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Manik/TJ Perkins Reveals How Much He Makes In TNA Wrestling & When His Contract Expires

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TJ Perkins, known as Manik on Impact Wrestling revealed on his Ask.FM page how much he made in TNA Wrestling. Ask.FM is a social media type network where people can send you questions to answer. The question of What's your salary in TNA was asked. Here is his response:

My contract was started midway thru the year last year but altogether with salary+appearances I was on pace for roughly $75,000-$84,000 for a year period. That's if my schedule is as busy as it was last summer/fall. Also that's only counting TNA. I'd make a lot more if I kept up with other bookings outside but I just don't. I'm also guaranteed a huge chunk of that regardless of if I wrestle or not. So it's pretty ok considering I do what I love.
I'm on the low end on the roster too. Most guys do way better than me.

We saw a report earlier today about Jesse Neal actually making more money at Walmart than he did in TNA.

Manik also revealed that his contract is coming up in September, but the company has an option to sign him for the following year.

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