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Matt Hardy Responds To Batista's 'Jumping The Shark' Comments

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Broken Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy responded to Dave Batista’s comments that his gimmick has ‘jumped the shark’ while speaking it at a press conference prior to competing against The Young Bucks at "Fatal Destiny" in Chile last weekend. Here’s what he said courtesy of

A section of the fans has criticized the use you're doing your Maxell son on television, what do you think of these comments people how Dave Batista ? Do you have to remove to silence?

"No, far from it I really like Batista and have been friends in the past, but I think he has misunderstood the situation surrounding the first bout my son King Maxell My Universe Destroyed [. Broken universe in English] is very similar to their Guardians of the Galaxy [film where acts Batista]. Both universes have no place in the same place, but he does not realize it because you have not seen my segments develop in Impact Wrestling . Everything we do in the Universe destroyed is entertaining. the fans are very fond of and accept without further ado. His comments were that, an opinion. Each person thinks differently, but I do not understand the way that people enjoy with King Maxell because he has not seen the programs. “

Batista’s original comments are available at this link.

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