King Mo Wins Return Fight, Sting Admits He Can't Wrestle Much Longer


King Mo Wins Bellator Fight

King Mo was successful in his MMA fight on Bellator XCVI on Wednesday night. Mo knocked out Seth Petruzelli at the 1:35 mark of the first round.

Sting's Future in the Ring

Muscle and Fitness has a new interview online with Sting to promote his co-starring role in "Revelation Road" (now on DVD). In it, he's asked how much longer he wants to stay in the ring at 54 years old. Below is his answer:

I’ve learned not to give a time. I can’t go on wrestling much longer. I’m taking it, literally, one month at a time. I’m under contract until January of next year, so we’ll see what’s happening. I do want to do more movies. I’m looking at a few different things, reality shows being one of them. I’m just trying to move onto the next season of my life. As far as wrestling goes, I’ve stayed away from the creative part of it all these years, I just don’t want to sit in on the meetings and babysit wrestlers and personalities and all that. But, there are things I’d like to see happen in pro wrestling and I may try to make it materialize. I don’t know.

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