Match Results Involving TNA Talent At Sunday's Wrestle-1 Show


There were three bouts that featured talent from TNA Wrestling at Sunday's Wrestle-1 show in Tokyo, Japan. Below is a quick recap:

  • Tajiri & Yusuke Kodama beat Ethan Carter III & Rockstar Spud when Tajiri hit a Buzzsaw Kick on Spud. The match was timed at 10:50.
  • The Wolves b. Minoru Tanaka & Koji Kanemoto when Davey Richards hit the Force of Nature on Minoru. The match was timed at 15:45.
  • The Great Muta beat Sanada with a Moonsault Press at 9:53. After the match, Sanada said he might leave Wresle-1 for good.

Puroresu Spirit has a complete recap available at this link.

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