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Matt Hardy Gives His Thoughts On Impact Wrestling - Praises The Knockouts, Tells Bully Ray's Talent, & Tells People To "Pull For TNA"

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Matt Hardy gave his thoughts on his official Twitter tonight about Impact Wrestling. In the tweets, he praises Sonjay Dutt, Austin Aries, and the Knockout division. He reveals that Bully Ray can still get a reaction that is so hard to get in this day and age. He goes on to praise TNA Wrestling from their talent, TV partner, and their passion. He states that everyone should want them to thrive. Below are the tweets:

">@IMPACTWRESTLING. Storm, Roode, Gunner, Daniels, Kaz-awesome talents. Nice touch w/ the street clothes in the impromptu match.

— Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) August 23, 2013

">@sonjaydutterson & Manik. I like Sonjay cuz A)Can work Cruiser style & B)Traditional style C)Good model

— Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) August 23, 2013

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