Low TNA Live Event Attendance, Big News Coming, Lashley & Team 3D's Best Feuds


- One of the biggest non-stories of the weekend was the abysmal attendance at TNA live events. The show on Friday night in Louisville caused some horrifying photos of low attendance. On Saturday night, the company ran in a minor league baseball stadium in Lexington, Kentucky. That show was estimated to have drawn around 300 fans. In what one can only wonder if it's a rib, TNA referee Brian Hebner Tweeted the following:

">@IMPACTWRESTLING this weekend, you guys were great. Thanks! #123

— Brian Hebner (@babyhebner) July 20, 2014

- TNA Wrestling Tweeted early on Sunday morning that big news is coming later in the day. No announcement yet but here's the Tweet:

- We have some kayfabe links for you on ImpactWrestling.com. One on Bobby Lashley at this link and another looking at the best feuds of Team 3D at this link.

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