James Storm Discusses Working Concussed, How His Latest Injury Happened, Side Effects, Final Resolution Status


Examiner.com has a new interview online with James Storm. In it, he discusses his latest concussion and the side effects that have came along with it. He also discloses information about his availability for his scheduled match against Kurt Angle at TNA Final Resolution on Sunday. Below are the highlights of the interview:

On working last month concussed: "I was never really concerned, as long as I wasn't in any real physicality. Before I even did anything, I talked with Dixie Carter and the doctors. We understood the seriousness of my concussion. I saw how people read reports from live events and thought I actually wrestled in a match. I wouldn't call it wrestling. I just walked out and super kicked a guy. We all made sure there was no further damage to my health. TNA was very protective of my health."

When the injury happened: "I think it actually happened in a match against Roode when I lost the title to him. I think it was the superplex off the top rope. I watched the match a couple of times now and I remember being foggy after that move."

How many concussions he's suffered: "I have had 3 in the 15 years that I've been wrestling. The first two were in the early part of TNA. I think I was worried about telling people. I was worried that I might lose my spot in the company".

Side effects from most-recent injury: "There was a lot of fogginess. It really felt like muddy water. I was real sensitive to light. My balance was off a bit. I couldn't really read or watch TV. I wasn't even able to play video games. I couldn't concentrate. I had to sit in a dark room for the first two days because the light hurt my eyes and my head. I had to watch TV with my sunglasses on. It was pretty scary. For two weeks the fogginess kept going on. I couldn't go outside without sunglasses because the sunlight would give me an instant headache. It was pretty scary."

Status for TNA Final Resolution: "I went back last Sunday, took another test, didn't do quite as well as the doctors would have liked. They said I did good, but they still wanted to be careful with me. I'm actually going back today to see if I get cleared."

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