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Latest Details On TNA Impact Wrestling Leaving Spike TV

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There was some talk about TNA Wrestling on Saturday night at Bellator 131 in San Diego, California. Bobby Lashley was at the show while cross-over stars Tito Ortiz and King Mo were in action (and both won).

The word regarding TNA on Spike TV was that the relationship is ending. This is something we reported here on Premium on September 1, 2014. There had been some optimism lately that Spike could end up renewing Impact just because they would be getting such a discount with rights fees that it wouldn’t make since not to. However, the word going around at Belator 131, seems to suggest the ship has sailed and they are moving on.

This is something that Jeremy Botter, who covers MMA for Bleacher Report and was at the show, Tweeted to his followers on Twitter from the show on Saturday evening:

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">November 15, 2014

In regards to where TNA goes from here, this isn’t “new” news, they’ve known (like you’ve known) Spike TV was looking to move on and have been negotiating with other networks. There continues to be a lot of optimism from TNA officials they will be landing a TV deal and it will be announced before the end of the year. As things currently stand, they only have new material taped through this week at which point “Best of” shows will air or Impact will simply vanish from Spike TV completely.

Dixie Carter tried to reassure fans last week, when she said it would be “soon” when TNA Wrestling announced their new domestic TV deal.

Furthermore, it was announced by Bellator at Saturday’s show that Lashley’s next fight will be at Bellator 133 on Friday, Feb. 27, 2015 against James Thompson. Lashley said he hoped TNA and Spike could work things out. Regardless, he’s expected to remain with TNA as he is under contract.

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