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Kurt Angle Discusses His Olympic Goals, His Past Issues With Painkillers, More

Kurt Angle recently did an interview with The Associated Press in which he discusses his goal to compete in the 2012 Olympic Games, Bound For Glory, his past addiction to painkillers, and more. In the excerpt below, Angle compares his regimen now to his regimen while training for the 1996 Olympic Games:

"I know what I did back then was completely insane. If you ever followed my regimen, you'd think I was out of my mind. But I thought the harder I trained, the better I'd be. To some extent, it was counterproductive. I also burned out quite a bit. Now the pressure's off. I won it. I have an Olympic gold medal. This has been a lot more fun for me rather than being nervous all the time." Angle also discussed his past addiction to painkillers, saying at one point he was taking 65 extra-strength painkillers a day, and was still not satisfied. He chronicled quitting the pills cold turkey, although a physician he met with warned against it:

"I cried the whole way home. The next five days I watched 'Harry Potter' movies with a blanket around me to get through it. It was one of the toughest things I've done in my life and I'll never touch a painkiller again in my life - and I've been offered. I will never let something consume me the way painkillers did in 2004. That was the devil taking over."Click here to read the full interview.

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