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Kurt Angle Hunting Down International Scammers That Stole $4000 From His Mother

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TMZ is reporting that Kurt Angle is hunting down international scammers that conned his mom out of $4,000.

According to their report, Angle's mother received a call from someone in the Dominican Republic who claimed her grandson was in a local jail and needed $4000 or the consequences would be severe. Angle's mother wired them $4000 from Pittsburgh and thought everything would be fine until she received a call the next day, asking for another $4000.

Kurt stepped in and discovered the family member was fine and contacted local authorities over the situation. According to the FBI, Angle's mother is one of many victims being target by international scammers who prey on the elderly.

"I'm gonna find the son of a b---- who did this to my mom," Angle told TMZ.

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