Low Morale In TNA Wrestling?, Not According To Austin Aries


There is a rumor that has been making rounds over the last week or so that morale in TNA Wrestling is low due to the departure of Samoa Joe. While I’m sure there is a lot of legitimate disappointment regarding the departure of Joe, Austin Aries actually completely tore apart any such claim in an interview he did last week with Philly.com.

We ran the quotes last Sunday but will repeat them here:

Regarding Joe’s departure:

That’s part of the business, man. People come, people go and at the end of the day, everybody has to do what’s right for them and their family and their situation. I’ve known Joe a long time and the guy is supremely intelligent, supremely talented so I’m sure the decision he made will work out because guys like that always seem to land on their feet.

Hey, man. It could possibly happen with any of us at any time. As far as guys contracts and their deals, I don’t try to stick my nose in too much. Obviously, we all kind of have an idea of what’s going on behind the scenes, but I always feel those things are best kept behind the scenes and not out there for general consumption unless that person decides to put it out there.

Talent is talent. Anytime you lose a talented wrestler it just creates a situation where other guys have to step up and fill the void. Guys like Samoa Joe are unique in their own right and you don’t just pluck guys like that off the tree and insert them. In any situation, any locker room, any sport, you take a talented player out I’m sure it’s going to hurt, but it presents an opportunity for other guys to step up and try to fill that void.

The atmosphere in TNA:

Things are good. I think there’s a lot of excitement with our switch over to Destination America. The feeling is that we’re with a station now that is behind us 100 percent. They know that as the TNA brand grows so does their station. They’re relatively new as far as networks go. I think there’s just a lot of excitement and optimism and we’re going to take things as they come, put ourselves in a position to be successful and know that things don’t happen overnight. As long as we’re continuing to make those incremental movements forward, things should be good.

While Aries certainly doesn't speak for the entire roster, I just thought it was funny there were reports about morale being low because Joe was gone when a talent was on record saying the exact opposite.

CLICK HERE to read the Aries interview in its entirety.

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