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Kurt Angle Discusses His Position In TNA, The Hope For A PPV Like Wrestlemania

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Kurt Angle

Mark Madden interviewed Kurt Angle to promote this week's Impact Wrestling tapings in Indiana, Pennsylvania.

Angle opened by reaffirming that taping from the Impact Zone "got stale" with "only about 1000 people" attending with mostly the same people with the exception of a few international tourists from time-to-time.

Madden said he watches Impact every week and what he wants is more Kurt Angle and that he should be the one battling Aces and Eights, not the guy that can hardly walk (referencing Hulk Hogan). Angle said he's gone back and forth with creative and he was the staple of TNA for the last five years, up until the last year when they've been trying to use younger talent.

Madden interjected, "like Hogan" and Angle responded by saying, "that's a touchy subject." Kurt said he "loves Terry" but it is about younger talent and having them work people such as himself in the main event. He said hopefully in the future they'll start doing that more often.

Angle said his demise in TNA was when he was unable to continue his journey towards another Olympic run in 2012. He said they wrote him off to train but didn't have a lot for him when he came back. Angle said they told him they were going to have plans for him and start writing him back in.

He went on to talk about his health, including getting Novocaine injections in his neck during his Olympic gold medal run in 1996. He talked about Vince McMahon putting him on and letting him go out on how own.

Angle said he is happy in TNA and they treat him well. He just wants to retire with a bang and hopes within the next three years they can have a pay-per-view that's somewhat close to Wrestlemania because everyone wants to retire at Wrestlemania. However, Angle reiterated his desire to stay with TNA Wrestling.

Madden told Angle he wanted him to return to WWE so he could stretch Brock Lesnar one more time. Angle discussed his shoot match with Lesnar and discussed his brief fight scene in "Pain & Gain" with The Rock.

You can listen to the interview at this link or embedded in the player below:


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