Jeff Jarrett's Resignation Felt Throughout TNA Wrestling, Impacting Contract Negotiations?

Jeff Jarrett resigning from his position behind-the-scenes in TNA Wrestling has been a hot topic since he Tweeted about it just before the holidays. His resignation was considered a surprise given the fact he had regained a considerable amount of stroke following the departure of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff being sent home.

TNA issued a statement, clarifying that Jarrett remained an investor in the company and they looked forward to his continued participation. We were told there was concern Jarrett could be looking to move on with the group financed by country music star Toby Keith to potentially start another promotion.

James Storm publicly came out in support of Jarrett, stressing that TNA needed him. There are also a number of people that think this could be impacting AJ Styles' negotiations for a new contract with TNA.

While Jarrett and Styles haven't always had the best relationship, that has changed considerably in recent years. Styles credits Jarrett for having a tremendous influence on his career and is very loyal to him because of it. He even told us in a media Q&A that he would not accept a TNA Hall of Fame nomination until Jarrett himself was inducted. Jarrett resigning from his position was seen as a sign that all is still not well in TNA and got the attention of a number of the boys that are Jarrett allies.

Jarrett is technically still employed by TNA Wrestling until January 6, 2014.

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