Janice Carter Sent A Memo Out To TNA Employees About The "For Sale" Rumors

TNA Wrestling

Reports surfaced earlier today that Janice Carter sent a memo out to TNA Wrestling employees about the whole company shaking "for sale" rumor that most wrestling NEWZ sites covered earlier this week. Richard Gray touched on the subject in Monday's Ask WNW and I wrote a whole article on the subject here.

I was told by my source inside the company that a memo was indeed sent out by Janice Carter. My source told me that the memo consisted of two things. First, she praised the whole new creative path they are going. The company is planning to continue the "24/7 Where the Action Never Ends" creative direction. Second, Janice confronted the "for sale" rumors and said the company is, "Not for sale," and that, "They were in it for the long haul."

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