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As it was announced earlier today, openly gay independent wrestler Jai Vidal has signed a multi-year contract with Impact Wrestling.

The announcement was made by Vidal himself during an episode of the LGBT in the Ring podcast, where he explains his excitement and the road he went on to finally get to this point in his career.

For those unfamilar with Jai Vidal, he was first seen in Impact Wrestling in late 2021 where he was jobbed out to former TNA World Champion, Eric Young and former WWE turned Impact and NJPW star, Jonah before resurfacing alongside Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay aka The IInspiration (The former Iconics) during the latter's feud with Madison Rayne, Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb With a K of The Influence.


Vidal would return again in early November being the kayfabe excutive stylish and content creator to Impact Wrestling Knockout, Gisele Shaw who herself also made headlines early this year upon coming out as transgender.

Since this announcement, numerous Impact stars and officials have congratulated their newest signee and we here at Wrestling News World would also like to wish Jai Vidal the best in his foreseeable future with Impact Wrestling.

If you liked to see the episode in which this news was made, be sure to click the link down below:

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