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Breaking news as two more names are now gone from Impact Wrestling in the form of Larry D and Shawn Hernandez.


The first one to mention is Larry D, who has been working with the Impact since 2019 when he first competed at the All Glory main event against future tag team champion, Acey Romero announced via twitter that he had asked from his release from the company with both sides agreeing and ending things on good terms.

Larry D's Tweet

Larry D and the previously mentioned Acey Romero would become the plus sized tag team known as Triple XL or XXXL, with the duo being a terrifying presence in the tag division but were mostly relegated to being the job duo for other tag teams.

Larry D also became known for his work in Wrestle House and its sequel where he plays a cologne spraying suit wearing, suave version of himself known as Lawarence D with Larry's alter ago last being seen in his last match with Impact against Raj Singh on the December 9th edition of Impact.

Meanwhile, it was revealed earlier in the day that Shawn Hernandez, best known for his work with the Original LAX was removed from Impact's Wrestler's page and considering Hernandez has not been seen by fans since he was destroyed by Ace Austin and Madman Fulton on an episode of Impact in early 2022, this all but confirms that Hernandez is once again done with the company.

These two wrestlers can now join Matt Striker and Rohit Raju aka Hakim Zane on the list of wrestlers who have been let go or asked for their releases from Impact Wrestling at the start of this year, will more names join this list...time will tell.

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