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Kurt Angle Discusses Heartbreaking Decision To End Olympic Comeback, Why He Didn't Wrestle In The UK, Says TNA Dropped The Ball With Magnus & Doug Williams

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The Sun out of the United Kingdom has a new Q&A online with Kurt Angle. Below are the highlights:

Ending his Olympic comeback attempt:

“I think I had five injuries in 11 months. It was just heartbreaking. But it’s OK. I’m doing what I love to do right now and I have no bad feelings about it. Everything worked out.”

Why he didn't wrestle in the UK:

“They are amazing crowds. I love going over there. Last year, because of my Olympic training, they didn’t have me wrestle. They had me written off the shows because they didn’t want me to get hurt while I was training.

TNA dropping the ball:

“I think that TNA as a whole might have dropped the ball a little bit with Doug Williams and Magnus, when you look at the talent they have. I hope they don’t do the same with these guys.

“They are starting to use Magnus and I believe they have big plans for him.

“But the reason I thought they might have dropped the ball is because he was so young when he started. They might have thought ‘he’s just a baby, we can wait’ but four years later he’s still only 25.

“I think Magnus is ready to explode.

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

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