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Jeff Hardy Cage Bump Orchestrated, Jeff Not Injured

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Contrary to what has been making rounds about Jeff Hardy, it’s said he is fine and the bump off the steel cage was a planned spot. I started to sense it was a work after some of the Tweets that were making rounds about the spot on social media.

For example, take a look at this from Tommy Dreamer:

Click here to Tweet (if not loaded)

Had Jeff suffered a serious head injury, it's very unlucky Dreamer would Tweet something like that. I mentioned about how Jeff’s wife, Beth, seemed to be making light of the situation on Twitter. Below are her Tweets: Click here to Tweets (if not loaded)

Furthermore, I found it strange that Jeff Hardy would be able to travel from New York City back to his home in North Carolina if he had suffered a serious head injury. It would appear that whatever Jeff landed on was gimmicked, as we’ve already noted how he didn’t even try to protect himself off the cage. Here's the spot once again:

Jeff will be written out of storylines after that match at TNA Lockdown airs because the company will be holding multiple Impact tapings in the United Kingdom later this month and he won't be making the trip. Jeff’s brother Matt Hardy will be on those shows.

CLICK HERE for Lockdown spoilers.

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