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Jeff Jarrett Releases Newest Video - Leaving TNA Wasn't A Hard Decision, Mentions Toby Keith

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Jeff Jarrett released his second full video since his resignation from TNA Wrestling. In his first video he revealed that he was scouting the very best talent all around the world. This video showcases his, as well as Karen Jarrett's thoughts about leaving TNA. Karen states that she had no fear when Jeff left and Jeff stated that leaving the company he started wasn't a hard decision. Karen also mentions that when you aren't happy personally or professionally then you have to make change and that is referring to Jeff. In the video, Jeff mentions Toby Keith as Toby told Jeff on the first TNA show to always listen to the fans. The full video can be seen below or at this link:

What's next? @RealJeffJarrett and @KarenJarrett both speak about the future! #ItsComing from Kevin Sullivan on Vimeo.

We also want to thank Jeff for taking a snapshot of for the video about Jeff giving his resignation to TNA.

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