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Kurt Angle Films Fight Scene With The Rock In New Michael Bay Film This Weekend

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Kurt Angle was given the weekend off TNA live events this weekend to shoot a role in the new Michael Bay film called "Pain and Gain" starring The Rock. Below is a synopsis of the film courtesy of Vulture:

A thriller about several boneheaded Miami bodybuilders whose plot to kidnap, rob and murder a wealthy businessman yields decidedly mixed results: The left-for-dead victim recuperates in secret, and then hires a private detective to track down his kidnappers and exact revenge.

Angle has a fight scene in the flick with The Rock and Tweeted about it. The following is from Angle's official Twitter account:

" data-datetime="2012-04-28T11:56:53+00:00">April 28, 2012

" data-datetime="2012-04-28T22:34:49+00:00">April 28, 2012

" data-datetime="2012-04-28T23:21:39+00:00">April 28, 2012

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