Jeff Hardy Comments On Insane Cage Bump


Chad Dukes had Jeff Hardy on his radio show on Friday to promote Impact Wrestling’s move to Destination America. In the interview, Hardy talked about his cage spot at the TNA Lockdown taping last week in New York City, below is an excerpt:

“I’m recovering as we speak. I’m going to get checked out, some concussion testing maybe an MRI next week. I remember climbing out of the cage, watching that video’s so crazy when you get knocked out and can’t remember what happened, it was freaky. Last thing I can really compare something like that happening in my life, I was trying to jump this motorcross jump I had built and last thing I remember was going over my handlebars and the rest was history, I don’t remember anything else after that. Same scenario, I woke up backstage and seeing the video it’s just freaky, could have went a lot worse. I’m walking, glad to say I’m walking pretty comfortably. My neck and lower back’s pretty banged up but I’m gonna get set straight next week with all that stuff.”

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This is one of those situations where it’s difficult to separate what’s kayfabe and what’s not. I was sent footage of the bump last Saturday and was told that Jeff was banged up coming out of the taping. However, as the bump received more press, it was clear TNA was really pushing it as a way to write Jeff of television.

We also learned that Hardy traveled from New York back to his home in North Carolina less than 24 hours after the bump. Going back and watching the spot, it’s clear that Hardy had picked his landing and didn’t even attempt to protect himself as he fell.

So did he suffer a legitimate head injury?

I find it hard to believe that he would 1) travel home to North Carolina if he had and 2) that workers like Tommy Dreamer would seemingly made light of it. Furthermore, James Storm "attacked" Hardy as he was receiving assistance going up the ramp.

Going forward, Jeff should be considered fine but he won’t be on television for several weeks after the February 6, 2015 Lockdown episode of Impact airs, as they’re heading to the United Kingdom to tape and he’s not on the tour. Jeff has re-signed with TNA and is one of their top names leading the reset on Destination America.

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