Kurt Angle Speaks Out On Austin Aries As Champion & More; Kurt Is Replaced On Show Due To "A Conflict Of Issues"


- Kurt Angle was interviewed on Chad Duke's 1067 The Fan radio show while he was in Washington, D.C. Bobby Roode was recently interviewed by them. Below is an excerpt from the interview.

Kurt talked about WWE and TNA Wrestling booking new talent on their roster against him as they came into the business:

I really enjoyed it, I took it as a compliment. At TNA they did the same thing. They’d bring in somebody like the Pope or Mr. Anderson or whoever else that was coming in that was coming from WWE or had somewhat of a name, the first program they’d do would be with me. I’ve always enjoyed that it’s a good challenge and Desmond Wolfe was another one that came from Ring of Honor. So I like that and I know that the company has faith in me. Both WWE did and TNA had the faith in me to make the guys look as good as I could.

Kurt was asked if he thinks you have to be a certain size to be champion:

No. I think Austin Aries as champion, I think he deserves it, he’s an awesome talent. Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero, unfortunately their tragedies really damaged the ability for smaller guys to step up and become champions. I don’t know why but I think they were just unfortunate. I don’t think it was because of their size, I think they were just terrible tragedies that happened with both those families and it’s gotten a little bit of a bad reputation now, the under 6 foot club and i don’t think it should be that way. I think any size is a good size.

Kurt also discussed his possible MMA future that he had, the current mix of talent in TNA, and his Funny or Die video. You can listen to the full interview here.

- Kurt was going to be part of the World Series of Fighting as a guest commentator but he had to be replaced because of "a conflict of issues". It is announced that Renzo Gracie, MMA veteran, will replace him.

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