Kurt Angle Confirms Olympic Career Is Over, Talks About Funny Or Die Video, Plans On Acting After Wrestling

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ZOO Magazine has a new Q&A online with Kurt Angle. Below is an excerpt:

Would you consider training for the 2016 Olympics?
No! By that time I’d be 47, that’s definitely not an option for me. As I said, I found out that the requirements of the training was too much for my body to handle at this point in my career. When you make the Olympic team, that’s a milestone in itself and the training is unimaginable. The training you need to do is borderline abuse.

What are you looking forward to the most about the TNA 2013 UK tour?
When we come over to the UK the fans are a bit more vocal and I think that’s because we’re not here as much. I look forward to going up against the best with guys, such as AJ Styles, to really give the fans a match they'll love.

You recently did a parody video with Funny Or Die. How did that come about?
They actually contacted me after hearing I was training for the Olympics. But when I got injured, they said they would like me to do it and then air it just before the start of the Games. I thought it was quite an honour to have guys such as Will Ferrell and Adam McKay want me for a project. So they asked me to pick a partner and I chose RVD as my coach. I knew he’d do an excellent job and people don’t know him like I do, he’s a really funny guy.

You've also starred in a number of movies such as Warrior and next year you’ll star alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Mark Wahlberg in Pain And Gain. Will acting be your life after wrestling?
That’s what I plan on doing after wrestling. I’ve had a few movies. Last year I did Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night, with the producers of Men In Black and Superman Returns. I co-starred with Brandon Routh, but it didn’t do as well as they hoped. Right now, I’ve been in five big motion picture movies and hoping, God willing, it turns into something bigger where I can do a lot more acting. There is only one Dwayne Johnson, but then again there is only one Kurt Angle.

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