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Kurt Angle Discusses Olympic Comeback Attempt - April Qualifiers, Overcoming Painkiller Abuse & Broken Necks, Family Doubt

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The BBC has a new article online highlighting Kurt Angle's attempt to land a spot on the US amateur wrestling team for the 2012 Olympics.

"I had to give it a lot of thought, it didn't just come out of my head and say I'm going to try for Olympics," he says.

"What are my chances of making the team? Slim to none, I'm not going to lie but, if I can look you in the eye and say I have a chance that's more than enough. That's worth training five hours a day to get ready for the trials and for the biggest event of all, the Olympics."

When asked if failing to put on a good showing at the April qualifiers will hurt him, Angle said:

"The only negative publicity I could get is if I didn't show for the trials. I don't want people to think Kurt Angle is a quitter,"

"I've been chastised for going into mixed martial arts and backing out. But the reason I backed out was the terms - they wanted me ready to fight in four weeks but you've got to be out of your mind. "

Angle says he's been through a "rugged" decade:

"I've had a rugged 10 years. I've been through painkiller abuse to broken necks to wrestling 300 days a year, beating my body down," he admits.

Angle also reveals those close to him aren't offering him the biggest showing of support either:

"I've had my ex-wife Karen tell me you're not fit for it," he says.

"I've had family members say they're concerned about my neck, my mother's always worried and even some of my brothers aren't taking me seriously.

"Last time they were with me everywhere I went, now they're like 'nah he's not really doing it'. I've been doing it by the grace of God as I don't have near the support I had back then."

You can read the article in its entirety at this link.

Thanks to Wrestling News World readers Bradley Webber, Liam, Mark and Phil Hutchins for sending us the link.

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