Ken Anderson Discusses Differences In TNA Compared To WWE; Missed Opportunity

Original: has a new interview online with Ken Anderson. In it, he discusses the differences working in TNA compared to WWE and also talks about his big missed opportunity. Below is an excerpt:

Q. Having worked in both WWE and TNA, what are some of the differences and similarities between Vince McMahon and Dixie Carter?

Over in the WWE - and this is their business decision - you are told exactly what to do; how to walk, how to talk, how to react to certain things. Wrestlers are performers and artists. Generally artists and actors are pretty free-spirited individuals and when you tell them exactly what to do and how to act it doesn’t tend to work so well.

I think here with TNA we are given a lot of freedom as far as character development goes. We may be given bullet points, but we are told to put them in our own words and put our own spin on things. When we do that, it makes it more organic and more real and people will be able to relate to it more rather than if you were playing a character.

Q. Since arriving in TNA you’ve been a two-time world champion. Do you feel you would have ever got that opportunity in the WWE?

I do believe I was 24 hours away from accomplishing that in the WWE had I not sustained an injury that kept me on the shelf for a little bit. I actually had a talk with Vince and he told me what was going to happen. He wanted me to cash in my ‘Money in the Bank’ then in the very next match I got injured.

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