts on the brakes and lifts her up for Ethan to hit a cutter for a two count. Eddie then slides in the ring to aid Tessa but Ethan counters and makes then collide head first but Tessa comes back and hits a cutter and all four are down. Tessa and Eddie try to rally back but Ethan puts a stop to that. Eddie takes out Ethan then hits a clothesline and a powerbomb. Tessa does the same for a two count. Tessa goes to the top and looks for Magnum but gets countered with a fireman's carry. Tessa then gets caught in between The North and eats multiple kicks. Eddie makes the save and tries to hit a DDT on Ethan but Josh makes the save and she hits a DDT on Josh. Eddie is back up on the apron looking for a tag but Tessa hesitates and The North capitalize and knock Eddie off the apron with Tessa's feet then The North hits their finishing move for the win and retain their titles. Post match Eddie is asking why she didn't make the tag. She tells Eddie I know what you really wantand shoves Eddie away. Eddie leaves the ring which allows for Micheal Elgin to come from behind and hit her with the Eligin Bomb as Eddie watched from the stage. Micheal stands tall with the world title to close the show.

Winners: The North

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