James Storm Addresses His Status For Final Resolution, More


James Storm recently took part in an interview with About.com and discussed a number of topics, including his health after his concussion and whether or not he'd be able to compete at the upcoming Final Resolution pay-per-view. When asked if he'd be available and who he'd face, Storm responded:

"It's funny because I'm supposed to go out and give Kurt Angle, who gave me this concussion, an answer on this week's IMPACT. However, I actually go back this Tuesday to take another test because I didn't pass my last one. They did say that it is looking really good and that I should be alright on Tuesday."

When asked about the lack of emphasis of tag teams in both TNA and WWE, Storm responded:

"It needs to be more, I don't want to say characters that people need to relate to, but in wrestling that is what it is. You need to have your wrestlers be relatable to the audience. I think that was good about both me and Chris and also me and Robert is that we were all relatable to the audience. I know in WWE, they take two guys and kind of just throw them together. You need time to build chemistry and a relationship with each other and also the audience. Right now, I don't see that with either company. But we are also working on that now. They have Matt Morgan and Crimson as the tag team champions and also Mexican America. Hopefully, the Machineguns will come back and that will add another big piece to our tag team division.

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