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Latest Details On The Creative Team Shake-Up In TNA Impact Wrestling

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There continues to be a lot of talk regarding the creative team in TNA Impact Wrestling. No formal announcement has been made to crew and talent regarding the rumored Dave Lagana for Vince Russo transition. The situation gained steamed this afternoon when it was learned that Russo wasn't backstage at Against All Odds in Orlando.

From what I understand Lagana is helping produce pre-tapes backstage at tonight's show and is downplaying rumors that he's Russo's replacement. The creative structure in TNA has been Vince Russo and Matt Conway submitting their work to Bruce Prichard before going to Eric Bischoff who had the final say before the content was executed for television.

While many publications are continuing to report Russo is out, my sources seems to believe Russo could be seeking a "less political" role in TNA. It wasn't long ago I was told Dixie Carter "wouldn't fire" Russo. Things are always subject to change and with Russo not at tonight's pay-per-view, there is nothing to support his status one way or another.

All and all I can confirm TNA has been actively searching for a new creative team writer. Russo's absence is notable and an exit would mean a big leg up for the political camp of Bischoff and Hulk Hogan.

For those unfamiliar with Lagana, he's a former WWE creative team writer and was working with ROH Wrestling before being hired by TNA last year to help with Ring Ka King in India.

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